177/6 (20)
172/5 (20)
MI won by 5 runs.
Player of the match: Tim David
Well then. A change of fortune for both sides. The Gujarat Titans have lost back-to-back games for the first time in the brief history, while the Mumbai Indians make it two wins out of two this season. It was a thrilling contest between the two sides to wrap up our Friday night! It's a double-header Saturday tomorrow, with two games coming our way. It'll be the Punjab Kings going up against the Rajasthan Royals in the first game, followed by the Lucknow Super Giants versus the Kolkata Knight Riders. Both contests promise plenty of action, pretty much sorting out our weekend plans. We'll see you tomorrow then? Same place, same time! Until then, this is the duo of Pratyush and Soorya signing off. See ya! 
Tim David is the Player of the Match for his cameo, which proved to be the difference in the end. Here's what he has to say: Given the context that we won the game, it feels great. I felt like a missed out on a few scoring opportunities in the last over. The performance shows how well our bowlers performed in the end to get us over the line. The wicket was slightly two-paced but it was a pretty good pitch. It's about to get off to a good start and take it from there. Neither team didn't have one batter bat through which probably hurt, but it's just great to be on the winning side. It's really nice (to get a run in the side). It's tough when you're sitting out watching your teammates not getting the results. It's hard but you've just go try and work as hard as you can in the nets and be ready when it comes. 
Rohit Sharma: It was pretty tight towards the back end. Very satisfying. It was something we were looking for. The luck had to turn at some stage. We'll take that with both hands. We were 15-20 runs short. We started well but got stuck in the middle. Credit to them, they bowled really well in the middle. Tim David came in at the end and got us to a reasonable total. A lot depends on how the game is going and who is bowling well on that particular day, or if the spinners are getting some grip off the surface. You have to look at all those things. Luckily for me, I had plenty of resources. It wasn't easy to hit the spinners. That's what they did in the middle overs and we took a cue from that. We thought of taking it one game at a time. It's critical you play the opposition and play them well. That's key for us. We haven't played our best cricket yet but a lot of credit goes to the bowlers at the back end. I always want the bowlers to come out and execute what they want to do. A couple of games, he (Sams) was under the pump. I know the quality that he has. I've seen him play in the BBL and for Australia, and he's got the skillset to succeed. We've seen that and have tried to back that, give the guys the confidence to go out there and succeed. 
Here's the man of the moment, Daniel Sams: What a crazy game! Obviously great to get over the line but it was one of those games that kept going backwards and forwards. It was exciting on the field. 9 off 6 balls is one of those ones where I looked at it as though I've got nothing to lose and the odds are in the batter's favor. I just wanted to stick to my best ball - luckily enough I was able to keep it inside the wide line and bowled my slower balls. Glad to be able to get over the line. I was just trying to stick to my best ball. I know the slower ball is something that I go to. It was able to come out nicely in the end there and it paid off. We didn't have the start that we wanted but after having those 8 losses we thought we've got a mini-IPL on our hands here and we're going to judge ourselves on these 6 games. It's a good opportunity and we've got nothing to lose now. Playing two teams who are at the peak of their games, we just thought of showing what we're capable of and it's great for our confidence.
Hardik Pandya (Gujarat Titans Captain): We'll any day take 9 needed off the last over but the two run outs didn't help. We were cruising - needed 83 off the last 10 overs and I think the batters let us down. In T20 cricket you can't keep losing wickets. Losing those two back-to-back wickets in that one over didn't help us. No blame game - we've won a lot of games where we could have ended on the other side. This is one of the games which will hurt us obviously but you can't point towards much. We made a couple of rookie mistakes which we shouldn't have and it cost us the game. We played 19.2 pretty good overs - one or two hits would have made a big difference. As I said if you keep losing wickets it won't help. We shouldn't have let it go to the 20th over and the run outs didn't help us. At one point of time they were going for over 200. The bowlers did a fantastic job in putting pressure and bringing us back. I would have taken 177 given that they were going for 200.
Mumbai Indians beat the Gujarat Titans by 5 runs.

Ishan Kishan - 45 (29) | Murugan Ashwin - 2/29.
Wriddhiman Saha - 55 (40) | Rashid Khan - 2/24.

The absolute scenes in Mumbai as the hosts pull off the ultimate heist against the table-toppers. The Mumbai faithfuls are celebrating like they've won the IPL. They're had so little to smile about this season, so they'll gladly take the wins they'll get.

