46th Junior National Kabaddi Championship: Day 2 results roundup

Day 2 of the 46th Junior Nationals witnessed some eye-catching fixtures take place.
Day 2 of the 46th Junior Nationals witnessed some eye-catching fixtures take place.
Modified 15 Feb 2020

The second day of the 46th Junior National Kabaddi Championship witnessed some exciting group-stages fixtures which took place in the Maharshi Dayanand University Sports Complex, Rohtak, Haryana.

In the boys' category, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu opened their account with dominating victories. On the other hand, the girls' competition saw a lot of one-sided matches take place, and a few of them witnessed close finishes as well.


Maharashtra opened the day with an emphatic win over Pondicherry 57-25, followed by Tamil Nadu knocking out Tripura by 51-7. The match between Telangana and Vidarbha stole the spotlight, with the latter winning a thriller 31-33. Sports Authority of India (SAI) knocked out Delhi with a scoreline of 26-49. Gujarat proceeded with a win over Kerala 2 by 46-24.

Haryana clinched a decent win over Himachal Pradesh 32-18 while defending champions Chandigarh found some competition against Goa but managed to remain composed and won their second encounter by 39-30. Uttar Pradesh stamped their authority versus Chhattisgarh with a one-sided 45-27 win. 

Maharashtra registered their second win in a row by defeating Madhya Pradesh 54-31, while Kerala 1 got the better of Manipur by 56-16. Punjab knocked out Uttarakhand in a thriller 40-36, W.B. State Unit and Orissa went toe-to-toe where the former won by 39-36. Goa and Rajasthan booked one-sided wins over Jammu & Kashmir 38-11 and Chhattisgarh 57-20, respectively.

Jharkhand outsmarted Madhya Pradesh 31-50, which followed by Kerala 1 over Tripura 30-10. Punjab, Sports Authority of India and Kerala 2 won their respective fixtures as well.


Tamilnadu started the day with a solid win over Uttarakhand 40-25. Defending champions SAI went on to assert their dominance with a 43-21 win over Delhi, while Goa surprised many with an exciting comeback against Madhya Pradesh to win by 33-35. Maharashtra overpowered Vidarbha by 60-12, while Chandigarh defeated Pondicherry 50-16. Bihar and Punjab knocked out Kerala 1 (28-44) and Orissa 47-24, respectively.

Delhi came back strong following their loss against SAI, where the former defeated Gujarat in their second match 43-23. Madhya Pradesh had no answers to Haryana's experience as they lost by a margin of 49-10. Maharashtra thrashed Kerala 2 by 43-24, while Chandigarh and Bihar wreaked havoc against Manipur 32-4 and Tripura 26-3, respectively. Telangana showed a fantastic display with a breathtaking win against Orissa 27-31. 

While the game between Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand ended in the latter's favour by 20-55, while Chhattisgarh upset Maharashtra 21-39. In another clash, Rajasthan emerged victorious against Chandigarh 14-41. The day ended with Himachal Pradesh knocking Kerala 1 out of the competition by 49-15.

Here is the summary of the Day 2 clashes in the 46th Junior National Kabaddi Championship.


Match 4: Maharashtra defeated Pondicherry 57-25 (Pool C)

Match 5: Tamilnadu defeated Tripura 51-7 (Pool D)

Match 6: Vidarbha defeated Telangana 31-33 (Pool F)

Match 7: Sports Authority of India defeated Delhi 26-49 (Pool G)

Match 8: Gujarat defeated Kerala 2nd 46-24 (Pool H)

Match 9: Haryana defeated Himachal Pradesh 32-18 (Pool E)

Match 10: Chandigarh defeated Goa 39-30 (Pool A)

Match 11: Uttar Pradesh defeated Chhatisgarh 45-27 (Pool B)

Match 12: Maharashtra defeated Madhya Pradesh 54-31 (Pool C)

Match 13: Kerala 1st defeated Manipur 56-16 (Pool D)

Match 14: Punjab defeated Uttarakhand 40-36 (Pool F)

Match 15: W.B. State Unit defeated Orissa 39-36 (Pool G)

Match 16: Karnataka defeated Bihar 56-22 (Pool H)

Match 17: Andhra Pradesh vs. Assam - No Result (Pool E)

Match 18: Goa defeated Jammu & Kashmir 38-11 (Pool A)

Match 19: Rajasthan defeated Chhattisgarh 57-20 (Pool B)

Match 20: Jharkhand defeated Madhya Pradesh 31-50 (Pool C)

Match 21: Kerala 1st defeated Tripura 30-10 (Pool D)

Match 22: Punjab defeated Vidarbha 48-26 (Pool F)

Match 23: Sports Authority of India defeated W.B. State Unit 33-4 (Pool G)

Match 24: Kerala 2nd defeated Bihar 45-32 (Pool H)


Match 8: Tamilnadu defeated Uttarakhand 40-35 (Pool H)

Match 9: Sports Authority of India defeated Delhi 43-21 (Pool A)

Match 10: Goa defeated Madhya Pradesh 33-35 (Pool B)

Match 11: Andhra Pradesh vs. Jharkhand - No Result (Pool C)

Match 12: Maharashtra defeated Vidarbha 60-12 (Pool D)

Match 13: Chandigarh defeated Pondicherry 50-16 (Pool E)

Match 14: Bihar defeated Kerala 1st 28-44 (Pool F)

Match 15: Punjab defeated Orissa 47-24 (Pool G)

Match 16: W.B. State Unit vs. Jammu & Kashmir - No Result (Pool H)

Match 17: Delhi defeated Gujarat 43-23 (Pool A)

Match 18: Haryana defeated Madhya Pradesh 49-10 (Pool B)

Match 19: Uttar Pradesh vs. Andhra Pradesh - No Result (Pool C)

Match 20: Maharashtra defeated Kerala 2nd 43-24 (Pool D)

Match 21: Chandigarh defeated Manipur 32-4 (Pool E)

Match 22: Bihar defeated Tripura 26-3 (Pool F)

Match 23: Telangana defeated Orissa 27-31 (Pool G)

Match 24: Uttarakhand defeated Jammu & Kashmir 20-55 (Pool H)

Match 25: Chhattisgarh defeated Maharashtra 21-39 (Pool D)

Match 26: Rajasthan defeated Chandigarh 14-41 (Pool E)

Match 27: Himachal Pradesh defeated Kerala 1st 49-15 (Pool F)

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Published 15 Feb 2020
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