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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs U Mumba (FT: 23-29), Pro Kabaddi Live Score: Catch PKL 2016, Season 4 Live Match Score & Updates

8.84K   //    14 Jul 2016, 17:08 IST
U Mumba Pink Panthers
U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers LIVE

Best Defender of the Match – Surjeet (U Mumba)

Best Raider of the Match - Anup Kumar (U Mumba)


FULL TIME Jaipur Pink Panthers 23 – 29 U Mumba

40’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 23 – 29 U Mumba – U Mumba are playing it really smart here. They are giving points but only one each. Jasvir gets Jeeva Kumar to reduce the deficit to five points with just over a minute to go. Suresu gets tackled and Jaipur are only four points behind now. One minute to go and we have a timeout. Anup is yelling instructions here. He is clearly the boss. What intensity here!! Rajesh Narwal raids and gets tackled by Surjeet. Game over? Anup Kumar raids but stands like a super model and looks quite happy here. Jasvir comes on to raid and Jeeva gets yet another successful tackle. Last raid of the game by Suresu and its over. U MUMBA WIN!!!!

38’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 18 – 25 U Mumba - Rakesh Kumar and Jasvir Singh are having a go at each other and the latter gets a green card. Another great tackle by the Mumbai defence takes their lead to seven points. 3 minutes to go here. Jaipur seem to be running out of answers. A quick timeout is followed by a raid from the MS Dhoni of kabaddi Anup Kumar, who is clearly looking to run down the clock and dictate momentum.

36’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 18 – 23 U Mumba – Finally, Jeeva Kumar gets something right and curtails Jasvir Singh's scorpion kick to take his team’s lead to 7. We all know what Anup will do now. Empty raids. Rajesh Narwal gets one point back and sends Anup off but Suresu revives his captain. What an excellent toe touch to send Amit Hooda out. Jeeva extends to stop Rajesh Narwal but the Jaipur all rounder’s relentelessness gives his team two points.

34’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 15 – 21 U Mumba – The game is now being controlled by U Mumba and they are being quite cautious here. A slip by Suresu gives a bonus to Jasvir and that is followed by an excellent bonus point taken by Anup Kumar. Can Jaipur actually come back in this match and what exactly did Anup Kumar tell his team at half time? We do not know but a stunning game is on our hands.

32’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 – 20 U Mumba – U Mumba are not satisfied with two points and review the call. UNSUCCESSFUL. Both teams lose their reviews. Do or die raid and Amit attacks for Jaipur but U Mumba don’t let him get away. Fine defending from U Mumba, who surge into a healthy lead here. Two men on the mad as Anup raids and the inevitable happens as he gets Amit Hooda. Lone man Jasvir raids but to no avail. ALL OUT!!! Stunning from U Mumba here.

29’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 12 – 15 U Mumba  - What an absorbing game this is turning out to be! No team is ready to give away anything and that is reflecting on the scoreboard. A slew of empty raids dictating play here. Both teams are being extremely cautious. Jasvir does not get the bonus yet again. Do or die raid and Suresu attacks, goes in deep but a stunning surge fetches U Mumba two points. Stunning.

26’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 12 – 12 U Mumba – Rishank Devadiga’s poor night continues again as he is tackled down by the excellent Amit Hooda. Rajesh Narwal enters the yellow zone without touching anyone and goes out of the court. Mumbai with a one point lead as Jasvir Singh attacks with the bonus on. Nothing for Jasvir as Anup comes on to raid but yet another stunning tackle from Amit Hooda draws his team level.

23’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 10 – 11 U Mumba – The second half begins with Anup Kumar raiding and draws his team level by getting a hand touch on Ran Singh, who is left stranded. Ajay Kumar’s empty raid is followed by a menacing Rakesh Kumar, who tries to get something but after running across the mat but gets nothing. Anup’s second consecutive raid and he targets the left corner again. Not this time. A do or die raid for Ajay Kumar with no bonus on and what a tackle that was. Brilliant defending by Surjeet.


