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Botanic Garden Rangers 101/2 (10 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers won by 6 runs.
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage and don't forget to tune in tomorrow as the Vincy Premier League resumes! 

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The Rangers win by the barest of margins!
The Strikers, akin to several teams in the competition, lost momentum at a time when they should've gone from strength to strength. They failed to make the most of their belligerent start and were left chasing the match once Gidron Pope departed. Sealron Williams tried his best to resurrect the situation but the peak proved to be too steep to climb towards the end. 

The Rangers, meanwhile, would feel that they rectified a certain losing cause. And, though they tried their best to make things tougher for themselves, they eventually got across the line to register another victory in the competition.
9.6 Romario Bibby to Kirton Lavia, Dot to finish! Short ball, Lavia swivels and looks to swing but under edges it to the man at mid-wicket
9.5 Romario Bibby to Kirton Lavia, full and away from leg, Lavia swings but misses! 8 from 1 now. And, that should be that.
9.4 Romario Bibby to Kirton Lavia, FOUR! What is happening here!! In the slot, Lavia took a wild swing and almost holed out! The wind nearly hauled that ball in but the fielder was also deceived as the ball landed in front of him and bobbled across the boundary rope. 8 from 2 now.
9.3 Romario Bibby to Kirton Lavia, turned away to fine leg for four! There is still some life left in this game.
9.2 Romario Bibby to Kirton Lavia, no ball and two runs! This is getting a lot more interesting than it should have been!
9.2 Romario Bibby to Keron Cottoy, OUT! Hits it straight to the man at mid-wicket! Tried to go big on the leg-side but the bat turned in his hand and he failed to generate the requisite power. That should be that for the Strikers. 19 off 4 now.
9.1 Romario Bibby to Keron Cottoy, driven away to covers for two. Missed run out chance at the striker's end too. 19 off 5 now.
Romario Bibby to bowl the final over! Here we go!
The Strikers require 21 runs off the final over and their hopes are all but gone now. However, you can never write off any outcome in the VPL and the Strikers would still dream of something miraculous, especially with their skipper at the crease.
8.6 Kesrick Williams to Keron Cottoy, full toss flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single
8.5 Kesrick Williams to Keron Cottoy, length ball outside leg stump, Cottoy watches it go past him. Loose from Kesrick.
8.5 Kesrick Williams to Kirton Lavia, length ball outside off, Lavia mistimes it to deep square leg. Singles won't hurt the Rangers though. The Strikers need boundaries.
8.4 Kesrick Williams to Keron Cottoy, full and on the stumps, Cottoy gets a leading edge to long off. Good bowling by Kesrick though. He is not allowing the batsmen too much room.
8.3 Kesrick Williams to Sealroy Williams, OUT! Tame end to Sealroy's innings. A hit me ball, a juicy full toss outside off, Sealroy could have hit that anywhere but edges it onto his stumps. That just seemed inevitable, especially after he started swinging like a rusty gate. The Strikers' hopes are now hanging by the proverbial thread.
8.2 Kesrick Williams to Sealroy Williams, another yorker length ball from Kesrick, Sealroy looks to paste it over mid-wicket but he does not connect. Sealroy is losing his shape. That's not how he has gotten his runs today and he needs to go back to playing the way he does.
8.1 Kesrick Williams to Kirton Lavia, yorker on the stumps, Lavia manages to squeeze it out somehow to short fine leg.
Another quiet over for the Strikers and they now need 25 runs off the remaining couple of overs. Everything rests on Sealroy Williams now. If the Rangers can get him out, they might as well start celebrating their victory.
7.6 Kimali Williams to Kirton Lavia, low full toss on the stumps, Lavia gets the inside half of the bat on it to mid-wicket for a single.
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