118/10 & 169/10 (56.2)
158/10 & 130/1 (22.3)
ENG won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Ollie Robinson
Well then. That brings us to the end of the Test summer in England. Reignited, rejuvenated, this England side won 6/7 Tests this summer and are well and truly on their way to revolutionize the longest format. The debates about the approach won't end anytime soon, but for now, they can sign off from the red-ball format after a successful few months. That's our cue as well. This is Pratyush, signing off on behalf of my partner, Pradeep and the rest of the team. Thank you for joining our coverage. See you around!
Right then. The England side have received their medals. Their captain Ben Stokes picks up the Basil D'Oliveira Trophy and the team joins in to celebrate. No champagne today, for obvious reasons, but there will still be a little celebration for the hosts later on after they've wrapped up proceedings early. Bazball lives strong, for now! It's next challenge comes up in Pakistan but first, it'll be Matthew Mott's white-ball side that visit the subcontintent. As will South Africa, playing a T20I series in India. 
Ben Stokes is England's Player of the Series. Here is what the England captain has to say: It's been a great series for us as a team. It's been one of those series where we didn't have standout performances but people put their hands up in certain situations. In a team game, that's what you want. Different people helped to break the game open at different times. The conditions that we found ourselves in on day one, it's a toss you want to win. Like Dean said, you have to go out and execute your plans. When it comes down to Test cricket, you can execute and counteract your plans better. (Bowling) When you've got bowlers like Jimmy, Broady and Robinson, with the skill they posses, it's about trying to manage them when the ball is doing too much. It's all about wanting to bring them on for short spells when needed and keep them in operation with a new bowler. It's all about understanding how to use those big lads at the right time and then bring myself on at the appropriate time if needed. (His batting approach) I suppose you can keep critizing me if we win six out of seven games. For me it's about clarity. Brendan and me have been delivering the message but we can only do so much. I thank my team and staff who have come out and brought into this approach. With this game here being shortened, we thought we wanted to end it in a result. We will always continue to play in a way to entertain people and keep winning. (Batters? Pope and Crawley) I think it's very important to allow guys time to go out and perform. You see the way Pope has come out and played. Many of us have spoken about the talent he has. He's shown what he can do. Opening the batting in England is very hard but Lees and Crawley have managed to set the tone and put the foot down when they need to be aggressive. They haven't got the runs they would want but don't underestimate how they set the tone and make it easier for the middle order. (Bowling) To have two great seamers in world cricket in your team is great. We're very blessed to have greats in our side. The way they go out and leave evrything out there, they deserve credit for that. I'm sure many young cricketers who want to be fast bowlers will look up to them. (Captaincy. Finding balance in their approach?) You mentioned Joe there and he's got to take a lot of credit for captaining the side the way he did for six years and then buying into a different approach. Everyone has bought into it, I'm really thankful they see the bigger picture of what we want to achieve. We've started off this summer well with six wins out of seven. That's brilliant, but it'll be a different challenge in Pakistan, more spin to face, but we will go in with a positive mindset, just might have to think differently about the conditions. 
Dean Elgar (Captain, South Africa): Not great for me in the tests, not a lot of fond memories at The Oval. I think, what helped in Lord's, the first innings score, we were point blank about it, after that we didn't execute that well, first innings is crucial in UK, we fell in that department, as much as 20 wickets needed with the ball, runs on the board is crucial as well. Really tough decision to make, we got the guys on the bench, might as well utilize, this is purely going out of using what we have, didn't work this game, there's lot of hopes with the experience, lot of learnings going forward, end of the day, it's about using the best options you've got, lot of credit to the bowlers, it all boils down to batting in the end which was disappointing. In general, wickets is going to be overhead with the duke ball, I feel if you apply yourself as the batter, it'll be tough going for the bowlers and need to grind it out. Toss was big, we would've bowled as well, having said that, should've executed our plans well. I'd like to see them play all around the world more, hopefully, we can get few more fixtures in the next few years, we've been exposed less to it and been ideal, been able to play the quality international teams. I think they played a pretty good test cricket, if you bit a little bit of scoreboard pressure, if we were able to nail a few things, the result would've been different, I think England outplayed in all those to secure a series win.
Kagiso Rabada is South Africa's Player of the Series. Here is what he has to say: It seemed like every game as decidded from the toss. We won the toss at Lord's and things went our way. Looking in hindsight, we will take a lot of outings out of this series. We're a young side and we're looking forward to get better and put the team in winning situations. (Injury doubt coming into the series) I injured myself in the second T20I in Cardiff. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it for the first Test and I'm glad I could do so. The support and medical staff have been great. (Bowling attack and being the leader) It's very exciting to see the talent we have in the fast bowling department. Overall, the team has a lot of talented individuals but it's important to play as a team. (Approach) You can never take the game for granted. You always have to put in the work. You can feel a million dollars in the middle but it's different when you go in the middle. It's all about going out there and finding a way to perform to the best of your abilities. 
Ollie Robinson has been adjudged the Player of the Match!