This has been an intense half of kabaddi and the team from Jaipur is slightly ahead of their arch rivals. Both teams have shown great caution in their approach, probably the right thing to do in such a big game. U Mumba have not been that good in attack and their defence seems to have kept them in the match. Rakesh Kumar is on fire tonight and so is Ajay Kumar. Will Jaipur improve their all time record against U Mumba by winning this one? stay tuned to find out.

HALF TIME Jaipur Pink Panthers 10 – 9 U Mumba

20’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 10 – 9 U Mumba - What a stunning turn from Ajay Kumar to get a touch point but this was poor from Jeeva Kumar. Jaipur edge ahead but the brilliant Rakesh Kumar gets his man Parvesh yet again. The deficit is extended to two again courtesy Rajesh Narwal. Anup raids with the bonus on but does not get anything. Lots of chitter chatter happening. Jasvir raids in the last minute with U Mumba having four men on but plays safe. Anup Kumar raids and gets a bonus point but Jaipur review. UNSUCCESSFUL. Wasteful reviewing from Jaipur.

17’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 8 – 7 U Mumba - Ajay Kumar raids with Mumbai having five on the mat but returns empty handed. Rakesh Kumar raids again and he gets a diving hand touch to send Parvesh off the mat. What a game Rakesh is having. Rajesh Narwal gets a bonus to draw his team level. What a game this is turning out to be. Rishank raids but does not get anything. Shabeer raids with a bonus on and looks to get something but his former teammates know him too well. Empty raid.

14’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 6 – 6 U Mumba - Some confusion here as Anup Kumar, in a do or die raid, has looked to cross the mid line without getting the touch point but Jaipur are confident he cross the line. Anup goes off but U Mumba get one point as well due to his hand touch on Bhainswal. Jasvir is doing a lot of talking here. Rakesh Kumar raids with a cautious Amit Hooda and Jasvir looking on. Rakesh says he has got a touch on Jasvir and reviews the call. SUCCESSFUL

12’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 4 – 4 U Mumba - Jeeva Kumar is sent off the mat by Rajesh Narwal and the Jaipur defence follows it up by tackling Rishank. Great tackle by Ran Singh. Jaipur are level and attack through Jasvir, who has not got off the mark tonight. Anup comes on again but decides to play it to the do or die raid. Rajesh Narwal’s empty raid is followed by a Anup Kumar raid, which is more defensive than attacking. Ajay Kumar gets a point. Jaipur lead.

9’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 2 – 4 U Mumba - Mumbai have got into a lead of two points and Suresu Kumar comes on for a do or die raid but gets tackled down by Parvesh Bhainswal and Ran Singh. Jaipur pull one back and raid through Jasvir, who is tackled courtesy an excellent knee hold by Sunil. What a tackle. Mumbai are going ahead. Anup comes to raid against five men but decides against it.

6’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 1 – 3 U Mumba - What a brilliant toe touch by Suresu Kumar to send Amit Hooda off the mat. U Mumba have drawn level. Another empty raid by Jaipur is followed by a bonus point for U Mumba, who have their man Rakesh Kumar on point. A menacing Rajesh Narwal looks to get something but returns without any points. Anup Kumar raids with his classy demeanour and even though it is an empty raid, what a pleasure seeing him. Ajay Kumar with a do or die raid and is tackled.

3’ Jaipur Pink Panthers 1 – 0 U Mumba – Jasvir Singh starts off proceedings with an empty raid and Anup Kumar follows suit. These two will be key tonight and so will be their leadership. Rajesh Narwal tries to get touch points by extending his left leg but does not get anything. Rishank’s empty raid forces a do or die raid on Jaipur Pink Panthers and it is Ajay Kumar, who gets a point by extending his hand. We are off!!!

Let’s go!!!

We are almost ready to go tonight and a quick glimpse at the league table will tell you that Jaipur can consolidate their position by winning tonight and U Mumba, on the other hand, can be break into the top four and get some momentum underway before their home leg. Ronnie Screwala vs Abhishek Bachchan, Producer vs Actor. Are you ready?

