Pakistan 236/10 (91.2 ov)
England 110/4 (43.1 ov)
Match drawn
We go into the third Test with England leading the series 1-0. It is a good opportunity for Pakistan to draw a Test series in England. The third Test will start on Friday at 03:30 p.m. IST. It will be played at the same ground, Ageas Bowl, Southampton. 

Hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Test. Do join us on Friday for the actions from the third and final Test. Until then, this is Bala signing off on behalf of Shashwat and Team Sportskeeda. Ciao!!
It was really tricky conditions to bat on when England openers came into the middle on the fourth day. The ball was jagging all over the place. Luckily for them, they had to bat for a little over 20 minutes before rain interrupted the play once again. They had already lost Rory Burns by then. 

Then we had to wait till the final session on Day 5 to see some action. The sun was out and the conditions were good to bat. Sibley and Crawley made merry scoring 32 and 53 respectively. After some innocuous initial spells by the pace bowlers, Mohammad Abbas came back with some fine bit of seam bowling in the latter part of the session to trouble the batsmen. He moved it both ways off the seam and asked a lot of questions. He picked up the wickets of both Sibley and Crawley and was the pick of the bowlers for Pakistan.
That's the end of the second Test. The only real action we had was of thunderstorms, lightning and heavy rain. And when there was no rain. the light wasn't good enough for play to continue. In between all that, just 134 overs of cricket, which constitutes just a day and a half. Not even one innings each could be completed.

Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat on the first day. They continued their innings till the fourth day batting out 91 overs in the time. Abid Ali and Babar Azam got starts, but could not carry on. Pakistan scored 236 runs courtesy an excellent knock by 72 runs by Mohammad Rizwan. At 171/7, even 200 looked a distant probability, but the wicket-keeper batsman managed excellently with the tail.

The senior statesmen produced the goods with the ball for England. Stuart Broad picked up 4 wickets and Jimmy Anderson picked up 3. Curran and Woakes shared a scalp each.
43.1 Azhar Ali to Jos Buttler, gentle length delivery outside off stump and that one swings away prodigiously past Buttler's bat.

And, perhaps, with that bit, the players and the umpires have seen enough! England declares and they call it a day!
Quick tidy over from Yasir Shah. No run came off it. Jos Buttler will be on strike against Azhar Ali now.
England 110/4
42.6 Yasir Shah to Joe Root, back of a length delivery outside off stump and Root cuts it away to the fielder at point. That one just bounced a tad extra
42.5 Yasir Shah to Joe Root, slightly quicker full delivery on off stump and defended straight back to the bowler
42.4 Yasir Shah to Joe Root, another slow loopy delivery outside off stump. This time, Root plays with a slightly open face to pick out the fielder at cover
42.3 Yasir Shah to Joe Root, full delivery just outside off stump as Root comes fully forward to punch it down the ground 
42.2 Yasir Shah to Joe Root, tossed up delivery at the stumps and Root presents a dead bat. This time it was lavishly tossed up by Yasir Shah.
42.1 Yasir Shah to Joe Root, short delivery just outside off stump that does not bounce as much. Root sizes it up early and plays into the off side. Some balls are really skidding through here.
Three runs came off that over, with Mohammad Abbas continuing to ask some questions. Yasir Shah will continue to Joe Root.
England 110/4
41.6 Mohammad Abbas to Jos Buttler, length delivery on off stump and Buttler lets the ball come to him before meeting it right under his eyes
41.5 Mohammad Abbas to Jos Buttler, back of a length delivery well outside off stump and left alone by Buttler. Bowled a bit wide of the crease on that occasion.
41.4 Mohammad Abbas to Jos Buttler, HUGE APPEAL! Length delivery that pitches outside off and then jags back into Buttler. He is caught on the crease and the ball raps him on the back pad. Pakistan appeal but the umpire is unmoved. Abbas is a handful in the English conditions, moving the ball sharply both ways off the seam.
41.3 Mohammad Abbas to Jos Buttler, length delivery outside off stump as Buttler comes forward and tentatively defends it off the toe end
41.2 Mohammad Abbas to Joe Root, length delivery just outside off stump and Root gets across his stumps before clipping it past mid-wicket for three. It was outside the offstump, taken on the pads with his shuffle across the stumps.
41.1 Mohammad Abbas to Joe Root, length delivery outside off stump and this one seams back into Root again. However, he manages to get outside the line of off stump as the ball gets sandwiched between his bat and pad
Maiden over from Yasir Shah. Probably 5 more overs to go before the start of the mandatory hour. The skippers can take a decision to call it a draw then.
England 107/4
40.6 Yasir Shah to Jos Buttler, back of a length outside off and Buttler lets that one go through to the keeper. He watched that ball like a hawk.
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