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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi (FT: 24-22), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

6.92K   //    21 Jul 2016, 17:44 IST
Dabang Delhi
Dabang Delhi take on Jaipur Pink Panthers

Best Defender of the Match – Ran Singh (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

Best Raider of the Match – Meraj Sheykh (Dabang Delhi)

FULL TIME Jaipur Pink Panthers 24 – 22 Dabang Delhi

40’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 24 – 22 Dabang Delhi - Shabeer Bapu with a crucial raid here but he decides to waste time. A quick raid by Kashi and he decides to get Shabeer back and the Jaipur raider kills time. This is getting interesting as Kashi produces a fast empty raid. Ajay with a do or die raid and Delhi pay due to a hefty mistake by Sachin Shingade. Jaipur lead by two. Penultimate raid of the game by Meraj and he gets one point but it is not enough and Rajesh Narwal gets a touch point to take his team to a win.

38’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 22 – 21 Dabang Delhi - This is getting interesting here and Delhi have two men still left. Jasvir decides to play it safe and comes back but Prashant Chavan enforces the do or die raid and then conjures up a SUPER TACKLE along with Meraj Sheykh. Deficit down to two and Delhi are still in the game. Meraj reduces it to one after an error from Rohit Rana. What have Jaipur done??? TIMEOUT

36Jaipur Pink Panthers 22 – 18 Dabang Delhi – Jaipur force the do or die raid on Delhi and Selvamani succumbs to the combination of Rohit Rana and Shabeer Bapu. Jasvir Singh attacks with two men on the mat for Delhi and he reduces them to just one. Delhi have conceded a six point lead and are staring at another All Out here, which could effectively end their evening. Meraj raids and he is the lone man left. He gets a bonus and a touch point but Jaipur review. UNSUCCESSFUL.

33’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 20 – 16 Dabang Delhi - Dabang Delhi have wasted yet another golden chance to go into the lead and that has been mainly due to lack of application. In terms of the game, both teams have been equally good but Jaipur have been far more sensible, which will possibly give them the win tonight. TIMEOUT

32’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 20 – 16 Dabang Delhi - Brilliant from Meraj again on the do or die raid as he gets a superb kick on Rajesh Narwal to deliver a touch point. Jasvir Singh puts the lead back to two by capitalising on an error by Sachin Shingade. Kashiling Adake raids after an empty Jasvir Singh attempt but he goes down in front of a superb Jaipur defence. Jaipur looking good.

29‘ Jaipur Pink Panthers 17 – 15  Dabang Delhi - What a raid that was from the Iranian maverick. He gets three points and they capitalise by taking Ajay Kumar down to reduce the lead to just one point. Jaipur are under pressure here and they are down to four men now. A swift toe touch by Rajesh Narwal in the next raid catches Prashant Chavan off guard. Both teams have five on the mat and the lead is two points for Jaipur.

26’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 16 – 14 Dabang Delhi - Jaipur’s do or die raid and captain Jasvir Singh pounces on yet another error by Delhi to take his team’s lead to five points. Delhi are down to just three men now but Jasvir decides against taking the risk. Prashant Chavan with a rare raid but gets nothing. Jasvir raids again but organises defence in his raid to play for the do or die. Meraj with the do or die attack and he does it. MY MY MY!! SUPER RAID. STUNNING

23’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 15 – 11 Dabang Delhi – The second half starts with an empty raid by Meraj Sheykh and his Jaipur counterpart follows suit. Meraj attacks again in front of a full strength Jaipur defence. He does not get anything. Jasvir Singh strolls in casually and after looking around for a bit, decides to impose the do or die raid. Delhi send in specialist Selvamani but cannot get it away this time. He inches ever so close but is pulled back.


