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Pro Kabaddi 2016 Live Score (32-24 FT): Dabang Delhi VS Bengaluru Bulls, Live Match Scores & Updates Online, PKL Season 4

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Bengaluru Bulls
Bengaluru Bulls take on Dabang Delhi in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 clash

Dabang Delhi 32 – 24 Bengaluru Bulls FULL TIME - Meraj Sheykh plays it safe and Delhi defence follow it up with an excellent tackle on Rohit Kumar to complete a superb win. WHAT A WIN THIS IS FOR DELHI. PRECIOUS PRECIOUS. This has been an excellent performance from Delhi and they outclassed Bengaluru in all departments. The two men who made the difference were Meraj Sheykh and Sachin Shingade, who right get Best Raider and Best Defender, respectively.

Dabang Delhi 30 – 21 Bengaluru Bulls – A double thigh hold by none other than Sachin Shingade on Mohit Chillar and the second ALL OUT of the game is effect by Delhi. Ten point lead. It looks like curtains for Bengaluru until somethng drastic happens. Delhi have been intelligent to use Meraj Sheykh in attack and he comes on with almost two minutes remaining. He comes back.

Dabang Delhi 26 – 19 Bengaluru Bulls – Meraj Sheykh comes on for Delhi with a raid but stays cautious. Vinod Kumar with a raid for Bengaluru Bulls and gets the bonus to reduce the deficit to 5. Sheykh on fire as he gets a touch point on a do or die raid. Vinod Kumar, too slow, cannot get hold of Sheykh’s ankle here. Sachin Shingade, he just cannot stop tackling successfully, gets a superb block for Delhi

Dabang Delhi 24 – 18 Bengaluru Bulls – A brilliant Super Tackle effected by Bengaluru courtesy their star defender Mohit Chillar to give them two points. Delhi have a six point lead here and with the way Bengaluru are playing, it would be tough for the former to lose the match. TIMEOUT called by Bengaluru. What can possibly be done by Bengaluru to win this match, let’s find out.

Dabang Delhi 24 – 15 Bengaluru Bulls – Kashiling comes on for another do or die raid and gets it this time. Delhi are racing away here as Surender Nada and Ashish Sangwan are taken out by the Dabang captain. Have Delhi done enough to win the match here? Until and unless Bengaluru effect an all out quickly, there chances look quite bleak. Kashi tries a kick to get a touch point but to no avail. Rohit Kumar with a do or die raid and feels that he got the touch here. Review unsuccessful. 7 minutes to go

Dabang Delhi 19 – 15 Bengaluru Bulls – Delhi looking to protect their 3 point lead and playing it conservatively here but Bengaluru, with a lot of men on court, sense an all out here. Sadly, Delhi effect a SUPER TACKLE with a brilliant ankle hold on Yogesh Hooda. Bengaluru return the favaour with a tackle point. Bengaluru bring on Pawan Kumar as Kashi comes to raid for Delhi. He has been disappointing tonight and goes back empty handed. 10 minutes to go.

Dabang Delhi 17 – 14 Bengaluru Bulls – A failed attempt by Sanket Chavan gives Rohit Kumar a crucial touch point on a do or die raid. The lead is cut down to 3 and Bengaluru Bulls are clawing back in the game. Rohit Kumar follows it up with a superb touch point to reduce the lead to two. Super tackle opportunity on for Delhi and Sachin SHingade does it. A 4 POINT LEAD for Delhi.

Dabang Delhi 15 – 10 Bengaluru Bulls – The second half begins with Delhi holding back Vinod Kumar to extend their lead to five points but Bengaluru Bulls pull one back. Kashiling Adake comes on for a raid with the bonus on but plays it safe. Rohit Kumar, after being revived, raids but without any success. Meraj comes on for the do or die raid and effects an excellent kick on Mohit Chillar to get a touch point.

Catch the commentary of this game in Hindi here.

Dabang Delhi 13 – 9 Bengaluru Bulls HALF-TIME – Delhi give away a silly point due to a technical error and Yogesh Hood comes on for the last raid of the first half but nothing happens. It is half time here in Jaipur and Delhi go into the break with a four point lead. They have been excellent but Bengaluru look a bit off colour and their star players are missing tonight. Can they bounce back? Find out after this.

Dabang Delhi 12 – 8 Bengaluru Bulls – The team from south have pulled thngs back with a couple of quick points and a tackle on Selvamani in a do or die raid. Kashling Adake tells his team to be tactful and comes on for a raid with the bonus on but decides against attacking. Vinod Kumar comes on for a raid, looking to force Delhi on the backfoot, but does not do anything. Rohit Kumar comes on for a Do or Die raid and Sachin Shingade gets an excellent knee hold to get a defence point.

