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How Bajaj Electricals helped light up Gachibowli Indoor Stadium - The home of Telugu Titans

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Telugu Titans count the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium as their home ground

At a stadium, the collective cheers and sighs, the tension can be felt in the atmosphere. A stadium is the only place where you are totally connected with other fans, all cheering for a common goal.

While watching games on the television brings out similar kinds of emotion, the truth is that witnessing a sporting event in real life is a completely different experience. Sharing joy, sadness and other emotions with everyone else while watching your favourite stars in action from the stadium is something you won’t feel while watching it on TVs.

With indoor stadiums, the experience is even more thrilling – and the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium is one of them. Due to the fact that the spectators are inside an enclosed arena, reacting in a synchronised manner, the intensity is multiplied and that is what makes the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium unique.

The Gachibowli Indoor Stadium is the home of Pro Kabaddi League team – Telugu Titans. Built in 2002 by STUP consultants, the stadium has a holding capacity of 4000 people and has hosted numerous sporting events like the 2002 National Games and the 2009 BWF World Championships apart from the ongoing Pro Kabaddi League. It’s glory resides in the fact that it can be used to host a number of games like basketball, table tennis, badminton, boxing, judo, kabaddi, among others.

Being an indoor stadium, it is absolutely necessary for it to have the perfect ambience for the fans, sportsperson and the officials – and the Gachibowli ticks all the boxes. Bajaj Electricals design team made sure that the feeling of watching a match at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium is unique and can’t be felt anywhere else.

Since the stadium acts as the venue for various kinds of sporting events, it is absolutely crucial that proper lighting is provided. Different types of games require different types of lighting, which is obvious given that, for example, basketball is played with a much larger ball and slower pace than, say, table tennis.

In table tennis, the ball is small and the movement much faster. Hence, the quality of the lighting has to be at for the players and the fans to concentrate only on the game, something which Bajaj Electricals have nailed.

An international standard stadium needs to make sure that small things like shadows don’t affect the game. With extensive planning and multi-zone aiming of floodlights, Bajaj Electricals made sure that the shadows of the players and other objects don’t come into the action area.

Meanwhile, to make sure that the camera captures the highest quality images and videos, the lighting level throughout the stadium is constant to provide a satisfactory feel among the viewers.

“It was a design challenge for the lighting designer to offer an optimum energy efficient sports light solution considering primary radial truss members and concentric-octagonal shape secondary trusses,” a Bajaj Electricals spokesperson highlighted the challenges faced by the design team

All in all, the Gachbowli Stadium’s lighting architecture was dealt with expert precision by Bajaj Electricals. Their carefully thought-out plans and even better execution has made sure that the people witnessing the game have a delightful experience.

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