Victoria Waves 105/10 (17.1 ov)
BC Champions 107/3 (13.4 ov)
BC Champions won by 7 wickets
That's it from the game! It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Prashanth Satish signing off. Bye fellas! 
Victoria Waves scored 105 runs in 17.1 overs. All credit goes to the bowlers who picked up wickets. Gurtej Singh picked up 3 wickets. Paramjot Singh, Lovepreet Singh and Harjinder Singh picked up 2 wickets each. BCC openers Parag Sood and Yadwinder Singh Brar built up 80-run partnership and chased the total with ease.
BC Champions won by 7 wickets.
13.4 Happy to Sood, FOUR! Full-length ball flicked away by Sood to complete proceedings for BC Champions. They win the contest by 7 wickets.
13.3 Happy to Sood, full-length delivery guided to short third for no run.
13.3 Happy to Sood, WIDE! Another wide this time down leg side.
13.2 Happy to Vinod, OUT! Full-length ball flicked to midwicket and the batsman set off for a quick single and is out run out this time
13.2 Happy to Vinod, WIDE! Down leg side and they sneak a bye and an overthrow means they sneak another run as well
13.1 Happy to Vinod, length ball defended to covers by the new batsman
12.6 Vishwadeep Gill to Khosa, OUT! Short delivery and the batsman's pull takes the top edge and finds the fielder at covers.
12.5 Vishwadeep Gill to Khosa, good-length ball defended by the batsman.
12.4 Vishwadeep Gill to Sood, shorter this time and cut away by the batsman for a quick single to bring up his fifty.
12.3 Vishwadeep Gill to Khosa, shorter this time and cut away to point for another single
12.2 Vishwadeep Gill to Khosa, FOUR! Fuller delivery on the pads and Khosa just flicks it away to square leg for another boundary.
12.1 Vishwadeep Gill to Sood, full delivery pulled away to square leg for a single
BCC are 92/1 after 12 overs. They require 14 runs in 48 balls
11.6 Hardeep to Khosa, SIX! Short ball pulled away over the fielder at midwicket. Terrific contact on that hit by Khosa!
11.5 Hardeep to Khosa, short and wide and played to point for no run.
11.4 Hardeep to Sood, fuller delivery driven to the fielder at long-on for a single
11.3 Hardeep to Sood, fuller delivery defended to the fielder at midwicket by Sood
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