117/6 (10)
97/8 (10)
CK won by 20 runs.
Player of the match: Chris Redhead
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Right then, Oeiras giving their players an opportunity, going with a different batting order but it did not work in their favor as they failed to chase the target down. They could not start well in the powerplay and never really got the innings going as they kept losing wickets at regular intervals. 

Coimbra Knights did need early wickets, which they picked as well and they made sure to keep the pressure on with some tidy overs in the middle as well. They held on to most of their chances, picked up wickets and deservingly, managed to win the game in the end. 

A fine all-round performance from their batters and bowlers in this final game. Unfortunately for them, they will not go further ahead in the tournament. However, they will be pleased to have walked away on a high with a win. They will look to comeback stronger next time around and this has been an entertaining contest indeed!
Some brilliant hitting from Conrad in the final over and Oeiras will feel he could have come out earlier. Nonetheless, that is that and Coimbra Knights have a win in their last game of the tournament. They exit on a high with that, winning by 20 runs in the end!
97 /8 score
cricket bat icon Diogo Martins
1 (7)
cricket bat icon Conrad Greenshields *
16 (5)
cricket ball icon Balwinder Singh
1 /26
9.6 Balwinder Singh to Conrad Greenshields, THAT'S IT! Oeiras taste their first defeat of the tournament, Knights overhaul the Oeiras in this final fixture of the tournament in the league stages. Length delivery on the leg-stump, Greenshields has a ugly swing but gets the inside edge on to his pad.
9.5 Balwinder Singh to Conrad Greenshields, FOUR MORE! Full delivery on the outside off, Greenshields shuffles across and then reaches for it in the end, smashes it over the covers for another boundary!
9.4 Balwinder Singh to Conrad Greenshields, length delivery on the leg-stump line, Greenshields looks to hoick across the line but misses, thuds on the pad.
Couple of sixes here and it seems Conrad has walked in a bit too late here!
9.3 Balwinder Singh to Conrad Greenshields, SIX MORE! Full toss on the outside off, Greenshields swings hard and then SMOKES It over deep cover region for another maximum! Is there a twist in the tale?
9.2 Balwinder Singh to Conrad Greenshields, SIX! Length delivery from around the wicket, in the slot for Greenshields as he clears his front foot and CLOBBERS it over long-on for a single. Too little too late from Oeiras this!
Conrad Greenshields, RHB, comes to the crease
Wickets continue to tumble. Eight down now and this just hasn't worked for Oeiras!
9.1 Balwinder Singh to Brendan Badenhorst, OUT! PICKS OUT LONG-ON AND HAS TO GO! Wickets are tumbling for Oeiras, they are on their way to taste their first defeat of the tournament. Short on the off-stump, Badenhorst clears his front foot to launch it out of the park but the long-on fielder runs across and gobbles it.
Brendan Badenhorst c A Kumar b Balwinder Singh 4 (3b, 1x4, 0x6)
Balwinder SIngh comes back into the attack
This has been a sensational spell from Redhead. He has picked up three wickets and this over has certainly made sure that the Knights go into that final over confident of winning this clash. Oeiras have just not been able to get a partnership going. 37 more off 6 needed. Looks as good as done this!
81 /7 score
cricket bat icon Diogo Martins *
1 (7)
cricket bat icon Brendan Badenhorst
4 (2)
cricket ball icon Chris Redhead
3 /15
8.6 Christopher Redhead to Diogo Martins, short and angled it into Martins on the leg-stump, goes to heave but misses, thuds on the pad.
8.5 Christopher Redhead to Brendan Badenhorst, full toss down the leg-side, Badenhorst misses out, thuds on the pad and they pick up a leg-bye!
8.4 Christopher Redhead to Brendan Badenhorst, FOUR! OH DEAR! Just goes over the man at mid-on this time, length delivery on the off-stump, Badenhorst gets a big reach and hoicks it over the top of mid-on, the fielder times his jump but goes over him in the end for a boundary!
Brendan Badenhorst, RHB, comes to the crease