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Interview with Kashiling Adake - "I loved the sound of 'Kashi-Kashi' in stadiums"

Aditya Sharma
3.50K   //    24 Aug 2015, 13:13 IST
Dabang Delhi’s Star Raider Kashiling Adake

There is little doubt that Kashiling Adake was among the best players in the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi 2015. Kashi was the top raider of  Season 2 with 114 raiding points, despite the fact that the Dabangs failed to make it to the semi-finals. No player received the kind of support that Kashi did from the audience in Star Sports Pro Kabaddi.

While speaking to Sportskeeda on the evening of the final, he told us about the disappointment of not being in the semis. He also spoke about his future dreams and his past experiences.

Here are the excerpts: 

Q. When did you think of adopting kabaddi as a sport at the professional level?

A: I used to do farming. I was not aware that Kabaddi can give me job. I always liked playing Kabaddi. My father was a wrestler but I was not interested in that. I used to play Kabaddi with my friends.

After getting selected in Sai academy, I got to know that there are chances of job also in Kabaddi if I play well. I also got a job in Bharat Petroleum through Kabaddi.

Q. What kind of support did you get from your family in the early days of your Kabaddi career?

A: My family always supported my game. They knew that I play well and I was also doing the work at home.

Q. What about the injuries that you suffered in the early days? How did you cope with that?

A: They knew that injuries does happen during such game. This is all because of my father, who was a wrestler.

Q. Would you like to tell us about the story when the Sai academy rejected you?

A: I went to Sai academy in 2007 for the selection and they rejected me. That time lots of good player came and they rejected me. I was bit weak that time, I think they find me less fit that time so they rejected me. I worked on my weakness and improved my game.

Next time Sai academy selected me next year and they supported all the time. I got really good coaches over there, who trained me. This is all because of them that I am playing really good.

Q. You are the best raider of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi 2015. What do you have to say about your performance?

A: I am feeling really good. This is all because of my coach and my friends that I performed really well.

Q. How did it feel when you heard the “Kashi-Kashi” chants all over the grounds in Delhi, Pune and everywhere else?

A: It feels really great. Before the League, no one used to recognize me. Now everyone recognizes me by my name. This is a dream of every sportsman. Everyone recognizes me because I played well. This is the result of my hard work and practice I did for my game. I loved that sound of Kashi-Kashi in the stadium.

Q. Now you are in your village Sangli. What kind of support did you get from your village when you came here after the League?

A: Everyone in my village is happy for me. They used to celebrate after my every performance. Everyone celebrated my return with flower showers and garlands. They also burst fire crackers to celebrate my good performance. My club gave me the respect and my coach sir also offered garlands to me.

Q. How disappointed are you that despite your fine show, the Dabang Delhi couldn’t make it to the finals?

A: This disappointment will always be with me that I played very good but I was not able to lead my team in the semi-finals and finals.

Q. What do you think are the areas where you can further improve upon?

A: Next year, I will try more than this year. I will try to improve my raiding as well as defense skills.

Q. Before the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League began players were not getting too much support especially in the financial department. Do you think that after Star Sports Pro Kabaddi players have become more financially self-reliant?

A: Earlier there was a lack of jobs for Kabaddi players and no fame was there for neither Kabaddi or for Kabaddi players.  Now it’s a good time for Kabaddi after we started playing Kabaddi at International level. Now I got a job through Kabaddi.

Q. Do you think that your performance in the League will improve your chances to make it to the national team?

A: Yes, this defiantly improves my chances for the national Kabaddi team. I still need to work on my weaknesses and do more practice.

Q. Going forward, what are your dreams for the future?

A: My dream is to play for India and win gold medal, which I was left during the last year's Beach Asian Games.

Q. Who do you think will win in the final today? U Mumba or Bengaluru Bulls?

A:I can't say that because both the teams are good. Any team can win tonight both are equally deserving.

Q. Will you support U Mumba tonight, as you yourself are a Maharashtrian?

I will support both the teams. Both teams has international players. 

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