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All you need to know about Indo International Premier Kabaddi League (IIPKL) 

Vijay Sain
3.50K   //    08 Feb 2019, 19:58 IST

IIPKL will get broadcast on DSport!
IIPKL will get broadcast on DSport!

The game of Kabaddi has witnessed a massive uplift from being hidden inside the history books to getting admired by people around the globe today. Many youths living in India and abroad have adapted the sport cheerfully, whether it be for recreational purposes or a career option. The civilization of Kabaddi has been popularized in hundreds of nations today, as the competition continues to grow. 

Started back in May 2018, New Kabaddi Federation (NKF) announced the Indo International Premier Kabaddi League (IIPKL) with the motive of leading Kabaddi to be a part of the Olympics. IIPKL's motto of 'Race To Olympics!' is an ambition of witnessing Kabaddi overcoming the hurdle of becoming an Olympic sport in the days to come. 

The league promises to provide a platform to the hidden talents of India and international players throughout the globe, as NKF has made it a compulsion for all teams to have 2-3 international players along with the national players in their squad. It means that fans can expect at least one international player to stay on the Kabaddi mat from each team in all 62 exciting matches. 

The final trials of the Indo International Premier Kabaddi League (IIPKL) will take place in Vidhyanagar Sports School, Hosahalli, Bengaluru, from 12th February 2019 to 14th February 2019. The selected players, who've shown their skills throughout the trials around all states of India, will attend the final selection trials of the league. 

In the selection process of the IIPKL during the previous tenures, the participants got hand-picked with precision by veteran officials through a screening process, which allows them to pick the best players and identify the local talent who foresee themselves playing in the big leagues. 

NKF aims to encourage fair competition among the participants of the league, as the federation has announced the distribution of 20% profits to the players and 50% to the state federation to uplift the nature of the sport and expand it for the development of Kabaddi. 

The inclusion of international players towards the franchise-based league has inspired many nations to come forward and propose their participation for the exchange of cultural diversity, and initiate the motive of togetherness in the sporting communities. Players from New Zealand, England, Mauritius, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and many more are set to represent the franchises based in eight cities of India.

Kabaddi is a game of sportsmanship, unity, and teamwork. As many players from different cultural backgrounds get to integrate and play together, this will be a step towards visualizing enthusiasm among the dedicated Kabaddi fans, as many youngsters will improve their physical health without just being bounded by institutional education. 

Eight franchises based in different cities of India will feature in the league in 62 matches. Indo International Premier Kabaddi League (IIPKL) is set to kick off from May 2019 and will get broadcast on DSport.