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Sydney Thunder 174/8 (20 ov)
Brisbane Heat 175/5 (19.1 ov)
Heat won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Joe Burns
It's beginning to click for the Heat at the right time? They are still breathing in this competition! Comfortable and much-needed victory for Heat this. Sydney Thunder were well set at one stage to get to 200 but Heat did well to pull it back in the middle. They've then come out and gone about really well with this chase. Chris Lynn coming back and making an impact right away! Got them off to a flying start despite losing Bryant at the top. It was that partnership from Joe Denly and Joe Burns that really killed the game and took it away from Thunder. They were in absolute control of what they were doing. Both of them going on to get fifties and that will give them and the team as well lot of confidence. Particularly for Burns coming from a dark side! He was there to make a statement and he definitely did! 

Just for a little while at the end it looked like there would be a twist, but Heat holding their nerves and deservingly finishing the game off in the end. The Thunder bowlers were bowling too short and wide for a lot and that attacking intent seemed to be missing. They gave away quite a few extras as well and that's something they'll have to reflect upon heading ahead. Heat would have liked to finish it off without losing those wickets towards the end though, they've had some problems finishing games off. They did manage to do it tonight and they'll be looking to get better from here on. They've moved up another spot to the sixth place in the table now and that will give them confidence. 

Only the second loss of the season for Thunder. They continue to stay at the second place. They could have finished the innings much better with the bat and could have done a lot better with the ball as well. Some looking in to do there but it shouldn't dent their confidence a lot. 

That's all from this game of the Big Bash League 2020-21. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Stay tuned for more cricketing action. This is me (Rishab) and my colleague, Sameer, signing off! 

And that's the game for Heat! Pierson pumps his fists in joy! This is an important win for them. Much needed for them and this will give them the hope and confidence to bring about a revival to their campaign! They are hanging around. Good all-round performance this and Thunder have been denied the top spot tonight! Comfortable win in the end. 
19.1 Tanveer Sangha to Jimmy Peirson, shortish delivery outside off from Sangha, Peirson has cut it to deep point and completed the win by 5 wickets!
It's been an excellent penultimate over from McAndrew! Got Burns and followed up with a brilliant yorker to Bazley first up. This game is going down to the final over but it's an important boundary from Bazley! That should be the shot for the Heat! Well bowled but fails to finish it. Just a hit away now. 

It's 2 off the final over. Sangha to bowl. On a hat-trick! 
Over: 19 | Summary: 2 1w 0 W 0 0 4 Bowler: Nathan McAndrew Score: 173/5
18.6 Nathan McAndrew to James Bazley, FOUR! Full delivery on the pads, needless! Bazley's picked that over mid-wicket and has collected four important runs!
18.5 Nathan McAndrew to James Bazley, a bouncer to follow up that bullet! Bazley is late on the hook!
18.4 Nathan McAndrew to James Bazley, that's a cracker of a yorker. Bazley just gets his bat down in time!
Burns in gone! Trying to finish it but finds the fielder. Unfortunate for him not to finish it off but it's been a brilliant knock. He's got his side in touching distance. Thunder still fighting! James Bazley will walk out to the middle. 6 off 9 it is! 
18.3 Nathan McAndrew to Joe Burns, OUT! Against the run of play, Burns has cut a shortish delivery outside off straight to Khawaja at gully!
18.2 Nathan McAndrew to Joe Burns, ducks under a fiery bouncer from McAndrew near the helmet
18.2 Nathan McAndrew to Joe Burns, full and wide outside off, too WIDE outside off
18.1 Nathan McAndrew to Joe Burns, wrists the full delivery on his stumps towards long-on and comes back for a sharp second run
That boundary off the very first ball took lots of pressure off. Milne's gone full and got those yorkers in well. Burns gets to a brilliant fifty! Under pressure and he's delivered tonight. Top knock from him. A set batsmen in and six wickets in hand as well. Heat should finish this off without much trouble! Another boundary to end the over and an expensive one eventually! 

Just 9 needed off 12 now! This should be Heat's game. McAndrew to continue
Over: 18 | Summary: 4 0 1 1 1 4 Bowler: Adam Milne Score: 166/4
17.6 Adam Milne to Jimmy Peirson, FOUR! Makes room for himself and cuts one past point with exquisite timing on it to take the target into single digits!
17.5 Adam Milne to Joe Burns, swivels the short ball towards square leg and gets to his half-century!
17.4 Adam Milne to Jimmy Peirson, fuller delivery outside off wristed to mid-on. 14 needed off 14 balls!
17.3 Adam Milne to Joe Burns, full delivery on the pads driven to mid-off for a single
17.2 Adam Milne to Joe Burns, zooting yorker past the leg stump! Burns could only get his feet away
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