This has been an excellent half of kabaddi so far with both teams dominating in parts. The half started with Dabang Delhi getting into a three point lead and ended with Jaipur walking out ahead by the same margin. Jasvir Singh and Amit Hooda have been superb for the men in pink while Kashiling Adake has done reasonably well for Delhi. The key here is that Delhi still have a chance of winning despite getting all out once but will need to stop making blatant errors. We will be back with the second half in just a bit.

HALF TIME: Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 – 11 Dabang Delhi

20’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 – 11 Dabang Delhi – Prashant Kumar comes on to raid for Delhi and he forces the do or die raid on Ajay Kumar. The Jaipur Pink Panthers with the last raid of the game and Delhi miss the chance to draw level as the raider gets Kashiling Adake and Sachin Shingade to ensure that the men in pink restore their lead of three points. Excellent half.

19’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 12 – 11 Dabang Delhi – Shabeer Bapu kills time again with a raid and then again communicates with his defence to ensure they play to the tactics. A do or die raid for Jasvir and he gets tackled. Dabang Delhi capitalise on that and Selvamani gets the running hand touch on Rajesh Narwal to bring down the lead to just one. Delhi don’t seem to have been affected by the all out. A minute to go in the first half.

16’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 12 – 9 Dabang Delhi – You just realised why Shabeer Bapu is so important, even if does not raid or tackle. He guides him team really well to prevent his team from doing anything stupid on a Selvamani raid. Meraj with a silly tackle on Ajay Kumar to gift Jaipur a point and the men in pink double that by tackling down Kashiling Adake. Double Blow for Delhi. They are behind by 3.

14’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 10 – 9 Dabang Delhi - The all out might not be such a big problem for Dabang Delhi as the lead is just four points but Meraj Sheykh gives away a silly technical point. Kashi gets the bonus and Meraj gets the tackle right to reduce the lead to three. Kashi then produces an excellent raid to take the bonus and a touch point. This game is neck and neck. Dabang Delhi attack through Prashant Kumar but he goes back empty handed.

11’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 9 – 5 Dabang Delhi – Kashilng Adake is tackled down and Delhi are reduced to just two men. Jasvir Singh adds to the agony by getting a touch point. Delhi bring on Selvamani to delay the inevitable but Ran Singh gets the back hold right and Delhi are ALL OUT!!! Jaipur take the lead by 4 points. Excellent mini comeback by Jaipur Pink Panthers.

9’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 5 – 4 Dabang Delhi – Kashi gets the bonus on Delhi’s do or die raid to take his team’s lead to two points but Jasvir Singh gets the better of Meraj Sheykh and scores his first raid point of the night. The deficit is down to one and the game has got off to a rather slow start and both defences have been good. Right as we say that Jasvir Singh produces an excellent raid to take out Sachin Shingade, who fails with his advanced tackle.

6’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 2 – 3 Dabang Delhi – Delhi have got off to a solid start and they take down Rajesh Narwal to extend their lead to three but a fantastic tackle by Amit Hooda puts Jaipur on board as well. Kashi now raids with Jaipur having five on the mat but looks relaxed and does not do anything. Ajay Kumar comes on with his first raid of the night but he goes back empty handed. Selvamani forces the do or die raid on Ajay Kumar and gets the running hand touch on D Suresh Kumar.

3’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 0 – 3 Dabang Delhi – The men in pink get the game underway and it is captain Jasvir Singh raids with a highly advance Delhi defence. He dances and jumps around the court, takes a risk but gets tackled by Prashant Chavan’s diving double ankle hold. Selvamani raids for Delhi but decides to play it safe. A rare Shabeer Bapu raid takes place and it does not start well for him as he goes into the yellow lobby without getting a touch. Delhi into a lead as Kashi attacks. He too plays it safe.

Let’s go !!!!

We are really close to the start and the teams are going to be out soon. Jasvir Singh, Shabeer Bapu, Ran Singh, Amit Hooda, Rajesh Narwal, Rohit Rana, Ajay Kumar and Rohit Rana feature in Jaipur Pink Panther’s starting seven. The Dabang Delhi side comprises Meraj Sheykh, Kashiling Adake, Sachin Shingade, D Suresh Kumar, Prashant Kumar, Prashant Chavan and Selvamani K.

