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Galle Gladiators 175/8 (20 ov)
Jaffna Stallions 176/2 (19.3 ov)
Stallions won by 8 wickets
Jaffna Stallions have won this match by 8 wickets and 3 balls to spare!

For the first innings of Galle Gladiators, Shahid Afridi played one of his finest knocks as he scored 58 runs off just 26 balls which included six sixes. That innings from Shahid really helped Galle Gladiators to reach 175 runs.

Jaffna Stallions coming to chase had a great start as Minod Bhanuka (18 off 10) took them off to a flier. His stay at the crease was short-lived as he was well caught by Azam Khan. Avishka Fernando on the other end kept going and keeping up well the scoring rate.

Jaffna Stallions were 66/2 when Shoaib Malik came on to bat alongside Avishka and he just complimented him quite well throughout the innings. Avishka and Shoaib ensured that they see their side through across the finish line. The experience of Shoaib really helped Avishika pace his innings.

Both these batsmen batted really well as they kept getting the odd boundaries as well as rotated the strike and kept the scoreboard moving. Unfortunately, Galle Gladiators bowlers were unable to produce a magical delivery to get the wicket of one of these players.

Avishka stayed unbeaten for his 92 off 63 balls where he hit 7 sixes and 5 fours. Shoaib Malik who played the anchoring role also stayed unbeaten on 27 runs. Both of these players had an unbeaten partnership of 110 runs!

For Galle Gladiators with the ball, only Mohamed Shiraz and Mohammad Amir could add their names under the wicket-takers column as they managed to pluck one wicket each.

So with this Jaffna Stallions have started their campaign in the Lanka Premier League 2020 with a thumping victory over Galle Gladiators.

Avishka Fernando the JS opener who played the brilliant knock was named as the Player of the Match.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Galle Gladiators and Jaffna Stallions. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sameer Deodhar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
The Jaffna Stallions have chased down 176 runs quite comfortably courtesy of fantastic 2 knocks by Aviishka Fernando and Shoaib Malik!
19.3 Akila Dananjaya to Avishka Fernando, shuffles across and clips the leggie into the leg side for the winning run! Jaffna Stallions win by 8 wickets!
19.2 Akila Dananjaya to Avishka Fernando, stays on the backfoot and punches the full delivery straight
19.1 Akila Dananjaya to Avishka Fernando, digs out the flighted yorker to the right of the bowler and Akila does well to stop it with a dive
The SCORES ARE TIED as JS are 175/2

Avishka hitting that six has pretty much sealed this game for JS! Shoaib and Auvshka have managed to stitch together a 100 plus run partnership between them and made sure that their side has a comfortable victory here!
18.6 Mohammad Amir to Shoaib Malik, well-executed bouncer by Amir. Shoiab Malik ducks under it and takes the game into the final over!
18.5 Mohammad Amir to Avishka Fernando, another full delivery outside off pushed into the covers. Scores level
18.4 Mohammad Amir to Avishka Fernando, SIX! Full delivery outside off, Fernando gets under the ball and lofts it with ease over long-off for a maximum to seal the game psychologically!
18.3 Mohammad Amir to Shoaib Malik, similar delivery guided to short third man by Malik. That's an excellent effort on the circle, that would have been four runs! The target is just 9 runs away for JS!
18.2 Mohammad Amir to Avishka Fernando, wide yorker from Amir. Fernando digs it out into the off-side smartly and gets off-strike
18.1 Mohammad Amir to Shoaib Malik, back of a length delivery outside off cut away to point. That's the 100-run stand up between these two and Malik has scored just 26 off those!
At the end of the 18th over JS are 164/2.

A great over for JS it is now down to 12 runs off 12 balls! Both these batsmen are not troubled here as they are able to rotate the strike continuously and are also getting the boundary from the over and keeping the run rate in check!
17.6 Mohamed Shiraz to Shoaib Malik, full toss on the stumps clipped away to cow corner for just a single. Shiraz will be happy to get away with that one
17.5 Mohamed Shiraz to Shoaib Malik, FOUR! Shiraz bowls it full and wide. Malik aligns with the ball and drives it precisely in the gap through the off-side for four runs! Shoaib Mali, you beauty!
17.4 Mohamed Shiraz to Avishka Fernando, gets squared up a bit by the low full toss but manages to get off-strike with a push to mid-off
17.3 Mohamed Shiraz to Shoaib Malik, slower full toss outside off. Malik couldn't quite connect the drive and found the fielder in the deep
17.2 Mohamed Shiraz to Avishka Fernando, digs out a wide yorker into the off-side for nothing more than a single and brings it down to 18 off 16!
17.1 Mohamed Shiraz to Avishka Fernando, full toss around waist-high defended back to the bowler by Fernando. He was looking at the leggie for a no ball, but the man wasn't interested
At the end of the 17th over JS are 155/2.

Avishka Fernando has found the boundary and also kept the scoreboard moving as 12 runs came off the previous over from JS! JS are surely in the winning position here as they need just 19 runs in 18 balls and they have 8 wickets in hand!
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