220/3 (20)
209/9 (20)
GM won by 11 runs.
Player of the match: Manish Pandey
And with that, we draw curtains to our coverage of the 2022 Maharaja T20 Trophy. The report for the game has been piled up in next to no time by our crew, so do click on the link below if you want an elaborate summary of the cracking match that we have had! Of course, don't be disheartened with the end of such a wonderful tournament, for we will be back with lots more tomorrow! The Asia Cup kicks off, with Sri Lanka taking on Afghanistan in the inaugural match. Sooryanarayanan will be back alongside Pratyush to call the action, which you can follow here! We also have the 3rd Day's play of the 2nd Test match between England and South Africa, and four ECS matches throughout the day! For now, though, this is I, Rajarshi, on behalf of my friend and co-commentator Sooryanarayanan, signing off! Good night!
Manish Pandey (Winning Captain, Gulbarga Mystics): It was something we were eyeing as a team from the first day. Great owners and the fans coming and supporting us was fantastic. I'm really happy. Thank you so much Gulbarga (applauds the fans). It was unbelievable - we're definitely looking forward to working together again next year. I'm really happy as a captain. That's the chat I've been having with the guys - I didn't want just one or two guys to perform, I wanted the whole team to perform and that's exactly what we did. (Did he visualize himself lifting the cup when the tournament began?) Yes I did (grins). We've got good competitors and we put up a good fight. The sponsors, the coaching staff and the way the whole team has worked around to make this tournament a successful tournament, it's been really great.
Mayank Agarwal, Bengaluru Blasters captain: The fight everyone put up was just fantastic. That was something for all of us to see, the never die attitude was there. Even though we were struggling at one point of time, Chethan and Kranthi showed what this team believes in and this team built over this tournament. The chat at the innings break was that if we can get off to a good start, something like what Gulbarga did against us, we would be in with a chance. We knew that the wicket's gonna get better to bat on, but it wasn't to be ....we lost three quick wickets and then it was catching up, but I thought LR (Chethan) and Kranthi (Kumar) did a fantastic job to get us that close. I thought the team was fantastic the way they played in the league stage, even in the qualifiers, it was fantastic. The heartening part for us was that different people really stepped up at different points of time. Special mention to LR Chethan, I think he's been the find of the season. (To the supporters) Keep supporting us, tumba chenagithu nim support (Your support was wonderful). They were the backbone for us, thank you guys, thank you.
Rohan Patil is the Player Of The Tournament! We now get to hear from him: Really proud of my team, especially Manish Pandey with the way he led the team, I'm so happy. I don't have any words now. (On his performance throughout the tournament) Pretty well, but yeah, I'll continue this performance. We tried to hit as much as fast as we could in the powerplay, we got off to a good start, and the way Dev (Padikkal) and Pandey continued at the last, I'm so proud of them. I think as a bowling unit we put up a very good performance. 
Mayank Agarwal bags the Orange Cap for his 496 runs throughout the campaign, including two centuries. He batted like a million dollars all tournament, didn't he?
Vidyadhar Patil of the Mysore Warriors bags the Purple Cap for his 17 wickets in the league. Pranav Bhatia of the Mystics will collect it on his behalf.
Manish Pandey wins the award for the Best Catch of the Tournament. Is it even surprising to see him collect this award?
LR Chethan is the Bankable Player Of The Series! 447 runs, an average of 44.7, a strike rate of 173.25 throughout the tournament, a hundred and three half-centuries over the span of 11 innings, and one knock for the absolute ages in the final!
Manish Pandey is the Player of the Match for his stunning unbeaten 17-ball 41. Here's what he has to say: (Fire in the team's belly today?) It was definitely. We were outplayed the last time we played this team and the boys were really fired up. We were really really ready. We batted really well post a big total. We needed a score over 200 since it became easier to bat on in the second innings. We always the Powerplay to go very well for us and it did. Very happy for that and as a captain, I'm really happy to have led this side and I'm really happy we've come out winning. We knew that if the ball was new it might grip a bit. When their spinners were bowling we felt that if the ball was a little wet it would come on better. (On Bhandage and Padikkal stepping up despite being injured) Both of them have done that all tournament. Really proud of Bhandage to take up those crucial overs and deliver for the team. Everyone loves to have such players in the team. I just thought that was all I could do (hit out). The last 5-6 overs I just had one signal and luckily it came off on the big night.
Time for some reactions from the winning team:

Pranav Bhatia:
Unbelievable win for us. It's a fantastic win and I cannot experience the feeling. (On beating the Blasters) They won the first (against us), lost the second, won the third and we've won again. I've just focused on my length this season that's all. Manoj was in pain with injury but he bowled really well today.

Jeswanth Acharya: After the last game against Bangalore, we came here with the intent of scoring 228. They scored 227 (last game) and we fell just short. We played well as a team. There were a lot of individual performances but individual performances win matches, teamwork wins tournaments. This format of the game, you can never be satisfied. Just looking to get better hereon. Thank you everybody for watching and cheering us.
Match summary:
Bengaluru Blasters won the toss and opted to bowl

Gulbarga Mystics 220/3 (20 Overs)
Devdutt Padikkal 56*(42) | Aniruddha Joshi 1/15 (3)

Bengaluru Blasters 209/9 (20 Overs)
LR Chethan 91(40) | Manoj Bhandage 3/32 (3)

Gulbarga Mystics win by 11 runs and clinch the Maharaja T20 Trophy!

