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Deccan Gladiators 104/5 (10 ov)
Pune Devils 106/3 (9.2 ov)
Pune Devils won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Kennar Lewis
Pune Devils beat Deccan Gladiators by 7 wickets!

Kennar Lewis! The big man from Jamaica has won this game for the Devils, who lacked conviction at times during the chase. Against an accomplished bowling attack comprising of Sunil Narine and Imran Tahir, Kennar Lewis held his own with a boundary laden knock (57 runs off 28 balls) at the top of the order. He did find some company in the form of Tom Kohler-Cadmore and Chadwick Walton, both of whom got off to starts without converting them. 

However, Kennar Lewis was at the helm to see them through with the burly opener taking Aaron Summers and Zahoor Khan to the cleaners. Ravi Rampaul was the pick of the bowlers for the Gladiators with figures of 1 for 13 and given the fact that he bowled two overs in the powerplay overs holds him in good stead. But it was the fifth bowlers' quota of overs that ultimately costed the Gladiators despite Azam Khan's sizzling knock in the first innings! With that win, the Pune Devils are up and running in the competition with two valuable points while the Gladiators would have some food for thought ahead of their next game against Team Abu Dhabi!

That's not all for today as the final Abu Dhabi T10 League game starts in about 15 minutes! You can follow the action here but that's it for this game! Until next time, this is Dwijesh Reddy, along with my colleague, Shashwat Kumar signing off! Take Care!
9.2 Kieron Pollard to Kennar Lewis, SIX MORE! THAT WILL BE THAT! Banged into the track at the batsman on leg stump. Lewis gets across his stumps and helps the ball on its way over fine leg for a maximum to seal the deal!
9.1 Kieron Pollard to Kennar Lewis, SIX! Right in the slot outside off stump and Lewis climbs into it! He gets onto the front foot and absolutely mousses that one over wide long on for a maximum!
Kieron Pollard to bowl the final over!
That over might have just sealed the fate of this game! The Devils and Kennar Lewis, in particular, have been brilliant with the bat and have aced this run-chase for most parts of it. But you never know!

Pune Devils need 11 runs off 6 balls!
Over: 9 | Summary: 2b 4 4 1 4 0 Bowler: Zahoor Khan Score: 94/3
8.6 Zahoor Khan to Asif Khan, top notch yorker well outside off stump. In fact, that slides just inside the tramlines, meaning that the batsman can't reach it, nor can it be called a wide!
8.5 Zahoor Khan to Asif Khan, FOUR! Very full delivery that is slanted into the batsman on leg stump. Asif swings hard at that one and squirts the ball off the inner half of the bat past short fine leg for four. Cricket is a cruel game!
8.4 Zahoor Khan to Kennar Lewis, yorker on middle and off stump. Lewis gets his bat down in time and digs the ball out towards the sweeper at long off before ambling across for one
8.3 Zahoor Khan to Kennar Lewis, FOUR MORE! Length delivery angled into the batsman on leg stump. Lewis has a huge hoick at that one and just about manages to tickle it off the inside edge past the keeper for four
8.2 Zahoor Khan to Kennar Lewis, FOUR! SHOT! Low full toss outside off stump. Lewis sits deep in his crease and then scythes it delightfully past backward point for another boundary!
8.1 Zahoor Khan to Kennar Lewis, low full toss just outside off stump. Lewis looks to jam his bat down on it but misses it altogether. Shahzad too, can't gather, meaning that the Devils get a couple of byes
Zahoor Khan is back into the attack!
Not a bad over from Rampaul by any means despite the boundary off the penultimate ball! Kennar Lewis remains key to this run-chase and he will target the shorter boundary from here on! Pollard doesn't have too many resources to call upon right now and might even have a bowl himself!

Pune Devils need 26 runs from 12 balls!
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1 0 0 4 1 Bowler: Ravi Rampaul Score: 79/3
7.6 Ravi Rampaul to Kennar Lewis, OH! Very full delivery on middle and leg stump. Lewis brings his bat down in menacing fashion and smacks that one straight into the stumps at the other end! Gets a single for his efforts though!
7.5 Ravi Rampaul to Kennar Lewis, FOUR! WHAT EVEN! Full delivery on middle and leg stump. Lewis gets his front foot clear and looks to flick it away. However, he gets a leading edge that races past extra cover for four
7.4 Ravi Rampaul to Kennar Lewis, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Lewis gets his front foot out of the way and drills that one down the ground and straight to the man at mid off
Just the two runs off the over so far! A big hit around the corner?
7.3 Ravi Rampaul to Kennar Lewis, banged into the track way outside off stump. Lewis tries to reach out for it and does not manage to do so. He then looks for the wide but gets no favors
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