171/4 (20)
172/5 (18.5)
SL won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Charith Asalanka
Well. That will be that then. Sri Lanka make it four wins out of four in this tournament. Their first in the Super 12s, of course. This contest was an ideal taster for what's to come. You can quickly switch tabs and switch to what is the headline event for the night. That's all from the duo of Pratyush and Pradeep. Have a good Sunday folks. May the best team win all the games you're tuning in for on this Super Sunday. See you around! 
Dasun Shanaka (Sri Lanka captain): It wasn't the easiest target to chase down. Once the batters get set with the smaller boundaries on offer, they can go on to get any sort of total. It was outstanding batting from those two. Those knocks are brilliant and we are thrilled to get off to a winning start. It is a important moment for the youngsters to step up. Asalanka is a conventional batter and its nice to see them play like this. 
Mahmudullah (Bangladesh captain): I thought we could defend that total. The batters did a good job. Naim held the innings together and Mushi was good as well. We were in the game till the 10th over but we missed a few chances. Things happen like that in this format. We will learn from it. We thought playing the extra spinner was the right option. All the spinners bowled nicely but we missed a couple of chances. It could have been a different story otherwise. This game will boost the confidence of our batting unit and hopefully, we can pull off something against England.

Charith Asalanka (Player of the Match): Always happy to play a winning knock for my country and I'm glad that I was able to play that kind of an impactful innings and take the team over the line. They will be very happy and they always encourage me to play my natural game. When I came and played my first ball, I felt it's a true pitch, coming on to the bat nicely and the other side Nissanka was playing well too and we discussed among ourselves to play to our strengths. The game changer was Rajapaksa, he completely change the complexion of the game. I just want to make sure I keep repeating such performances for my country.
Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets (with 6 balls to spare).

Not many gave Sri Lanka a chance to have a successful tournament this year, yet here they are. Unbeaten in the tournament so far as they get their Super 12s underway with a win. It was Charith Asalanka and Bhanuka Rajapaksa that led them to victory with a sublime 86-run stand. Nothing to take away from their batting performances but Bangladesh have let this one slip away from their hands. Some questionable decisions in the bowling department meant that they let the Lankan Lions crawl back into this contest and eventually let them run away with it. 

Shakib had got twin strikes in an over but was taken off the attack with two left-handers at the crease. Mahmudullah got himself for a couple of overs along with Afif Hossain and that turned out to be the turning point. Sri Lanka took 31 from two overs to turn the game on its head and punish the Tigers for some poor decision-making. 

Well, then, Sri Lanka remain unbeaten in the tournament so far. To do it without their ace spinner, Mahesh Theekshana, will be mighty pleasing. The youngsters are stepping up to the plate for them and they're starting to gain some steam as they look to play some of the stronger nations in the coming week. Their opponents will have to take the Lankans lightly at their own peril. A lovely win for them. Stay tuned for the presentations. 
Streaky way to get it done but there was nothing streaky about Sri Lanka's batting performance today. Mahmudullah will be feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders after this contest. Pretty sure the weight of five caps on his head is much lighter to that. 
18.5 Nasum Ahmed to Charith Asalanka, THAT'S IT, THAT'S THE GAME FOR SRI LANKA! EDGED AND FOUR! Asalanka gets lucky here, length delivery on the fourth stump line as he comes forward to drive but gets a thick outside edge past the keeper and runs away to the fence for a boundary.
18.4 Nasum Ahmed to Charith Asalanka, length delivery on the outside off as Asalanka charges down the track to hoick but miscues it over the backward point region and they hare back for the second.
18.3 Nasum Ahmed to Dasun Shanaka, drops it short on the outside off as Shanaka on the backfoot cuts it hard through the covers for just a single.
Dasun Shanaka, right-hand bat, comes to the crease
18.2 Nasum Ahmed to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, OUT! CASTLED! Tosses it up, nice change of pace and Rajapaksa gets foxed as he backs away to cut that one, came too slow and Rajapaksa gets beaten as it goes through to rattle the stumps. Is it too little too late? Bhanuka Rajapaksa b Nasum Ahmed 53 (31b 3x4 3x6) 
18.1 Nasum Ahmed to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, length delivery on the leg-stump, spears it in and Rajapaks plays a gusty reverse sweep past the short third-man and they scamper back for the second.
Nasum Ahmed [2.0-0-20-1] is back into the attack
The captaincy and decision-making for Bangladesh has been questionable. Taking Shakib out of the attack after he delivered twin strikes was quite shocking. They've let Sri Lanka back into the game and the free run to win this game. Focused too much on the matchups rather than the situation of the game. That's proved to be costly. 
163 /4 score
cricket bat icon Charith Asalanka *
74 (47)
cricket bat icon Bhanuka Rajapaksa
51 (29)
cricket ball icon Mustafizur Rahman
0 /22
17.6 Mustafizur Rahman to Charith Asalanka, yorker length on the wide of off-stump and Asalanka looks to drill that one away but gets no bat on it, through to the keeper.
17.5 Mustafizur Rahman to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, low full toss on the outside off as Rajapaksa drills it back to the bowler and Mustafizur fails to stop it as he fumbles and they sneak in a single.
Fifty for the birthday boy, Rajapaksa! That's a knock he's going to remember forever. Brilliant partnership this as they look to get their side over the line. 
17.4 Mustafizur Rahman to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, back of a length delivery angles it into Rajapaksa on the off-stump as he hangs back and then opens the blade to dab it past the short third-man and they scamper back for the second as the fielder darts in the throw to hit the stumps but Rajapaksa is safe and that's his FIFTY, take a bow!
17.3 Mustafizur Rahman to Bhanuka Rajapaksa, yorker on the wide of off-stump as Rajapaksa goes reaching for it and gets no connection on the bat, through to the keeper.