Adelaide Strikers 146/9 (20 ov)
Perth Scorchers 147/3 (17.4 ov)
Scorchers won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Jhye Richardson
Scorchers have dominated in this contest from the word go and have finally been able to finish on the right side of the result. They got off to a terrific start in the run chase in what seemed like a very tricky target. They put on a 57 run stand for the first wicket as that almost sealed the game for them chasing this below-par total.

Adelaide got back into the contest as Agar managed to get both the openers in the same over to start hopes for the Strikers of a possible collapse. Munro then fell in the 11th over as he looked in all sort of trouble against Rashid Khan. But since then Mitchell Marsh and Inglis batted with ease and helped Scorchers get over the line with14 balls to spare.

Inglis finished with 44 and Mitchell Marsh with 38 as they helped Perth get their first win of the campaign and they will be hoping they can carry this momentum to spar a comeback in this edition.

So that's all from me ( Prashanth) and Sarthak, hope you enjoyed our coverage and until we meet again, Adios!
17.4 Briggs to J Inglis, FOUR! Scorchers wrap up this match with 14 balls to spare and register their first win of the tournament. The delivery was a half-volley on the middle stump and Inglis punched it down the ground for a boundary. 
17.3 Briggs to J Inglis, full on the middle stump, chipped over the in-field for a boundary
17.2 Briggs to M Marsh, another single taken
17.1 Briggs to J Inglis, full delivery way outside off, Inglis reaches out to it and cuts it for a single
Just 4 of that over including a wide as Siddle keeps his line and length tight
16.6 Siddle to J Inglis, yorker-length delivery on the leg stump, flicks another for a single
16.6 Siddle to J Inglis, WIDE! Down the leg-side
16.5 Siddle to J Inglis, dot ball as Inglis misses the full delivery down the leg-stump
16.4 Siddle to J Inglis, yorker-length delivery outside off, Inglis squeezes it towards square leg but doesn't get a run
16.3 Siddle to M Marsh, full delivery on the middle stump, Marsh shuffles across his crease, flicks towards mid-wicket for a single
16.2 Siddle to J Inglis, full delivery on the middle stump, flicked for a single towards mid-wicket
16.1 Siddle to J Inglis, full delivery outside off, driven straight back to the bowler
Siddle is back into the attack with 14 runs to defend in the final 4 overs
133 /3 score
cricket ball icon Wes Agar
15.6 W Agar to M Marsh, length ball on the middle stump, couldn't connect the pull shot
15.5 W Agar to M Marsh, OH! Short ball outside off, Marsh gets the top-edge and it hits him on the neck. He signals he is fine but the physio will attend him
15.4 W Agar to M Marsh, Another boundary as Marsh is loving the leg-side. Another one on the pads and he doesn't rue the opportunities 
15.3 W Agar to M Marsh, FOUR! Thats a gift! Full toss on the pads, flicked to the leg-side by Marsh for a boundary
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