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Northern Warriors 137/3 (10 ov)
Delhi Bulls 105/7 (10 ov)
Northern Warriors won by 32 runs.
Player of the match: Nicholas Pooran
Three action packed games from Saturday and we will be back tomorrow for a super Sunday with three more cracking games lined up! Until then, this has been Maanas and myself (Rishab) as we take your leave! See ya tomorrow, have a great night! 
The highlight of the match being that innings from Pooran which gave the Warriors a massive boost after a slow start helping them finish big, which made a huge difference in the end. And the Hat-Trick from Parnell, that took away even the slightest chance from the Bulls of getting close to the target! The Warriors will certainly be very happy with what they have done tonight and they have thus posted a comprehensive win.
138 was never going to be easy to chase and the Bulls needed to start really well to set a foundation for themselves to go on and be able to chase it. However, they failed to do so as both the openers were out without contributing a lot and none other than Bopara could do anything much either. His effort alone was not going to enough to get them past and they ended up falling way short in the end. Wickets for Wahab, Emrit and Lakshan who all bowled well and ensured that the Bulls did not get ahead of them at any stage in the chase. 
That Hat-trick from Wayne Parnell making sure that the Warriors were going to defend the total easily in the end! Terrific bowling and that was a heck of a spell from him at the death! Bopara was looking good and it seemed like he would take the fight to the end but it wasn't to be in the end! A comfortable win in the end and this has been a superb all-round performance from the Northern Warriors! First with the bat to post a massive total, courtesy a splendid fifty from skipper Nicholas Pooran and a flourish in the end from Powell and Allen that set the game up very nicely for them. 
Junaid will finish it off for the Warriors and a much-needed win for them this! A big win in the end this and they have put up a complete all-round performance to outplay the Delhi Bulls! 32 run win! First side batting first to defend a total in this season so far! 
Over: 10 | Summary: 0 0 2 1w 0 4 1 Bowler: Junaid Siddique Score: 105/7
9.6 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, yorker on the middle stump, nani squeezes that out into the leg side towards mid-wicket for a single. That will wrap up proceedings here as Northern Warriors become the first team in this edition to defend a score as they trounce the Delhi Bulls by 32 runs
9.5 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, FOUR! SHOT! Short and wide, plenty of width on offer and Nabi pounces on that. Gets on his toes and slashes it through the point region for a boundary!
9.4 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, no run, length ball on the off stump, Nabi looks to slog it but drags it towards long on. Refuses the single again. 
9.4 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, back of a length ball sliding down the leg side, Nabi ducks under it. Adjudged as a WIDE
9.3 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, DROPPED! Full ball outside off, Nabi goes hard on the heave and ends up slicing it very high into the night sky! The fielder at long off runs in but is unable to hold on to it
9.2 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, no run, length ball outside off, Nabi bottom-edges the slog into the pitch. 
9.1 Junaid Siddique to Mohammad Nabi, low full toss outside off, Nabi shuffles across and clubs that down to long on. Refuses the single.
What an over this has been from Parnell! This is probably it for the Bulls from here. Hat-Trick for Wayne Parnell and he's completely put the Warriors in control now. Magnificent bowling and this is simply marvelous stuff. Running through that batting now he's done the job for his side! On the stumps, full, yorker and three in three. Terrific execution and that is on the money! Cannot get better than that. Wrapped up as it looks and just a formality for the Warriors now. What a spell this has been from Parnell! 41 off 6 needed

Junaid for the final six!
Over: 9 | Summary: 2 W W W 1 1w 1w 1 Bowler: Wayne Parnell Score: 97/7
8.6 Wayne Parnell to Mohammad Nabi, length ball on the body, Nabi misses the slog and is struck on the pads. The batsmen scamper across for a single as the ball deflects into the off side
8.6 Wayne Parnell to Mohammad Nabi, full ball outside off, way wide of the tramline! Another wide
8.6 Wayne Parnell to Mohammad Nabi, WIDE ball outside off! A full toss that pitches way outside off!
8.5 Wayne Parnell to Waqas Maqsood, misses the yorker and bowls a low full toss, punched back to the bowler, who does well to get a hand on it and deflects it into the leg side. 
8.4 Wayne Parnell to Ali Khan, OUT! HAT-TRICK FOR PARNELL! Slower full ball on the middle stump angling away, Khan looks to push it into the off side but fails to pick the change of pace. Is struck on the back pad and that looked dead as soon as it hit the pads! The umpire raises his finger and Parnell's joy knows no bounds!

Waqas Masood walks out to bat
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