Ollie Robinson: It's really enjoyable come back for myself and the team. The experience of the last two weeks have been enjoyable, just to be great with the lads again. It's nice to get to where I am at the moment, still a lot of work to do, we got tough winter ahead and will keep pushing myself hard. Definitely, the environment, the great place to thrive with Stokes and Baz at the moment, you can see how we're playing at the moment, everyone's having a smile on the field. With Stokes you can be honest, which at times is what you needed, luckily it has worked. Definitely there was help on this surface, good carry as well, nice to do well this week.
England win by 9 wickets

Zak Crawley - 69* (57) | Kagiso Rabada - 57/1

There it is! England wrap up their home summer with a 'World Cup final' win to seal the Test series. It was an extraordinary Test series with the final game being played under unprecedented circumstances and it's the hosts who have come out on top in comprehensive fashion.

Dean Elgar's resolute Proteas side were tasked with the challenge of keeping Bazball in check but they too, like others before, succumbed to the aggressive approach. Coming into the deciding Test with the series level on 1-1, there was plenty of expectation around this final game. And boy, didn't it deliver?

After the first day was washed out due to rain, the rest of this match was played in the backdrop of extraordinary circumstances. With a three day game, the bowlers ran riot as 17 wickets fell on day three. Ollie Robinson led England's charge alongside Broad to bundle South Africa out for 118, putting the hosts in charge.

In response, the visitors responded strongly with Marco Jansen's fifer. Ollie Pope stood head and shoulders above the rest on his favorite batting ground, scoring a crucial 67 to give England a 40 run lead. That in the end, proved to be enough to help Stokes' side remain in the ascendancy.

With only three half-centuries in the series for the South African batters, they disappointed again in their final innings. Dean Elgar's decision of not reviewing an lbw call proved costly for his side as the inexperienced middle order couldn't step up to the plate under pressure as the England pacers, led by Stokes, got bundling the opposition out for 169.
Chasing 130 with around four sessions to play, we witnessed some peak Bazball with Zak Crawley and Alex Lees racing along. The openers would have finished things off yesterday itself, it wasn't for the umpire's calling off play because of bad light. Fair to say, that didn't please the England camp and crowd.

In the end though, the hosts have come out on top comfortably in their final home game of the season. It took only 28 minutes to wrap things up today with 33 runs needed. Keeping in tune with the series, another game was wrapped up in three days. Drama, collapses, war of words, this series had it all. Stick around to read what the captains will have to say about all of it at the presentation.
22.4 Marco Jansen to Zak Crawley, FOUR! ENGLAND SEAL THE GAME AND THE SERIES, 2-1! That's it, a comfortable victory for England in the end. Back of a length on the outside off, Crawley sees the width and pounces on it, slaps it through the covers for a boundary.
22.3 Marco Jansen to Zak Crawley, OH! Short and down the leg-side, off-radar slightly as Crawley went to pull but misses, through to the keeper.
22.2 Marco Jansen to Ollie Pope, short delivery, down the leg-side, Pope pulls that one away to deep fine-leg and gets just a single. 4 needed now!
That was a no-ball. Five to win now.
Pope tried to take a leaf out of Root's book, attempting the reverse pull. Stokes sees the funny side of it, having a good laugh in the dressing room. That stung Pope on the side of the helmet, around the chin actually. A concussion test will have to take place.
22.1 Marco Jansen to Ollie Pope, OH DEAR! Unconventional attempt from Pope, looks to reverse ramp the back of a length delivery but he misses, that ricochets off the gloves to the helmet grill in the end. Now Jansen oversteps, called another NO-BALL!
Right then. What's the point hyping up Bazball if Crawley/ Pope don't seal the series with a six, right? 
123 /1 score
cricket bat icon Zak Crawley *
65 (54)
cricket bat icon Ollie Pope
10 (8)
cricket ball icon Kagiso Rabada
1 /56
21.6 Kagiso Rabada to Zak Crawley, back of a length delivery, shaping into Crawley on the fourth stump, on the backfoot he decides to leave that one alone.
That's a big no-ball from KG. England need 6 to win. 
21.6 Kagiso Rabada to Zak Crawley, FOUR! SHOT! Back of a length on the outside off, plenty for width for Crawley as he leans and crunches that one through the point region, races away to the fence for a boundary. Rabada has overstepped to, called a NO-BALL!
21.5 Kagiso Rabada to Zak Crawley, back of a length into Crawley on the off-stump, on the backfoot he opens the blade to defend it to the gully region for no run.
21.4 Kagiso Rabada to Zak Crawley, back of a length, shapes into Crawley on the off-stump, presses forward to firmly defend it.