124/7 (20)
127/5 (20)
Pakistan won by 5 wickets
That is all that was written for this contest and it was quite the thriller, wasn't it? We hope you've managed to settle at the end of it all but there is loads of cricket in store including the Abu Dhabi T10 League later today. Do switch tabs to follow our coverage of those games right here on Sportskeeda while keeping yourselves up to date with all the other cricketing news from across the globe. Thank you so much for tuning into our coverage of this game, as we hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did bringing it to you. Do join us on Friday for the start of the first test between these two sides at Chattogram. For now, on behalf of my good friend and co-commentator Pradeep Somashekar, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha once again reminding you to mask up and get yourselves vaccinated in case you haven't already. Goodbye and take care!
The trophy will be handed over to Babar Azam at the conclusion of the test series. With the kind of cricket Pakistan have been playing in recent times, don't be surprised if they collect both this as well as the test series trophy together. It's going to take some stopping Babar Azam and Co. who have been on a roll in recent times. Their test side looks far more settled in comparison to the hosts who will be itching to put this behind them and bounce back in the first test beginning this Friday in Chattogram.
Babar Azam (Pakistan Captain): Thanks to the Almighty that we have won the series. The way we have played as a team has been really good. All credit goes to the team. There are areas for improvement and we have been doing it. For instance, our fielding has improved a lot. Hopefully in the coming games we don't repeat whatever mistakes we have made. We want to carry forward this momentum into the test series as well. Special thanks to the fans here in Bangladesh for the support they've given through these three games.
Mohammad Rizwan has been adjudged the Player of the Series: When you play for Pakistan and help them win, it always feels good. The pitch was tricky and especially when you play away, you will find such wickets where there will be uneven bounce and grip on the surface. There will be positive and negative outcomes but it's about holding your own there. I am happy with the momentum I have built up in both my bowling and keeping. Special thanks to the fans for their support - it felt as though we were playing in Pakistan.
Haider Ali has been adjudged the Man of the Match for his splendid innings of 45(38)

Haider Ali
says, the game plan was always to score based on the required run-rate but unfortunately it went till the last the over and the last delivery. I really thought I wanted to finish the game but things didn't quite work out well in that over but thankfully we came out on top. 
Mahmudullah (Bangladesh Captain): I think it's hard to say. Our batters and their batters both struggled. It wasn't easy upfront and you had to build a partnership and get stuck in. Naim and Afif batted really well to give us that partnership we needed. We felt if we get a couple of early wickets and bowl a lot of dot balls we can build the pressure. I had to use the main bowlers but having said that I really appreciate the way Taskin came back after the injury he had to his bowling hand. He showed great character and all the bowlers did really well to apply the pressure and executed well today.
Pakistan 127/5 in 20 overs (Haider Ali 45 off 38 balls, Mohammad Rizwan 40 off 43 balls, Mahmudullah 3/10 off one over) beat Bangladesh by 5 wickets.

Caught your breath yet? I wouldn't blame you if you haven't!
This game had no business going down to the wire. It had absolutely no business heading to the final delivery. But this is T20 cricket folks! It is never, ever over and you can just never rule anything out.

Bangladesh tightened the screws in the Powerplay with the prolific duo of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan struggling to get their timing going. Pakistan had no reason to panic with the target not a daunting one but surely, there would have been a few nerves of uncertainty within their ranks once Babar Azam perished.

The asking rate continued to creep up as Bangladesh's spinners continued to chip away with measly overs. Rizwan finally broke the shackles with a couple of expansive shots but much like Mohammad Naim struggled for Bangladesh, Rizwan too could not get a continuous flow to his innings.

It was Haider Ali who then wielded the willow wild and brought the equation down to a controllable one from the visitors' point of view. Even as Rizwan played on, Haider went about his business and with 26 needed off the last 4 overs, this game surely had just one result...

...but then what do we know? The ebbs and flows of T20 cricket and its volatile nature were there to the fore yet again. Sarfaraz Ahmed struggled during his stay and a barrage of yorkers from Taskin Ahmed and Shohidul Islam took the game into the final over for the latest protagonist to make his entry into this theatrical drama!

Mahmudullah took it upon himself to do the job and with three wickets in the over, he was about to pull off a Houdini. Khushdil Shah deposited one straight down the ground to ease the nerves in between them but with all sorts of drama ensuing thereafter with the batter first and then the bowler pulling out, Mohammad Nawaz eventually managed to get Pakistan across the line with a boundary, bringing back the smiles on the faces of the visitors while breaking a number of Bangladeshi hearts in the process. Pakistan have taken this three-match T20I series 3-0!
WHAT. A. MATCH. Mohammad Nawaz is the hero for Pakistan, Mahmudullah came so, so close to writing himself into cricketing folklore but alas, it isn't to be for the hosts. We have witnessed a humdinger out of nowhere in Mirpur and eventually, Pakistan beat Bangladesh by 5 wickets off the final delivery!
127 /5 score
cricket bat icon Iftikhar Ahmed
6 (2)
cricket bat icon Mohammad Nawaz *
4 (1)
cricket ball icon Mahmudullah
3 /10
19.6 Mahmudullah to Mohammad Nawaz, FOUR! NAWAZ DOES IT! He's the hero for Pakistan and gets Pakistan out of the jail here but Mahmudullah, take a bow and Bangladesh, they were down and out at the first half but what a way to make a come back into the game at the end. Length delivery on the outside off, Nawaz comes down the track and crunches it nicely over the extra-cover region, goes one bounce into the fence for a boundary and Pakistan finish clean sweep of T20I series, 3-0!
Another withdrawal! This time it's the bowler who withdraws as he sees the non-striker backing up too far. Scenes!
WHAT WAS THAT? Goodness me! Nawaz pulls out at the nth moment for the ball to crash into his stumps as Mahmudullah delivers this from almost behind the umpire. The bowler is bemused but he says it's fine and they carry on. We have a retake!
The batters converge to have a conversation after the bowler takes his time to set his field. Here we go...
Mahmudullah. Mohammad Nawaz. One of them has the chance to be a hero. Who will it be? Around the wicket comes Mahmudullah.
Mohammad Nawaz, LHB, makes his way to the crease. He will take strike.
OH. MY. WORD. A massive six and then a change of angle from Mahmudullah brings about another wicket! What is going on at Mirpur? The commentators on air are bellowing their throats out, the fans even louder. We, on the other hand, are lost for words!
19.5 Mahmudullah to Iftikhar Ahmed, OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! This is still not over, folks, this is still not over. OH MY GOODNESS! Length delivery on the outside off from around the wicket, Iftikhar looking to finish but gets a leading edge and the backward point fielder takes a dolly and what a game we're witnessing. Final delivery coming up!

Iftikhar Ahmed c sub (Yasir Ali) b Mahmudullah 6 (2b, 0x4, 1x6)
19.4 Mahmudullah to Iftikhar Ahmed, SIX! BOOM! Iftikhar you beauty! What a monumental hit from Iftikhar as he goes down his knee and went for the ugly hoick but he connects well and CLOBBERS it straight down the ground for a maximum!
Hat-trick ball. Over the wicket comes Mahmudullah!
Khushdil Shah, LHB, makes his way to the crease. He will be at the non-striker's end.
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