194/9 (20)
195/4 (18.3)
BLK won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: William Porterfield
That's it from this exciting Eliminator match, stay tuned at Sportskeeda for more cricketing action. This is the commentary team of Pratyush, Soorya and Divyansh, Signing Off!
Irfan Pathan (Bhilwara Kings Captain): (Were you happy with put in to bowl first) We wanted to bowl first, I knew this was a different pitch, it will turn and bounce. But the way both the openers started, both of them have been good and when the openers get 90 it was easy from there. He (Shane Watson) was hitting sixes at will, when you have players like him chasing is easy. Sreesanth bowled well, he got the yorkers in, Edwards showed great spirit wanted to come back after his injury. Will have to think between him and a fit Bresnan for the finals. Some injury concerns for the final. We will see about that. (if I bowl in the final or not), Happy with the win.
Parthiv Patel (Gujarat Giants Captain): (Would you have bowled first instead, looking back?) Not really I thought 194 was a pretty good wicket on this surface. The ball was turning. I thought our bowling plans weren't the best. We didn't execute well. I thought we were 10 runs short simply because of the way we started. But 194 was still a pretty good score.
William Porterfield (Player of the Match): Yeah it felt really good. Was great to start off with Morne. Got a good partnership in the first six which made it easier in the back end. It was a pretty straightforward plan while chasing 195 - we had to get off to a great start and maximize the first six. (On his changed approach) Having retired probably frees you up (grins). Having the likes of Yusuf, Irfan and Shane Watson to come means that it allows you to bat freely. Feels pretty good (hitting sixes at will). Nice to play a bit of a role.
Bhilwara Kings won by 6 wickets. 

Bhilwara Kings: 195/4 (18.3)
William Porterfield 60 (43) | Shane Watson 48* (24)
Sreenath Aravind 2/48 (4.0) | KP Appanna 1/21 (4.0)

The Kings are in the Finals with a clinical win, they have chased this huge total down rather comfortably. They needed a brilliant start and Porterfield and van Wyk gave them just that. Their mayhem started from the first over itself, they scored 91 off just 9 overs as their partnership came to an end after that. 

Porterfield with a brilliant 60 off 43 with 6 fours and 3 maximums, van Wyk gave him a hand with 31 off 18, he hit 4 brilliant fours and a huge six. After the first wicket came in Watson, he anchored the innings and stayed on till the end to make sure they crossed the line with a brilliant 48 run knock off just 24 balls. 5 huge sixes by him, rolling back the time, going down on one knee and hitting them effortlessly.

Both the Pathan brothers played small but important cameos before getting out. Bishnoi was sent in to help Watson with a boundary to finish off the innings.

Appanna bowled pretty well, being economical and getting the huge wicket of van Wyk, broke the huge opening partnership. Swann got the wicket of Porterfield and it was game on from there, but no help from other bowlers after the spinners ended their spells. Aravind was very expensive but eventually got both the Pathan brothers out. McClenaghan was brought on as a sub, but he gave away 30 runs off the 9 balls he bowled.

18.3 Mitchell McClenaghan to Rajesh Bishnoi, FOUR! FINISHES IT IN STYLE! A tad short around off stump and Bishnoi half-swivels in his crease for a stylish short-arm jab that flies flat over the vacant square leg region before making its way to the fence. A real breeze in the park and the Bhilwara Kings qualify for the final with a 6-wicket win!
18.2 Mitchell McClenaghan to Shane Watson, slanting into the pads on a length and Watson picks it up towards long leg with a flick over the infield
18.2 Mitchell McClenaghan to Shane Watson, WIDE! Slower bouncer outside off stump and it just lobs over with Watson waiting on his toes before deciding to let it pass. He had half a mind to just upper cut it over third man belatedly before seeing the funny side of it. McClenaghan is surprised by the call but wears a grin himself. Fair call though!
18.1 Mitchell McClenaghan to Shane Watson, SIX! CRACKING SHOT! Off-cutter in the arc on off stump from around the wicket and that's asking for trouble. Watson sits on one knee and thumps his swing handsomely over mid-wicket for another delightful maximum. Just one big hit away now! 
Irfan gives away his wicket as the bat just turns in his hand, Watson gets a much needed boundary as they need 12 runs off 12 balls now
183 /4 score
cricket bat icon Shane Watson *
41 (22)
cricket bat icon Rajesh Bishnoi
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Sreenath Aravind
2 /48
17.6 Sreenath Aravind to Shane Watson, gets the wide yorker spot on as Watson reaches for it and opens the face to direct it to backward point for a single that keeps him on strike
17.5 Sreenath Aravind to Shane Watson, FOUR! TOO EASY! Pulls his length back as he takes pace off again. Angles it into the stumps though as Watson barely plants his front foot half-forward and helps it up and over the vacant long leg region off his wrists. Nearly hits the ropes on the full!
17.4 Sreenath Aravind to Shane Watson, STIFLED APPEAL! Aravind immediately indicates there was nothing off the bat. Length delivery with width on offer as he takes pace off. Watson jams his bat onto the turf horizontally but is beaten as it zips through
17.3 Sreenath Aravind to Rajesh Bishnoi, full length delivery outside off stump, Bishnoi strides forward and pats it to cover for a quick run, bringing the set Watson back on strike
Rajesh Bishnoi, RHB, comes to the crease.
17.2 Sreenath Aravind to Irfan Pathan, OUT! IRFAN DEPARTS! Tails back into a full length on off stump. Might have taken pace off as Irfan moves aside to carve it over the covers. Ends up spooning it off the toe-end to point instead and that's followed by stunned silence in the crowd.

Irfan Pathan c Tillakaratne Dilshan b Sreenath Aravind 22 (13b, 1x4, 2x6)
17.1 Sreenath Aravind to Shane Watson, width on offer on a back of a length radar. Watson rocks back and scythes it square of the wicket and into the deep upon transfering weight onto the back foot
Sreenath Aravind (3.0-0-41-1) comes back into the attack.

Another over ends in agony for the Giants, just 2 off the first 3 deliveries but then 17 off the last 3 balls. Pathan power shown by the junior Pathan here. Just 19 needed off 18 balls now.
176 /3 score
cricket bat icon Shane Watson
35 (18)
cricket bat icon Irfan Pathan *
23 (12)
cricket ball icon Mitchell McClenaghan
0 /19