The crowd goes crazy when Sunny Leone comes to giver her interview. She will be singing the national anthem. “I love watching kabaddi because it never stops and also I like the boys moving around push each other,” she says with a twinkle in her eyes. She looks nervous as well.

Rajesh Narwal clearly wary of Dabang Delhi’s ability to cause an upset. Jaipur Pink Panthers will need to worry about Dabang Delhi because today is their win day if the Odd-Even plan, which they clearly follow, is to be believed. 

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We are around 40 minutes away from the start of this game and here are a few statistics that might interest you. The top two defenders of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4, Mohit Chillar (34 successful tackles) and Sachin Shingade (31), are from teams lying at the bottom of the points table. This just goes to show that kabaddi is a game of complete teamwork and thin margins of error. 

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Hello everyone and welcome the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 from Mumbai and we are in for a cracker with two matches on offer today. In the first contest tonight, Jaipur Pink Panthers will take on Dabang Delhi in a contest that means a lot to both units. We are heading towards the business end of the tournament and the room for error is contracting slowly but surely.

Jaipur Pink Panthers are currently sitting third on the points table with 37 points from 11 games but there form, off late, has been a bit indifferent and they have managed to win only one out of their last three games. However, they come into this game on the back of a win over Puneri Paltan and that is going to give them a lot of confidence. After today’s game, they will have only two matches remaining and both will be against tough opponents (Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans)

Captain Jasvir Singh has gone off the boils slightly in the second half of the tournament and he will need to fire on all cylinders towards the end, if his team is to win their second Pro Kabaddi title. An injury to Shabeer Bapu has not done any favours to them but his presence in the line-up makes him an asset, both as a player and someone with a good head on his shoulders.

Rajesh Narwal has been brilliant in both attack and defence while young raider Ajay Kumar has been a revelation. However, it is Amit Hooda, who has been the star in defence for Jaipur Pink Panthers. He would need to be at his best up against the likes of Kashiling Adake and Meraj Sheykh. A win for Jaipur tonight will make their case for a semi-final spot really strong.

Dabang Delhi could well be the favourite team of all those who do not like any sort of consistency and stability. As alarming as it seems, Delhi have alternatively lost and won their last six games, which does nothing but hampers with the cardiological setup of supporters. While in some matches, like the one against Patna, Delhi have looked like the best team in the tournament, in others they looked the exact opposite.

Unfortunately for Jaipur, Delhi lost their last game and if history is anything, the team from the national capital will walk home with five points. However, looking at things logically, Delhi seem to have a better hold of proceedings and a more settled unit in place. Kashiling Adake has slowly found his mojo back and will be looking to cause some damage along with Meraj Sheykh, who, arguably, has been Delhi’s best player this season.

In defence, Sachin Shingade has been like a rock for Delhi but he sometimes lacks support, which ends up being costly for the team. Statistically, Shingade is the second best defender in the league at the moment, behind only Mohit Chillar, but everything goes out of the window once the players are on the mat. Delhi have their home leg left and a win today against Jaipur could really set them up for a late flurry in the tournament.


Jaipur Pink Panthers

Captain Jasvir Singh and All-rounder Rajesh Narwal will be facing Sachin Shingade of Dabang Delhi. Both should try to play safe and give more raiding to the man-in-form Ajay Kumar. Ajay will have to face D. Suresh Kumar and Anil Kumar who hasn't performed upto their expectations.

Dabang Delhi

With their main raider Kashiling looking better, he will start surely tonight. Meraj and Selvamani have performed quite well throughout this season. Tonight, they will have to get past the challenge of Rann Singh and Rajesh Narwal. And Jaipur's right corner, Amit Hooda is a threat to any attack and if he can be countered by Kashiling Adake, it could well be Delhi’s night.

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