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How Dabang Delhi's squad compares to others in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League season 3

Dabang Delhi
3.24K   //    30 Jan 2016, 19:08 IST
Dabang Delhi have improved their squad tremendously and can contend for the title

Dabang Delhi K.C have a very formidable squad as they get ready for Star Sports Pro Kabaddi season three under the capable management of Balwan Singh.

Ravinder Pahal and Kashiling Adake proved how they help Delhi beat any side on their day last season and with some fantastic additions like Wazir Singh, Rajaguru Subramaniam and Pravin Niwale to their squad, they have what it takes to have a real go at the title.

Let’s compare this squad with the other squads in the Pro Kabaddi League and see if any side can match their might.

Raiding Department

Kashiling Adake will spearhead the Delhi raiding department

Kashiling Adake’s 114 raid points beat the second highest tally by a good sixteen points despite playing a couple of games less compared to Rahul Chaudhary, who was runner-up in that race.

With Wazir Singh, Pravin Niwale now adding to the raiding department that also had Rohit Kumar Choudhary who was present there already, Delhi have a lethal raiding force.

If we sum up the total raid points of these four raiders, it leads to 269 raid points in total, a number which beats the total raid points of 7 out of the 8 Pro Kabaddi League sides last season.

So, the statistics suggest that no other team has as strong a raiding department if the totals of their top four raiders from last season are summed up.


Defending Department

Ravinder Pahal will aim to make the Delhi defence the best in the league

The kind of raiding department that Dabang Delhi have, it will ease a lot of pressure on their defenders. Ravindar Pahal was arguably the best defender in the league last time and retaining him was a big coup for the team.

The arrival of Rajaguru Subramaniam will provide some more defensive solidity that will ease the pressure on Pahal’s shoulders. Led by Pahal, the young Delhi outfit could forge a strong, aggressive defensive unit.

Their numbers from last season saw their top three defenders accounting for a total of 79 successful tackles, a number that will definitely improve this season.

The new season is a different ball game altogether and Delhi have what is needed to be a beast defensively this season.

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