What is the ‘Naked Nails’ trend? How to achieve the ‘quiet luxury’ look for summer 2023

Naked nails trend (Image via Sportskeeda)
Naked nails trend (Image via Sportskeeda)

Naked nails are what the internet has been calling the fresh-face, dewy makeup version but for nails. This trend allows people to finally ditch expensive nail art and acrylics for minimally aesthetic nails.

Spotted on celebrities like Sofia Richie and Margot Robbie, this nail trend is an exaggerated version of 'natural' nails wherein neutral, semi-transparent nail polish plays the hero.

A form of quiet luxury, naked nails are a carefully assembled, minimal but noticeable form of manicure put together just as effortlessly as a no-makeup makeup look.

Naked Nails: An effortlessly elegant trend & how to 'Nail' it

Joining the bandwagon of trends embracing natural beauty, naked nails are buffed, elegant nails that allow the clean and white natural tips to show. The look is timelessly chic and enhances the natural beauty of nails, giving them a very fresh finish.

This trend emphasizes finding the correct nude shade for your skin and under-tone in addition to a shiny, glossy finish.

Juanita Huber Millet, the founder of London's popular nail bar chain 'Townhouse,' states that the naked nail trend is an expression of natural beauty. Nail care products like hand cream and cuticle oil are essential to achieving this simple style, which highlights the natural beauty of the nails.

How to achieve the 'quiet luxury' look for Summer 2023:

Naked nails are easy to create and render a stylishly elegant look without going over the top. Here are two ways you can achieve this nail trend for Summer 2023:

1) The Polish-free look:

First, file your nails as the same length, size, and shape.

Make sure they are short with a round finish.

Then, lightly buff the top of the nails until they shine.

You can apply a cuticle remover to remove any dead skin.

You can use a nude base coat to match your undertone, such as the Dior Abricoat base coat with the Back to Life nail treatment by Nails Inc. that retails for £15.00 on the brand's official website.

To get a DIY manicure at home, which is necessary to ace the naked nails look, you can use the products mentioned by nail expert Betina Goldstein in this Instagram post:

2) The sheer nail polish look:

For those who don't prefer completely nude nails, this variation is that of nails painted in hushed-hued shades to achieve a 'faux natural' finish.

After giving yourself a manicure or getting one from your nail artist, opt for nail polish with a milky tint. The ideal shade for this look would be the Chanel Le Vernis nail color in the shade 111 Ballerina.

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik has called this nail trend 'angel nails' to describe the combination of subtle-pink nail color with sheer wash. He created this viral nail look on 'Come and Get It' singer Selena Gomez and shared it on Instagram.

The naked nails trend gives your nails a much-needed break from the hassle of base coat, top coat, and nail extensions. This nail trend can be easily recreated at home while having the option of opting for nude shades at your favorite nail salon.

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