After most people believed that the Mumbai Indians had posted an under-par score on a belter of a surface, the Titans' openers seemed to prove them right with a flying start. Saha and Gill raced off to a century stand, seemingly pocketing the two points for Gujarat but it's never over till it's over, is it? Not in the IPL, that's for sure!

Murugan Ashwin returned to the side and opened the door for them by dismissing the two openers in the same over, in what proved to be the start of a bizarre turn of events. Sai Sudharsan was hit-wicket, before Hardik was runout to give Mumbai a sniff.

With 20 needed in the last couple of overs, one would have backed Tewatia and Miller to get their side over the line. However, after an expensive outing, Bumrah came back strongly to leave 9 runs in the bank for Sams in the final over. And boy, didn't the Australian hold his nerve! 

The runout of Tewatia didn't help Gujarat's cause but take nothing away from Daniel Sams, who delivered the goods with the odds stacked against his favor. Also, take a moment to appreciate the cameo from Tim David. He kept strike in the final over for Mumbai and smashed those two sixes, that have proved to be the difference tonight.

Whew! Time for us to catch our breaths. Stick around for the presentations.
Daniel Sams has sent the crowd at Brabourne Stadium into absolute pandemonium! The Mumbai Indians have stolen victory from the jaws of defeat. Gujarat played their part, of course, but the five-time champions edge this contest and win by 5 runs!
172 /5 score
cricket bat icon David Miller *
19 (14)
cricket bat icon Rashid Khan
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Daniel Sams
0 /18
19.6 Daniel Sams to David Miller, BEATEN! DANIEL SAMS IS THE HERO FOR MUMBAI INDIANS! They've broken out of prison against the heist masters! Unbelievable scenes - look at the Mumbai Indians celebrate! He goes for the slower yorker that dips in ever so late outside off, Miller reaches out to heave it across the line but the late dip deceives him and lands just beyond the blockhole. That'll do for MI and the Titans have botched up a straightforward chase here. Mumbai Indians beat Gujarat Titans by 5 runs!
Daniel Sams! Daniel Sams! 6 needed off the final ball. He's done superbly so far. Can he hold his nerve and close this out? Rohit's having a chat with him. Do not try to bowl short, might be the message! 
19.5 Daniel Sams to David Miller, SWING AND A MISS! This is outrageous! Another off-cutter that lands inside the tramline, full in length and Miller reaches for it from his crease and has a heave across the line. He can only connect with thin air though. Fingernails, anyone?
Fingertips away from Sams! Oh, man! The tension is palpable. 6 needed from 2 balls. Killer Miler time!
19.4 Daniel Sams to Rashid Khan, TOP EDGED BUT SAFE! Banged in short at the stumps as he takes pace off again, angles across Rashid who backs away and clogs it high over the bowler's head before Sams turns around and hares towards it along the mid-on region. It just drops over his head though even has he throws himself at it and it puts Miller back on strike.
Rashid Khan, RHB, comes to the crease
It wasn't the strongest of throws from the fielder but Tewatia's not put in the full stretched dive. Fine margins but that's ended up costing him! It was a bit lazy, really. Somehow, the Mumbai Indians are still alive in this contest! 7 needed in 3 now. One big hit should do it for them.
19.3 Daniel Sams to Rahul Tewatia, RUN OUT? REFERRED UPSTAIRS! Slower bouncer that lands well outside off, Tewatia stands tall and swats a pull without enough timing to deep mid-wicket before he turns around and hares back to his end. He might be short here though as Kishan dislodges the bails.

Indeed he is! No Tewatia heroics tonight! What a contest this is turning into! RUN OUT!
Rahul Tewatia run out (Tilak Varma/Ishan Kishan) 3 (4b 0x4 0x6)
19.2 Daniel Sams to Rahul Tewatia, BEATEN! Slower delivery on a full length that lands just inside the tramline, Tewatia leans forward and reaches for it but he can't put bat to ball. The right call although Tewatia is bemused.
Miller and Tewatia at the crease. Who better than these two to close out a contest? Gujarat Titans need one boundary to more or less settle this tie.
19.1 Daniel Sams to David Miller, slower short delivery outside off, Miller slams it towards sweeper cover as he stands tall and picks the bones out of it. The fielder intercepts though, so a single it shall remain.
Daniel Sams [2.0-0-15-0] is back into the attack