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Cyprus Eagles CTL 135/9 (10 ov)
Riyaan CC 136/3 (9.4 ov)
Riyaan CC won by 7 wickets
Riyaan CC are the ECS Cyprus T10 Champions as they win this one by 7 wickets at 2 balls to spare!

What an entertaining final this was as Riyaan CC with the chase stayed on track for most of their innings. They scored 68 runs in their first five overs and post drinks the skipper of Cyprus Eagles CTL took a gamble and brought on Mehran Khan and his gamble failed as Shoaib Ahmad decided to make a bit of acceleration and collected 20 runs off the over bowled by Mehran Khan. The Cyprus Eagles bowlers Kulwinder Singh and Sushil Kumar managed to bowl decent 7th and 8th over and it looked like Riyaan CC left a bit too much to be done towards the end as they needed 20 runs off the last 2 overs. 

Shoaib decided to throw the kitchen sink as he managed to get a lucky boundary in the penultimate and Gurdeep Sharma was called on to bowl the final over and defend 11 runs for his side which unfortunately he could not manage to do as he missed his lines completely and Riyaan CC batters pounced on this opportunity and got the required runs in just 4 balls!

For the Riyaan CC, the captain led from the front and saw his side through to a win as he stayed unbeaten on 48 runs in just 22 balls he faced, followed by the opener Sitbtal Hassnain who scored a quickfire 37 runs in just 13 balls and laid the foundation for Riyaan CC along with Atta Ullah who contributed 20 runs to the total. Also in this Match Riyaan CC fielders held on to their catch which was not the case in their previous games and we can surely say catches win matches!!

For the Cyprus Eagles CTL Gurpratap Singh, Tejwinder Singh and Gurdeep Sharma were the only ones who got a wicket each and that's probably why they failed to build on the pressure!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of ECS Cyprus T10 Finals between Cyprus Eagles CTL and Riyaan CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Dwijesh Reddy signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.4 Gurdeep Sharma to Shoaib Ahmad, RIYAAN CC ARE THE CHAMPIONS! A short ball outside off, Shoaib Ahmad carves one towards the sweeper cover fielder, who overruns the ball and lets a double to be taken as Shoaib Ahmad wins it for his side!
9.4 Gurdeep Sharma to Shoaib Ahmad, DOT BALL! Brilliant bowling from Gurdeep but wait a min! IT IS CALLED A WIDE! Drama in Limassol as the umpire takes a lot of time to call that one a wide!
9.3 Gurdeep Sharma to Awais Liaqat, WICKET! IS THERE A TWIST IN THIS TALE! A full ball on the stumps, Liaqat heaves one towards the deep midwicket fielder, who takes a good low catch to keep this game alive. 3 to win of 3 now! Are we going in for another Golden ball between these two??
9.2 Gurdeep Sharma to Awais Liaqat, FOUR! Is that the game for Riyaan as Liaqat guides a length ball past the square leg fielder for a boundary! Just 3 runs now need for RYCC to be crowned the champions!!
9.1 Gurdeep Sharma to Awais Liaqat, Liaqat gets a friendly full-toss on the stumps and he smashes it effortlessly to the leg-side boundary for a FOUR! 7 to win off 5 balls now!
At the end of the 9th over RYCC are 125/2. A decent penultimate over bowled as Tijwinder conceded just 9 runs! RYCC need 11 runs from the last over. Gurdeep Sharma comes in to bowl the crucial over of the match!
8.6 Tejwinder Singh to Shoaib Ahmad, DOT BALL! GOLD DUST! Short ball outside off, Ahmad looks to heave it away but misses! So it's 11 to win off the final over!
8.5 Tejwinder Singh to Shoaib Ahmad, similar ball once again and Ahmad pulls it to the leg-side and comes around for risky two, which they complete in the end!
8.4 Tejwinder Singh to Awais Liaqat, length ball on the off-stump, Liaqat heaves it to the leg-side and takes a single! Down to 13 runs in 8 balls!
8.3 Tejwinder Singh to Shoaib Ahmad, full ball on middle and off, Ahmad drives it straight past the bowler for just a single. 14 to win off 9 now!
8.2 Tejwinder Singh to Shoaib Ahmad, FOUR! Ahmad rides his luck for once as he top-edges a short ball over the keeper's head for a boundary! And now 15 runs needed in 10 balls!
8.1 Tejwinder Singh to Awais Liaqat, short ball outside off, Liaqat pulls it straight towards the long-on fielder but it falls just short of him!
At the end of the 8th over RYCC are 116/2. RYCC now needs 20 runs in 12 balls to be crowned the champions! The match is still in the balance as if the Eagles manage to get good bowls they can turn it around! Shoaib needs to stay there till the end and see his side through whereas for the Eagles they need to get a new batsman in to increase the pressure!!
7.6 Sushil Kumar to Shoaib Ahmad, SIX! Full ball on the stumps and Ahmad has absolutely pummelled it over the long-off boundary for a maximum!
7.5 Sushil Kumar to Awais Liaqat, Liaqat can't get hold of a pull shot and can only manage a single towards the leg side!
7.4 Sushil Kumar to Shoaib Ahmad, short ball outside off, Ahmad once again cuts it to the man at sweeper cover for a single
7.4 Sushil Kumar to Shoaib Ahmad, WIDE! Kumar ends up bowling a wide under pressure. He will have to bowl that one again!
7.3 Sushil Kumar to Shoaib Ahmad, FOUR! Ahmad has the last laugh as he heaves a length ball towards cow-corner for a much-needed boundary! And Shoaib moves on 32 runs with that hit!
7.2 Sushil Kumar to Shoaib Ahmad, full ball bowled outside off, Ahmad fails to get bat on ball and is also floored in the process!
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