So the news from the centre is that Shabeer Bapu and Jasvir Singh start for Jaipur Pink Panthers and the former, again, will be pitted against his previous side. Shabeer had a good outing against U Mumba on the first day of the season despite Jaipur losing the game by a slender margin. We are inching closer to the start and what a pleasure it is to see Pankaj Advani, a true sporting hero for the nation.

Jaipur Pink Panthers starting line-up: Amit Hooda, Ran Singh, Rajesh Narwal, Parvesh Bhainswal, Jasvir Singh, Shabeer Bapu and Ajay Kumar

U Mumba starting line-up: Suresu Kumar, Surjeet, Jeeva Kumar, Rishank Devadiga, Anup Kumar, Rakesh Kumar and Sunil.

The beauty of Pro Kabaddi is that you quite don’t know what will happen in a game on any given day. However, tonight, one thing that can be predicted is fireworks from all around the mat. Two of the most amazing players in the tournament’s history, Anup Kumar and Jasvir Singh, will be on display and it is going to be a treat. Here is a piece on their contrasting styles of captaincy:

Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4: Chalk and cheese captains to face off in Jaipur vs U Mumba clash

Catch the live commentary of this game in Hindi here

Good evening friends and welcome to the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 from Bengaluru. It is the third day of the fifth leg of Pro Kabaddi 4 and we have two cracking games coming up tonight. The first game is a clash of titans between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba while the second match will see hosts Bengaluru Bulls take on Patna Pirates.

Our focus, right now, is on the game between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba, both of whom have a tasty rivalry and rank among the most popular franchises in the league. The final of the first season saw Jaipur Pink Panthers beat U Mumba to clinch the inaugural Pro Kabaddi title. The rivalry got off to an explosive start in season 4 when U Mumba defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers by a margin of just two points.

However, since then, fortunes of both teams have changed drastically and at present, Jaipur Pink Panthers are sitting pretty at the top of the Pro Kabaddi table with 30 points from 8 games while U Mumba are lurking at 5th place after having accumulated just 22 points from seven games this season. Jaipur were excellent last night against Bengaluru Bulls and Jasvir Singh’s return spurred them on to get a narrow win.

U Mumba, on the other hand, are coming after a mini break and have not played a game in the Bengaluru yet, In fact, their last game was against the Bulls on July 8th in Patna, which they won by a slender margin. Should U Mumba win today, they will have 27 points and could go as high as third, subject to the result of the second game. Irrespective of the result of the second game, U Mumba would want to get a win tonight to keep their campaign and possible title bid afloat.

Jaipur Pink Panthers have been exceptional this season, be it in defenc, attack or spirit. They have been able to make comebacks after being down by four to five points with relative ease. Jasvir Singh and Rajesh Narwal have been exceptional in attack while Amit Hooda has been stellar in defence for the team from Rajasthan. The support from the likes of Shabeer Bapu and Ran Singh has been quite good.

U Mumba, on the other hand, look like a fantastic car with no engine oil, which prevents smoothness in travelling. Anup Kumar has been good but the likes of Rishank Devadiga and Rakesh Kumar have not touched their usual high standards of performance like previous seasons. However, the tournament is only half done and the business end is still left, which is what matters actually.


Jaipur Pink Panthers

Rajesh Narwal, Rann Singh and Amit Hooda will have to get past the challenge of Anup Kumar and Rishank Devadiga tonight. Rajesh Narwal has been sensational for Jaipur in both attack and defence. Jaipur will look to restrict Rishank early because once he started getting points then it will be hard to stop him.

U Mumba

Rakesh Kumar is a very versatile player who can play at any position on the mat and tonight he should play at the left corner position as Jaipur has some quality left raiders in Jasvir Singh and Shabeer Bapu and their traditional left corner, Sunil Kumar hasn't had the best of season. Tonight, Rakesh will have to combine with Jeeva Kumar in order to stop Jasvir and Shabeer.

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