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"I'm sorry I'm 50 and still wrestling" - Tommy Dreamer to haters after getting IMPACT World title shot (Exclusive)

Tommy Dreamer addressed his haters ahead of IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.
Tommy Dreamer addressed his haters ahead of IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender.
Modified 05 Feb 2021

Tommy Dreamer looks to make history at IMPACT Wrestling No Surrender. The date of the event, February 13, is Dreamer's 50th birthday. Tommy has been gifted an IMPACT World title opportunity from the champion, Rich Swann for a first time matchup.

Speaking with SK Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer decided to address some critical feedback that has received since this encounter has been made. There have been vocal online fans who have criticized the ECW legend getting a title shot at his advanced age. Dreamer stated:

"And like I said, if that happens and I win it, whoa it's a game changer. I''m not a social justice warrior, I see a lot of people straight up hating the fact that I'm in a World Title shot for the fact that I'm 50 years old. There like 'there's so much youth' and all this stuff. Well I'm like ok #1 do you not like me because I'm gonna be 50 on my birthday. I'm sorry I'm 50 and I'm still wrestling. But there should never be that about anything. I've even said that like 'yeah it's a gift and it's something that Rich wanted to do', so how do you begrudge someone?"

Tommy Dreamer has a huge task ahead of him with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann at No Surrender next weekend. However, he is not allowing feeling old to get in the way of what he can achieve.

The former WWE Hardcore Champion also begged fans to also not allow age or anything stand in their ways of dreams.

Tommy Dreamer compares fans telling him that he doesn't deserve a shot to David Arquette

Tommy Dreamer is not letting age and how he feels stop him from wanting to claim the IMPACT World title at age 50.


In speaking with SK Wrestling in today's IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, he compared how fans reacted to former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and Hollywood actor, David Arquette, to his current situation.

"And I say this from David Arquette, someone said 'hey you're a big fan, do you want to wrestle for the world title?' And that was met with like, such hatred and this dark day of professional wrestling. But yet here's a guy, if someone said to me or D-Lo, 'hey, there's a football game on Sunday, it's called the SuperBowl, would you like to play one down?' I don't know anybody that wouldn't say yeah and that's where I'm at."

Regardless of what Dreamer's answer to Rich's challenge for No Surrender, he certainly has a lot of optimism about his chances as well as his ability heading into his 50th birthday. This is an interesting scenario and will be certainly intriguing to see if Tommy Dreamer can achieve the improbable at No Surrender next Saturday.

Published 05 Feb 2021, 07:07 IST
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