99/5 (10)
ECC won by 5 wickets
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The duo did lose their wickets towards the end but the damage was done. Abdullah was able to guide the side across the line and Evergreen continue to remain undefeated in this series so far.
Saran alongside Ali anchored the innings for Evergreen. Ali continued his assault on Jonkoping bowlers but Jonkoping were able to get the wicket of Saran (15) breaking the 48-run partnership. After Saran was sent back, Ali had to change his approach to the target along with Haris rather cautiously.
Coming in to chase 100, Evergreen had a flying start thanks to their skipper Umar who scored a quickfire 16 off 5. He tried to hit one shot too many and lost his wicket at the end of the first over. However, the scoring rate did not take a dip for Evergreen as Ali carried on from where his skipper left it.
Right then, once Ali was sent back to the hut as he tried to find the finishing runs it looked like Jonkoping might drag this till the end. However, Abdullah was confident enough and found the runs himself to get Evergreen to another win.
99 /5 score
cricket bat icon Awais Naeem
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Muhammad Abdullah *
7 (2)
cricket ball icon Samiullah Ibrahimkhil
1 /11
8.6 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Abdullah Muhammad, smashes this cross-batted past the left of the bowler, Muhammad scampers through to the danger end, both batsmen make it, and the Evergreen Cricket Club have maintained their 100 percent win record three games in, their latest win being by 5 wickets with an over to spare!
8.5 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Abdullah Muhammad, SIX! And there's the release shot! Left-handed Muhammad wasn't going to miss out on a slot delivery, clears long-on with ease! The scores are level!
Abdullah Muhammad LHB comes to the crease at number 7. Still, 7 runs are needed for Evergreen!
8.4 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Ahmer Ali, OUT! CAUGHT! A sharp catch by short third! Ali was yorked wide outside off, he somehow managed to get enough bat on it for the ball to bobble up towards the third man region, and the catch was taken! Twist in the tale, is it?
8.3 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Awais Naeem, quick single to cover and Ali is back on strike
Awais Naeem RHB comes to the crease
8.2 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Imran Kiyani, OUT! RUN OUT! Kiyani taps this to long-leg, they take the one, Kiyani tries taking an improbable second and finds himself woefully short at the striker's end as the keeper whips the stumps away!
8.1 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Ahmer Ali, hammers the free hit past the bowler to long-off, just one
8.1 Sami Ibrahimkhil to Ahmer Ali, no ball! Over waist height!
Sami Ibrahimkhil left-arm medium to bowl the penultimate over
Imran Kiyani RHB comes to the crease next
Evergreen need 11 runs in 12 balls!! Well, Jonkoping do get the wicket of Haris but Ali is still around and he can finish the game off by hitting a couple of sixes here.
88 /3 score
cricket bat icon Ahmer Ali
46 (22)
cricket bat icon Haris Idrees *
8 (12)
cricket ball icon Zabihullah Zadran
2 /23
7.6 Zabihullah Zadran to Haris Idrees, OUT! CAUGHT! The catch has been taken this time! Idrees skies this one trying to clear cover, the fielder at cover settles under it and takes it!

Haris Idrees c B Patel b Z Zadran 8 (12b 1x4 0x6)
7.6 Zabihullah Zadran to Haris Idrees, wide outside the tramline