Raval Sporting CC 116/2 (10 ov)
Hira CC Sabadell 103/9 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC won by 13 runs.
Raval Sporting CC beats Hira Sabadell CC by 13 runs!

Raval Sporting has finally registered a win in this contest after having to overcome a few stunning cameos from the Hira CC side. Although they lost their captain Shahzad for a duck, the duo of Khalid (26 off 18) and Anwar (30 off 15) did give Hira CC some hope off pulling off a heist. They even got the better of star spinner, Gaurang, who went wicketless for the first time in this competition so far. However, the bowlers had a good day collectively with Ishan Patel and Manish Manwani repeating their first innings heroics again with five wickets between them. Regular wickets did hamper Hira CC's chances, who did give a tough fight to Raval CC, who were ultimately the better team on the day. With this win, Raval CC would look to sustain their fight for a top-two finish, which should go down to the wire. That's it for this game but not the day! We still have two more ECS games and the all-important clash between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in the line for all you cricket geeks! Until next time, this is Dwijesh along with my colleague Pradeep signing off. Goodbye and take care!
9.6 Gurpreet Singh to Mehmood Akhtar, back of a length, outside off, Akthar goes for the wild swing and misses, kept low as well and Raval Sporting CC have won this convincingly, just showed what they are capable of with bat and the ball and have humbled Hira CC!
9.5 Gurpreet Singh to Adnan Abbas, full delivery, change of pace, Adnan drills it down the ground to long-on for just a single
9.4 Gurpreet Singh to Adnan Abbas, SIX! TOO LITTLE TOO LATE! Full delivery, outside off, Adnan heaves that one and goes all the way for a maximum towards long-off
9.3 Gurpreet Singh to Adnan Abbas, short delivery on the middle and leg, Adnan goes for the wild swing and misses it. It's almost over for Hira CC here!
9.2 Gurpreet Singh to Sharanjit Singh, OUT! Short and wide, Sharanjit goes for the hoick and doesn't connect it well, he skies it towards backward point region but the keeper kept going for it and said mine, he takes a screamer in the end, good catch!
9.1 Gurpreet Singh to Sharanjit Singh, banged it in short, Singh pulls this one, not much timing, falls safely toward backward square leg, they come back for a second in the end
HSCC 94/8 after 9 overs! HCSS needs 23 runs from 6 balls!

Manish Manwani has seemingly sealed the fate of this match! The equation is simple for HCSS although they would be second favourites heading into the final over. With Gurpreet set to bowl the final six balls, can HCSS pull off a heist? Buckle up, folks!
8.6 Manish Manwani to Adnan Abbas, full delivery, outside off, Adnan goes for the wild swing and misses it! Take a bow, Manish, what a player, bat and ball!
8.5 Manish Manwani to Manan Ayab, OUT! CASTLED! Around the wicket this time, it was full, on the money and Manan was late on the shot and he misses it, rattles his stumps, Manan goes for the GOLDEN DUCK this time!
8.5 Manish Manwani to Sharanjit Singh, WIDE! Straying down leg side and Singh takes off for a bye and the keeper does well to hit the stumps and Anwar has to go here! RUN OUT!
8.4 Manish Manwani to Anwar Ul Haq, full delivery, drills it down the ground towards long-off for a single
8.3 Manish Manwani to Anwar Ul Haq, DROPPED! It was full, in the slot and the fielder from deep mid-wicket drops a dolly, they come back for a second 
8.3 Manish Manwani to Anwar Ul Haq, WIDE! Straying down leg side and they also scamper for a quick single
8.2 Manish Manwani to Sharanjit Singh, touch full on the pads, Sharanjit plays that one all across and is beaten, raps him on the pads and they steal a leg bye in the end
8.1 Manish Manwani to Fakhar Chattha, OUT! Full delivery, Fakhar was played all across and inside edges back onto the stumps, he has to go for a GOLDEN DUCK!
HSCC 88/5 after 8 overs! HCSS needs 29 runs from 12 balls!

Another good over for RSCC with Gurpreet nothing giving away many runs off that over. Anwar needs to clear the boundary from here and will need Fakhar to play second fiddle as well. With one over from Gurpreet yet to come, we should be in for a cracking finish here!
7.6 Gurpreet Singh to Anwar Ul Haq, SIX! Once again short from Gurpreet, Anwar stands back and SMOKED it over the deep square leg boundary for a maximum!
7.5 Gurpreet Singh to Anwar Ul Haq, touch short, Anwar backs away and smashes it down the ground and the fielder from long-off does well to stop it from the foot and throws a direct-hit and Ikram is short of his crease and has to go, RUN OUT!
7.4 Gurpreet Singh to Ikram Ul Haq, short once again, outside off, Ikram smashes this one towards deep extra cover and they have to settle only for a single
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