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Galle Gladiators 170/6 (20 ov)
Jaffna Stallions 174/5 (19.4 ov)
Stallions won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Avishka Fernando
That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Galle Gladiators and Jaffna Stallions. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Sarthak Karkhanis signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Galle Gladiators skipper Bhanuka Rajapaksa at the post-match presentation: We really can't just lose hope here as we still have 4 games remaining and it's just a matter of one win to get us into the sem-finals. I think we were on track to score at least 180 runs and above but as you mentioned we lost 3 wickets in quick succession and that really hurt us not to get to 180. Walton really helped us recover well as he scored a quickfire 31 runs. Shoaib Malik bowled really well in the last few overs.

Jaffna Stallions skipper Thisara Perera at the post-match presentation: Yea first of all great win for us and it is not really a secret we are planning and executing our plans really well. As a bowling unit, we are doing really a good job you know everyone is contributing. We had some issues with the bat but today everything sorted out as Avisha batted really well at the top. It was really good to see him bat today so I think it is not a problem for us. We will now look to give some chances to the youngsters in the coming matches.
Jaffna Stallions won this match by 5 wickets and 2 balls to spare!

A really calculated run-chase this from the Stallions as their batting finally manages to fire in and gets the job was done on this instance! Stallions changed their batting order as Tom Moores came on to open the batting with Avishka Fernando. Tom could not stay on till long departed for just 11 runs.

Avishka on the other hand continued on and paced his innings quite nicely. Minod Bhanuka (40 off 26) who came bat next really troubled the bowlers as he and Avishka forged a strong partnership of 99 runs and really brought the game into the grasp of the Stallions. Some miracle was needed to break the partnership and came for them in the 14th over as Minod was caught in trying to carve another boundary.

Thisara Perera the dangerous man did not make an impact in this game as he was sent back into the hut as Lakshan Sandakan just plucked his wicket. Avishka went on to score 84 runs which consisted of 5 sixes and 7 boundaries.

Dhananjaya Lakshan managed to pluck the wicket of Avishka at the most crucial stage of the match and provided a ray of hope for Galle Gladiators. Wanindu Hasaranga (17 off 7) turned out to be the villain for Mohammad Amir in this match. Hasaranga belted Amir for 4 boundaries in the penultimate over and really crushed the hopes that Amir and Gladiators started building up.

With this, the Jaffna Stallions remain unbeaten in this contest as they win 4 out 4. Their opponents Galle Gladiators on the other hand are now in a bit puddle as they have lost all 4 of their match. They have a lot of things to do for the remainder of the games and have a chance to enter the semi-finals.

Avishka Fernando was named the player of the match for his amazing knock at the top for Jaffna Stallions!
Akila Dhananjaya bowled really well as he managed to get the wicket right on the first ball of the over. Malik was looking to end the game as just 3 runs were needed but he was sent back into the hut. Hasaranga and de Silva managed to get the singles and de Silva delivered the finishing blow. And with that Jaffna Stallions stay unbeaten in this tournament!
Over: 20 | Summary: W 1 1 4 Bowler: Akila Dananjaya Score: 174/5
19.4 A Dananjaya to D de Silva, Stallions win the game by 5 wickets! De Silva finishes off in style as he lofts the straight delivery over the bowler's head for a boundary! 
19.3 A Dananjaya to W Hasaranga, full delivery outside off and driven towards long-on for a single SCORES ARE TIED!
19.2 A Dananjaya to D de Silva, low full toss on the middle stump and flicked towards mid-wicket for a single. Down to 2!
GAME ON!! Another blinder pulled off in the field!

Dananjaya de Silva is the new batsmen in for JS! JS now need 3 runs from 5 balls!
19.1 A Dananjaya to S Malik, WICKET! He has produced a blinder here and the pendulum keeps swinging. Too full and wide outside off and Malik tried to flick t past short covers but taken by Lakshan
Not the penultimate over you want to have as a strike bowler. Amir was belted for 3 boundaries on the trot and the equation was brought down to 7 runs. Amir produced a couple of dot balls but failed to close it well as he let another boundary be conceded on the final ball.

It was going to be a deciding over for the game and the match has swung towards Jaffna Stallions surely now unless Akila Dhanajaya who comes on to bowl the final over pull off a heist. Just 3 runs need for JS from the last over.
Over: 19 | Summary: 4 4 4 0 0 4 Bowler: Mohammad Amir Score: 168/4
18.6 Amir to W Hasaranga, FOUR! 16 runs of the over and that just leaves 3 to get for the final 6 balls. Back of length delivery and sliced towards backward point for a boundary
18.5 Amir to W Hasaranga, length ball outside off and beaten again! Slower one on this occasion
18.4 Amir to W Hasaranga, short of a good length delivery outside off and beats the batsman by the pace
18.3 Amir to W Hasaranga, HATTRICK OF BOUNDARIES! Yorker-length delivery on the middle stump, steered into the gap for another four. No error from Amir this time but the batsman was just too good on this occasion. JS now need 7 runs in 9 balls!
18.2 Amir to W Hasaranga, FOUR! Too full outside off and Hasaranga slaps it towards covers for a boundary. Gladiators who were breathing are suddenly choking up as Amir has been hammered for another boundary, down to 11 in 10 balls now!
18.1 Amir to W Hasaranga, yorker-length delivery outside off and angled towards third man and it beats the fielder inside the circle for a boundary. Not the best of starts for the Gladiators it's now come down to 15 runs in 11 balls!
Lakshan steams in and deliveries a fantastic over. A misfield in the deep cost GG a boundary which could have been just a couple. Later on, the keeper drops the regulation and the frustration for Lakshan was building up. Lakshan was rewarded at the last ball as Avishka skied one high in the air and was finally caught in the deep. JS now need 19 runs in 12 balls!! And this is surely anyone game from here!

Mohammad Amir comes on to bowl the penultimate over! This going to the deciding over for the match surely!
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 4 0 0 0 1w W Bowler: Dhananjaya Lakshan Score: 152/4
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