The chase was all about the presence of one and only one man, LR Chethan! While everything seemed to be falling apart, he kept firing those bullets like a general who had lost almost all of his troops to a rampant enemy! The shots that he played under pressure were worthy of a hype-montage, absolutely obliterating every pacer that came in his way! It was his opening partner, Mayank Agarwal, who led the charge earlier. Having clobbered Pranav Bhatia for aplenty, he was looking to lead from the front, but once again, Ritesh Bhatkal proved to be the man for the occasion in the powerplay, having gotten rid of Mayank and then Kush Marathe!

Pranav Bhatia then accounted for both Shivkumar Rakshith and Aniruddha Joshi, both of whom fell to rather reckless shots. Abhilash Shetty then went on to bounce out Jagadeesha Suchith, all of which kept happening with Chethan striking them like he was playing a different cricket match! He finally found some support from the other end in the form of Kranthi Kumar. The 28-year-old helped himself against Kushaal Wadhwani's bouncy leg-breaks, as the ball sat up nicely for him to tonk about. 22 runs came off a Wadhwani over, and suddenly there was a feeling of nerviness among the fielding team, which was unnoticeable throughout.

In a move that was rather amusing, Manish Pandey brought himself on to bowl and went for 15 in his first, and as it turned out, only over. There was some lethargy that was starting to set into the Gulbarga Mystics fielders by then, and a momentum shift was evident! Ritesh Bhatkal was carted for 12 in the next over, and it was starting to get too close for comfort for the Mystics. They desperately needed to break the stand, which was going north of a 100. 

The breakthrough was provided by a half-fit Manoj Bhandage, and it was in some dramatic fashion! LR Chethan was smashing him to all parts as well, but 9 away from a hundred, he missed a straight one from the medium-pacer and saw his middle stump being snapped in half! Kranthi Kumar, though, kept the chase going even after the departure of Chethan, but Bhandage accounted for him and Pradeep in his following over as well, effectively ensuring that the title was theirs. Ronit More wielded his willow for a bit, getting his side as close to the target as he could, but it was never meant to happen after all that happened. The Gulbarga Mystics take the summit clash by 11 runs, the presentations are now underway!
So, so agonizingly close, and yet so far for the Bengaluru Blasters! The Gulbarga Mystics hold their nerves eventually, and look at them rejoice! One of the most complete teams in the tournament, they had been given a wake-up call by the same opposition as today in the semis, and the entire top-order turned up for them today!
209 /9 score
cricket bat icon Rishi Bopanna
13 (10)
cricket bat icon Ronit More *
22 (14)
cricket ball icon Abhilash Shetty
1 /27
19.6 Abhilash Shetty to Ronit More, INSIDE EDGE! It doesn't matter - the Gulbarga Mystics are charging towards the ground having attained glory! Cometh the hour, cometh the champions. And we can say that now for sure after a thrilling finale. Low full toss just outside off, More dinks it off the inside edge past his stumps to short fine leg. He turns back as the fielder collects the ball and those in the lighter shade of blue charge towards the stumps to pocket them as souvenirs before being swarmed by those running off the bench. Gulbarga Mystics win by 11 runs and are crowned champions of the Maharaja T20 Trophy 2022!
19.5 Abhilash Shetty to Ronit More, DOT BALL! Gets the yorker horribly wrong as he dishes out a full toss outside off, More throws his wrists into it as he stands tall but can't connect. KL Shrijith collects the ball and he knows that they've made it now. Just one legal delivery needed for the Mystics!
19.4 Abhilash Shetty to Ronit More, into the block hole from around the wicket, More toe-ends his wristy thump into the covers with Bhatia taking his own sweet time to get to the ball. A better throw was needed as More hares back for the second. Two sixes needed!
Santok Singh, left-handed bat, comes to the crease
19.3 Abhilash Shetty to Rishi Bopanna, RUN OUT BY MILES! Oh it's inevitable in a scenario such as this, isn't it? Right into the block hole outside off as Abhilash gets his execution spot on. Bopanna shovels it down to long on and takes off before turning back for the second. He's halfway down the strip before he realizes that More is going nowhere and so, has little to no time to return with Abhilash dislodging the bails. The Mystics are just one wicket away from glory!

Rishi Bopanna run out (Manish Pandey/Abhilash Shetty) 13 (10b 2x4)
19.2 Abhilash Shetty to Rishi Bopanna, EXCELLENT COMEBACK! DO WE HAVE A RUN OUT THOUGH? Referred upstairs! Aims for the yorker on leg stump as it comes out as a low full toss, Bopanna manages to shovel it on the full to long on from where Pandey's throw heads towards the keeper. It could have been a quicker one though as Bopanna hares back with a dive.

He makes it back on time in the end so he will carry on. That's two runs to the total as well!