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Pakistan 195/4 (20 ov)
England 199/5 (19.1 ov)
England won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Eoin Morgan
That's it from this game, we hope you enjoyed our coverage, do join us for the games coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Pradeep Somashekar and alongside me, Shashwat Kumar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
England win by 5 wickets!

Babar Azam at the presentation agreeing that they didn't bowl well and appreciated Morgan and Malan who took the game away from them. Talks about Amir's injury and it's a struggle to come back into the game when his main bowler is out at the start of the game and plans change dramatically!

Eoin Morgan is adjudged the Man of the Match! At the presentation he says both teams didn't play T20 for a very long time and Pakistan failed to execute the plans well and appreciated Babar's innings to setup a massive total for them to chase! He's pleased with Dawid Malan's innings as well who gave good company through the course of the chase!

What a great game of cricket we've had, it had everything, power hitting, great bowling on display and a well planned chase! Kudos to England for wrapping up the game and get a 1-0 lead in the series! Pakistan will be dejected as they let this match go from the scruff of their hands! Jonny Bairstow and Tom Banton were brilliant to start with and they got England off to a flier which set the foundation for the chase!

Shadab Khan broke the back by picking up back to back wickets sending both the openers back to the pavilion and it was up to Eoin Morgan and Dawid Malan to steady the ship and bring England back into the game, they did splendidly well! From overs 7 to 17, it was all Morgan's show as he took on the attack including Shadab and that set the tone for England's victory in this game! Morgan perished but he completed his job, he scored a quick fire 66 of 33 balls with 4 towering SIX'es and 6 boundaries in his innings. Dawid Malan gave good support to steady the ship, Pakistan never looked like breaking this partnership although Babar did make changes but they were all went for plenty! Mohammed Amir's injury might be a worry signs for Pakistan as they were a bowler short after he took off from the ground showing hamstring signs!

Some wickets late in the chase had Pakistan thinking they can make a come back but Sam Billings had other plans and hit back to back boundaries to destroy Pakistan's dream of getting back and winning this game! In the end, England chased this down with 5 balls to spare and showed clear signs of no looking back from here on! Pakistan will have to pull themselves up from here to square the series, but England will come hard at them and will look to win the series by winning the next game!
19.1 Shaheen Shah Afridi to Dawid Malan, FOUR! Low full toss outside off stump and Malan creams that one past point for a boundary! And, he finishes things off in style!
Haris keeping it on the radar in that over, but Sam Billings had other plans as he clobbered one and smartly played another which went to the boundaries and he perished trying to finish off the game! They just need 1 from 6 balls! ENG are 195/4 after 19 overs! 
Sam Billings looked to finish off in that over, but job well done by him, England just need 1 from that last over! In walks Lewis Gregory!
18.6 Haris Rauf to Sam Billings, OUT! Short delivery outside off stump and Billings slams that one straight to backward point. Would you believe it! There was a hint of extra bounce involved but surely Billings just had to tap it down for a single!
18.5 Haris Rauf to Sam Billings, FOUR MORE! Right in the slot on middle stump and Billings makes room for himself before clattering it over the bowler's head for four
18.4 Haris Rauf to Sam Billings, FOUR! SHOT! Short delivery outside off stump and Billings somehow manages to get inside the line of it before paddling it past fine leg for four. Excellent nerve to play that shot!
18.3 Haris Rauf to Dawid Malan, pacy yorker on leg stump as Malan gives himself a bit of room before carving it through the off side to deep point for one
18.2 Haris Rauf to Sam Billings, yorker that tails into Billings. Billings does well to get his toes out of the way and flick it away to deep mid wicket for one
18.1 Haris Rauf to Dawid Malan, full delivery on off stump and Malan slices it past point for a single. More movement in the air. If Haris can control the reverse swing, he could be handful in this over!
Pakistan still got it and they can win it from here provided the last 2 overs goes their way! Moeen Ali played a poor shot and he had to go! England scoring 6 runs from it! ENG are 183/4 after 18 overs! Malan playing sensibly here and that's all they need! They need 12 from 12 balls!
17.6 Shadab Khan to Dawid Malan, full delivery outside off stump and Malan pushes it off the front foot to covers for another run to retain strike
17.5 Shadab Khan to Sam Billings, tossed up delivery just outside off stump and Billings drives it down the ground to long off to get off the mark
Another wicket here, Moeen Ali goes trying to hit one on the on side but straight to mid wicket fielder! Pakistan believe! In comes Sam Billings!
17.4 Shadab Khan to Moeen Ali, OUT! SOFT DISMISSAL! Dropped short on middle and leg and that entices Moeen to whack it over cow corner. He waits, waits and waits further before heaving at it. The lack of pace off the surface means that he can only toe end it to short mid wicket, where Babar accepts the offering with glee!
17.3 Shadab Khan to Dawid Malan, full delivery on middle and off stump. Malan brings out the reverse paddle and gets it away in front of square for one
17.2 Shadab Khan to Dawid Malan, short delivery on middle and off as Malan gets into position before swatting it away to deep mid wicket for a couple
17.1 Shadab Khan to Moeen Ali, tossed up delivery on a length outside off stump and Moeen has a loose waft at it. He hits it aerially towards long on but is lucky that it falls short of the fielder
Pakistan finally breaks this partnership and they'll look to believe that they can win from here but they need another good over, Haris Rauf was brilliant in that over except for the boundary of the first delivery! ENG are 178/3 after 17 overs! Not over yet for Pakistan, England need 18 more runs from 18 balls!
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