141/10 (31)
142/7 (39)
ZIM won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Ryan Burl
That brings us to the end of our coverage for this series. Join us for more throughout the day, four ECS matches, one Caribbean Premier League fixture and an Asia Cup Super 4s game between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are to follow! For now, this is Rajarshi, along with Raghav, signing off! Have a nice day!
Aaron Finch, Australia captain: Obviously, Zimbabwe got it right, you never take for granted the form that your team's in or how your team's playing, because you turn up in an international sport, you can get beat on any day, we saw that today. Zimbabwe were relentless with the ball early on. We still gave ourselves half a chance with the ball, but it wasn't to be. Hazlewood and Starc are two of the best in the world, they've led the Australian attack with Pat Cummins for a long time, just goes to show their versatility and quality in them. David Warner just keeps doing it all the time. For him to get most of our runs today, just had no one to go with him and take that innings forward. But yeah, three quality performances from the guys.
Regis Chakabva, Zimbabwe captain: Coming into the last game, there seems to be a little bit of thought that we'd go through the motions. I thought that the way we started off in the morning was really brilliant. Boys showed a lot of fight, and to get Australia for that sort of total shows how much work we put in. We head home, a bit of fitness going for a couple of weeks and then a bit more training before we come back for the T20 WC.
Adam Zampa, Player Of The Series: It was nice to go and play the Hundred to get ready for this, but back in Aussie colours now, feels good. Just a bit of game time, the feel of it, the more you do the better it feels. We got better and better throughout the series.
Ryan Burl, Player Of The Match: (On the win) It's massively important. Going out to bat there, the coach said there's 20 runs, try and get 10 of them, kind of feel like I did my job, got the team past the line, we'll take the win. We'll take the confidence from the win and come back in three months' time for the World Cup, it's been good preparation playing one of the best teams in the world and we are glad for that.
Match summary:
Zimbabwe won the toss and opted to bowl

Australia 141 all out (31 Overs)
David Warner 94(96) | Ryan Burl 5/10 (3)

Zimbabwe 142/7 (39 Overs)
Regis Chakabva 37*(72) | Josh Hazlewood 3/30 (10)

Zimbabwe win by 3 wickets with 66 balls to spare; Australia win the series 2-1.

The Zimbabwe players head towards the crowd, exchanging low fives and thanking them for the support. Despite the best efforts from the Australian bowlers, David Warner's solo fight to get Australia to 141 doesn't turn out to be out of Zimbabwe's reach! Takudwanashe Kaitano and Tadiwanashe Marumani steadied the ship early on, being watchful of the extra bounce and carry through from the Australian pace attack. Hazlewood was the best in utilizing the surface, and it didn't take him too long to break the opening stand. 

Hazlewood then proceeded to dig into the Zimbabwe middle-order, sending back Madhevere and Williams in quick succession. Sikandar Raza then hooked Stoinis right down the throat of Starc at fine leg, and then, once Marumani departed to a poor shot, Zimbabwe looked to be in quite the spot of bother. Regis Chakabva then dug in and grinded out the runs along with Tony Munyonga and then Ryan Burl. Munyonga tried to go big on several occasions, couldn't quite get it right, but Chakabva at the other end was a calming presence for Zimbabwe. Ryan Burl then walked in, took some time and smashed a couple of crucial boundaries to get Zimbabwe close, Starc accounted for him with 5 runs remaining, giving Australia a glimmer of hope, but Chakabva and Brad Evans ensured that there were no hiccups, doing the job in singles and handing Zimbabwe a first win against Australia in Australia.
THERE IT IS! A FLUENT COVER DRIVE SEALS A VICTORY FOR ZIMBABWE!!! They won't go back home empty-handed, Zimbabwe have their first EVER ODI win over Australia on Australian soil! The contest of the series might not matter much, what a moment, this is a major milestone that they breach! Regis Chakabva, the captain, steps up when his team needed him, and safely guides his side to the target, ably aided by Munyonga, Burl and now by Evans, who hit the winning runs!
142 /7 score
cricket bat icon Regis Chakabva
37 (72)
cricket bat icon Brad Evans *
2 (7)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Starc
1 /39
38.6 Mitchell Starc to Brad Evans, ZIMBABWE WIN! The first time they have beaten Australia in Australia. A bit full from Starc, pitching outside off. Evans leans forward and punches it to sweeper cover for a single.
38.5 Mitchell Starc to Brad Evans, full and on off, Evans digs it out and pushes it back to Starc
38.4 Mitchell Starc to Regis Chakabva, on length and outside off, Chakabva gets a leading edge just past the point fielder and to the man at deep point, single taken and the scores are level!
38.3 Mitchell Starc to Regis Chakabva, a yorker just on the fourth stump line, Chakabva gets his bat down on time and survives
38.2 Mitchell Starc to Brad Evans, length delivery on the leg stump line, worked away to fine leg for a single, Zimbabwe are just 2 runs away!
38.1 Mitchell Starc to Regis Chakabva, full and down the leg side, Chakabva attempts a flick and gets struck on his pads, single taken
Down to one boundary now, are Zimbabwe. Chakabva has strike.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Adam Zampa
37.6 Adam Zampa to Brad Evans, slow, full and on fifth stump line, Evans bunts it to cover
37.5 Adam Zampa to Brad Evans, on length and outside off, Evans gets across to sweep the ball but misses it, the extra bounce gets the better of him and hits him on his helmet
37.4 Adam Zampa to Brad Evans, tossed up on off, Evans lunges forward to block
37.3 Adam Zampa to Brad Evans, full and on the pads, clipped to midwicket