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Bohemian CC 70/4 (7.4 ov)
Bohemian CC won by 6 wickets
Right, with this we bring the curtains down to our live coverage of the ECN Czech T10 Super Series 2020! We hope you enjoyed this segment of ours! This was me, Shrey Gupta, along with Vinay Chhabria, bringing you the live coverage of this final game! Stay safe and stay tuned to Sportskeeda for more such live-action! Until next time, it's goodbye from us!
Absolute dominating performance by the Bohemian CC, as they have defeated the Prague Barbarians Vandals in the big final by 6 wickets and clinched the ECN Czech T10 Super Series 2020 title!
Chasing 70 runs wasn't a big deal for BCC, but definitely the pressure of a final game makes it a different kettle of fish! The PBVA did give them an early hiccup as Honey Gori, this time with the ball scalped two wickets straight away in his first over! But, then Mahmood and Iqbal revived BCC from the early mayhem by some sensible batting.
 A disappointing captaincy by the PBVA skipper as he used a wrong tactic to defend a mere total of 69 runs! You cannot keep your fielders out of the circle if you are defending an easy total! This helped BCC's batsmen to rotate the strike easily, and hence, keep the scoreboard ticking! At last, once the run-rate pressure eased off, Zahid Mahmood with his exploits took his team home!
7.4 S Davizi to Z Mahmood, FOUR! That's the game! What a shot to finish the tournament by the winning team and what a knock he, Zahid Mahmood has played! Length ball and Mahmood took no time to spank the ball over extra cover and get a boundary of this one!
7.4 S Davizi to Z Mahmood, WIDE, wide down the leg-side. 
7.3 S Davizi to S Bhuiyan, hit towards cover for a single. 
7.2 S Davizi to S Bhuiyan, FOUR! smacked it towards mid-wicket for a boundary! Easy pickings by the batsman as the Bohemian is coasting swiftly towards victory! No intent by the fielder shown!
7.1 S Davizi to S Bhuiyan, hits him on the pads, no runs. 
Just the over BCC needed to turn the tide! Needs 10 runs in 18 balls!
6.6 J Hoque to S Bhuiyan, guided to the cover region for one run. 
6.6 J Hoque to S Bhuiyan, WIDE, wide outside the off-stump. 
6.5 J Hoque to Z Mahmood, pushed it down to backward point for a single. 
6.4 J Hoque to Z Mahmood, another big shot on the off-side, another FOUR! What a hard hit by the batsman! The fielder has given up the chase on this one! Easy boundary for BCC!
6.3 J Hoque to Z Mahmood, FREE HIT, in the air, and clears the point boundary, FOUR runs! Taking full advantage of this one and freeing his arms to play it towards backward point!
6.3 J Hoque to Z Mahmood, NO Ball, the keeper collects it in front of the stumps. Free-hit coming up!
6.2 J Hoque to Z Mahmood, smashed it towards deep mid wicket, FOUR runs!
6.1 J Hoque to Z Mahmood, a dot ball to begin the seventh over. 
A wicket to end this one! BCC needs 26 off 24 balls!

5.6 S Madhireddy to R Bist, OUT, BOWLED HIM! He tried to play a late cut but loses his stumps! The bowler had a beautiful seam position and the ball came sharply in to disturb the stumps of the batsman! Good hand played by Bist!
5.5 S Madhireddy to Z Mahmood, pushed in the gap again for one run. 
5.4 S Madhireddy to R Bist, pushed it down to third man for another single. 
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