Dabang Delhi 11 – 6 Bengaluru Bulls – ALL OUT!!! Dabang Delhi inflict the first all out of the game on Bengaluru to get a 6 point lead. This has been a typical Delhi performance so far, they have started off well. Now we can all wait for them to implode, should they do it. The game resumes with Meraj Sheykh coming on for a raid but returns empty handed. A determined Rohit Kumar comes on for Bengaluru and gets a touch point straight away. 

Dabang Delhi 8–5 Bengaluru Bulls - Nine minutes remaining in the first half and Selvamani comes on for Delhi but returns empty handed. Bengaluru look like they are missing Rohit Kumar and Surender Nada. Sheykh comes on for a do or die raid and gets a point through a kick along with sending Mohit Chillar out, putting Delhi in the lead. Sachin Shingade follows Sheykh’s raid with an excellent back hold to increase Delhi’s lead. Meyraj Sheykh has been sensational here.

Dabang Delhi 5 – 5 Bengaluru Bulls – Mohit Chillar is constantly talking to his team here. Yogesh Hooda raids for Bengaluru but decides to go against attacking. Kashiling comes on for Delhi, looking menacing, with the bonus on but returns empty handed. Vinod Kumar surges inside the Delhi half trying to force a defender out but remains quiet. Selvamani again with the DO or DIE raid and Surender Nada cannot effect the back hold. Touch point for Delhi. A tackle on Vinod Kumar by D Gopu brings Delhi back on level terms.

Dabang Delhi 2 – 4 Bengaluru Bulls – Selvamani comes on for a do or die raid and shows why he is rated so highly as the tall guy gets a touch point to get his team off the mark and send Yogesh Hooda off the court. Sanket Chavan then follows it with an exceptional ankle hold to get Delhi level, Rohit Kumar out. Kashiling Adake, then, is sent out by the combination of Mohit Chillar and Surender Nada. Bengaluru get back the lead through Vinod Kumar.

Dabang Delhi 0 – 2 Bengaluru Bulls - Bengaluru win the toss and choose the court. Delhi start the proceedings with Meraj Sheykh comes in for the first raid looking determined but returs without any points. He is followed by Rohit Kumar, who too returns empty handed. There is a roar as Kashiling Adake comes on for Delhi but is tackled by Surender Nada, getting Bengaluru off the mark. Their lead is doubled by an excellent touch point and to make things worse for Delhi, Sachin Shingade goes off.

The teams are out here. Bengaluru Bulls start with Mohit Chillar, Rohit Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Surender Nada. Delhi start with Kashiling Adake, D Suresh Kumar, Selvamani K, Meraj Sheykh, Sachin Shingade, D Gopu and Sanket Chavan. Both teams look quite strong on paper and the game promises to be a cracker. We are almost ready here.

Things have not been going well for Dabang Delhi in Pro Kabaddi 2016 Season 4 as they have not managed to get a single win till now and beating Bengaluru Bulls is going to be quite a task, given how tight their defence is with the likes of Mohit Chillar in their ranks. Bengaluru Bulls are actually in a really good position here and if they can win today, it will take them to third position in the table. 

Hello everyone. We are back with our coverage of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi Season 4. The first match of the double header will see the Bulls take on the Eagles as Bangalore Bulls play against Dabang Delhi here at Sawai Man Singh Indoor stadium on the final day of the Jaipur. Both the teams haven’t been off to a great start in the tournament and would be desperate to get some momentum going before the third leg of the tournament.

Dabang Delhi were outclassed by a far superior U Mumba on Friday while Bengaluru Bulls saw Jaipur Pink Panthers tie a match they should have won on Thursday. So, there is an obvious pressure on both the teams who currently occupy the 7th and the 5th position respectively in the league table. The Bulls still have a victory under their belt, but Dabang Delhi are still winless in the tournament.

Dabang Delhi’s last match showed a clear lack of coordination that cost them the match. Over reliance on Kashiling Adake, that had hurt the team’s chances in the last three seasons, is still pretty much there. Selvamani K has been impressive in patches but hasn’t quite become the team’s go to raider. Meraj Sheykh has looked good, but his all round abilities are wasted in using him mainly in the defence.

The Iranian has shown what he can do when on the offence as he has prevented his team from facing all outs thrice when he was left the last man standing. The team has also lacked the killer instinct and  failed to drive home the advantage. Coach Bandekar talked about the team’s inability to handle pressure as the reason behind their winless streak in this season and he wasn’t off the mark at all.

The team goes on the defence when in lead and looks to be playing a waiting game when it should go for the kill. Bengaluru Bulls will be less worried than Dabang Delhi but would know that they can’t afford to lose tonight’s game. The game against Delhi gives them a great chance to put their campaign back on track after the slip up against Jaipur.

Rohit Kumar and Mohit Chillar remain the two pillars on which the team stands and both would need to hit the stride running soon if they are to keep alive their hopes of a first title win. The team will, however, be up against a familiar foe – the Sawai Man Singh Indoor Stadium, where they have just won a single game in the 4 seasons. However, they will take heart from their record against the Eagles, a team against which they have the second more number of wins -4 in 6 games.

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