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Beximco Dhaka 116/10 (20 ov)
Gazi Group Chattogram 117/3 (19.1 ov)
Chattogram won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Mustafizur Rahman
That's all from this qualifier, but do join us on Friday at 6:30 pm (IST) for the FINAL of the BANGABANDHU T20 CUP 2020 where table toppers GAZI GROUP CHATTOGRAM will face off against the second seeded team GEMCON KHULNA. It should be a cracker of a match so do not miss it. We will see you then. Till then this has been Ankit Sharma along with Vasisht Vasan, as we take your leave. 
A very good overall performance from the table toppers, who were right on top of things since the match started. Taking wickets in regular intervals, some outstanding fielding and then seeing things through with a smooth run chase. Credits to the entire team who will go in the finals high on confidence. Dhaka, on the other hand have had a very good tournament. They started with 3 losses in a row, and to recover from there to make it to the qualifiers show how strong their team. But in sport, there is always a winner and unfortunately a loser, and Dhaka's efforts were not enough today. Apart from the toss, nothing seemed to go their way. But a good tournament for them, should be going home with their heads held high.
Man of the Match: Mustafizur Rahman - 4-0-32-3
To start off, 117 was never a big total on this ground. Even though the pitch was favouring the bowlers a little more than the batsmen, that was not a competitive score. That being said, Dhaka did give a slight scare in the 18th over as Mithun got out going after Muktar Ali, and Shamsur almost getting caught but lucky for him, the ball landed in no man's land. Barring that, it was a smooth ride from the first ball for Chattogram, who completely deserved to win. 
Gazi Group Chattogram beat Beximco Dhaka by 7 wickets. 
No surprises here, as Chattogram win comfortably at the end by 7 wickets. Might not have wanted to take the game so deep into the innings till the last over, but either way, they will go through to the finals. 
19.1 Al-Amin to Mosaddek, FOUR! short of a length on middle, the batsman rocks back swiftly and cleanly drills that on-punch-drive past short mid wicket. Mosaddek & Rahman weren't ready to take this one close and boy, it showed. 
Muktar Ali strikes! Gets Mithun who looks to go after Ali to wrap things up, but finds the fielder unfortunately. A slight scare for Chattogram, but Shamsur settles things down by pulling a short one over the boundary for a huge six. A very dramatic over this one. 1 needed off 6. 
18.6 Muktar Ali to Mosaddek, short and on leg stump, pulled away 
18.5 Muktar Ali to Shamsur Rahman, slower one, mistimes that heave, falls in no man's land 
18.4 Muktar Ali to Shamsur Rahman, short of length, punched away for no run 
18.3 Muktar Ali to Shamsur Rahman, SIX! SOMEONE SEND THAT BALL BACK! short on middle, Shamsur stays in his crease and absolutely clubs that one past square leg. That was brutal!
18.2 Muktar Ali to Mohammad Mithun , OUT! WHAT A WELL JUDGED CATCH! short of length on off and Mithun goes for it in an attempt to finish the game quickly, holes out at long-on who makes no mistake even as his body momentum almost took him past the line but he maintains his balance expertly 
18.1 Muktar Ali to Mohammad Mithun , FOUR! SHACKLES HAVE BEEN BROKEN! slow short ball way outside off, Mithun basically bludgeons that cut past cover 
Liton Das tries to hurry things up as he picks the full pitched delivery by Al Amin, but only as far as the long on who catches it comfortably. Good innings comes to an end from Das. Just three runs off the over. Dhaka will be happy with this one. 13 needed off 12. 
Over: 18 | Summary: W 1 0 0 0 2 Bowler: Al-Amin Score: 104/2
17.6 Al-Amin to Shamsur Rahman, short of a length on middle, tucked away with force to deep mid wicket for a brace 
17.5 Al-Amin to Shamsur Rahman, good length around middle-leg, defended away again. More than run-a-ball now! 
17.4 Al-Amin to Shamsur Rahman, good length on middle, defended away 
17.3 Al-Amin to Shamsur Rahman, BOWLED! tossed up on a good length outside off, draws the batsman forward who searches for the drive, through to the keeper
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