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Jaipur Pink Panthers score biggest win in Pro Kabaddi season 2

2.01K   //    10 Aug 2015, 21:10 IST
Rajesh Narwal jaipur pink panthers dabang delhi pro kabaddi
Jaipur Pink Panthers hammered Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi were handed a massive 21-51 drubbing by Jaipur Pink Panthers in the 40th match of the second season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi. It was the Rajesh Narwal show as the all rounder amassed a massive 19 points to single-handedly put the Dabangs to the sword. The Jaipur Pink Panthers reached the semi-final spot while Dabang Delhi were handed another defeat at home.

Both the teams got off the mark after a tackle each in the do-or-die raids in the 3rd minute when Rohit Kumar Chaudhary and Sonu Narwal were caught in their raids. In the 5th minute, Jasvir Singh showed his quality by returning back to his half after tagging 2 Delhi defenders as Jaipur broke free to lead 4-2.

Kashiling Adake was tackled in the corresponding raid, while Jasvir scored another point to extend his team’s lead to 4. However, the wily Jaipur Pink Panthers raider was caught by Dadaso Awad in a super tackle and Rajesh Narwal was caught through another super tackle in the next Jaipur raid as the home team trailed 6-8. However, that was the closest they got for the rest of the match as Jaipur put their foot on the accelerator to steer clear of their opponents.

In the 13th minute, the Dabangs suffered their first all out of the match as Jaipur led 13-9. Rajesh Narwal showed his strength in a spectacular raid with 3 minutes left on the clock in the first half by winning 2 points for his team. In the final raid, the Dabangs were reduced to just 1 defender as the half-time buzzer went off. This was a totally dominant performance from the Panthers as Rajesh Narwal scored 6 and Jasvir Singh returned with 5 points from that half.

Jaipur shift gears in the second half

If there was any hopes in the crowd’s minds that the home team would stage a comeback, those were dispelled in the first 4 minutes of the second half as the Panthers inflicted 2 more all outs on the Dabangs. The first raid of the half saw Rajesh Narwal enforce an all out while the Panthers ransacked their opponents in the next couple of minutes to extend their lead to 31-10.

Amit Kumar got a couple of points for the home team in the 28th minute, but Rajesh, who was having a once-in-a-lifetime performance, got 2 points of his own in the subsequent raid. When Dabang Delhi had just 2 defenders left in the 31st minute, Jasvir Singh inflicted another all out on the home team as the visitors established a massive 25-point lead.

Rajesh Narwal was the architect of yet another Delhi demolition when he took just 2 raids to complete a record 5th all out. In the 35th minute, he scored the only super raid of the match and in the next minute, Rajesh got the remaining 2 Delhi defenders out to complete a half-century for the visiting side. The final few minutes saw both the teams exchange points while the final buzzer sounded, to the relief of the home side, with the scoreline reading 21-51.

Jaipur Pink Panthers reached the 4th spot with this convincing win while Dabang Delhi moved down a spot to 6th with a solitary match left at home – against Telugu Titans. Rajesh Narwal scored a record-breaking 19 points for his team while earning 6 all out points, to outscore the entire Delhi team.

Man of the match: Rajesh Narwal

Rajesh Narwal Jaipur Pink Panthers Dabang Delhi Pro Kabaddi
Rajesh Narwal