X Division Champion Rohit Raju on the current backstage atmosphere at IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling's Rohit Raju recently spoke about the backstage dynamics in the company.
IMPACT Wrestling's Rohit Raju recently spoke about the backstage dynamics in the company.

IMPACT Wrestling has undergone several changes since this past summer. Rohit Raju is one of the company's longest-serving employees currently. He also recently became the new X Division Champion after defeating Chris Bey and TJP at Emergence.

The X Division Champion recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online's Michael Morales Torres about the backstage ambiance in IMPACT Wrestling now in comparison to when ex-WWE Superstars dominated the company. Raju said in the interview:

"When I first got there (IMPACT Wrestling) it was very ‘Kliquish’. You had guys that were either former WWE guys or top guys. It was kind of what I thought it would be. Everybody was very safeguarding their spot or you had to ‘earn’ the respect. Stuff like that."
"As time went on, I feel like I saw the output from my peers which was absolutely amazing. This Tuesday, the following day, it was really cool. Things have changed. The locker room now is everyone pretty much gets along. You have people that hang with each other more than they hangout with somebody else. Everyone guest along and everyone is cool. Everyone want to see the company grow. Everybody wants to see the company (IMPACT Wrestling) succeed and get better. So I think, as far as the camaraderie, it’s never been better."
"We want to help each other out but we also want a piece of the pie at the same time. It works. It just works. I think we have one of the best locker rooms that I’ve ever been in."

Based on these comments by Raju as well as Lucha Libre Online's recent interview with Tasha Steelz, there has been a lot of positive changes backstage for IMPACT Wrestling.

X Division Championship match at IMPACT Wrestling's Bound for Glory

IMPACT Wrestling's biggest show of the year, Bound for Glory, will take place a week from this Saturday on October 24th. Rohit Raju will defend the X Division Championship in a Six-Way Scramble Match against TJP, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, Willie Mack, and Jordynne Grace. This match will be one of four titles on the line at this huge event. We will have coverage on this PPV next weekend.

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Edited by Amar Anand
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