182/5 (20)
176/6 (20)
HUR won by 6 runs.
Player of the match: Aaron Finch
This has been a match of some absolute drama! A match that felt like was the match for the Renegades to win turned out to be the match that the Hurricanes would win to go into the play offs of the Big Bash League! This was surely not an easy task for the Hurricanes as they would have expected in the start of the innings, as the openers from the first over itself looked like were going to chase the score down and after the fall of the first wicket the Hurricanes had absolutely no idea, that there was a hurricane of runs approaching towards them.

Marsh and Finch after the wicket of Seymour have absolutely demolished the batting attack as they got a 100 run partnership which it looked like was going to be it for the Hurricanes as the bowlers could do nothing but watch the ball go past the boundary rope. The Hurricanes were down and out and they were seeing nothing but "stars" in the night time until it was Lamichhane, who got them the wicket of Shaun Marsh and broke one of the most important partnership of the game!

It was not so long after that when Rogers got his two wickets in two deliveries just at the nick of time which did nothing but added pressure on the Renegades and in the last over drama, there was absolutely no one to hit those big winning runs out of the park as the Hurricanes seal the victory and head for the play offs! Looks like Glenn Maxwell's wish did not come true for this tournament.

Thank you so much for joining us for a thriller Big Bash league contest. This is Pratyush Rohra and myself (Pranav Danani) taking your leave. If you are wondering what next, then don't worry as we have a lot more cricketing action being covered as we have the Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe's 2nd innings coming up along with some Under 19 World Cup action between England and Canada coming your way.

Hobart Hurricanes won by 6 runs
Aaron Finch, Player of the Match: Some slow going through the middle overs with Darcy and Sandeep bowling well, but we got the momentum after that. Could have been a bit better through the 5-8 over mark and that was disappointing. He (Shaun Marsh) is playing so well and just keeps getting better and better and he is a fantastic team man. Quick turnaround for us and playing the Thunder tomorrow.
176 /6 score
cricket bat icon Sam Harper
4 (3)
cricket bat icon Will Sutherland *
6 (4)
cricket ball icon Riley Meredith
1 /28
19.6 Riley Meredith to Will Sutherland, THE HURRICANES HOLD THEIR NERVE AND CLINCH THEIR FINALS BERTH! It was another full toss as Meredith missed his yorker but Sutherland couldn't make it count. Only got height and no distance as Wade from mid-off swoops in around the mid-on area and holds onto the catch to wrap up the proceedings. Hobart Hurricanes clinch victory by a margin of 6 runs.

Will Sutherland c Wade b Meredith 6 (6m 4b 1x4 0x6)
19.5 Riley Meredith to Will Sutherland, FOUR! Missed his yorker on this occasion and Sutherland punished it! Clears his front foot and drills this past mid-off to find the ropes. Right then. A six to force a super over.
19.4 Riley Meredith to Sam Harper, full toss on the off-stump line, Harper shuffles across but misses out on that occasion. Can only work it towards fine leg for a single. 11 off 2...
19.3 Riley Meredith to Will Sutherland, nails the yorker outside off-stump, Sutherland makes some room drills a drive extra-cover. Just another single
19.2 Riley Meredith to Sam Harper, DIRECT HIT! Good length delivery with some extra bounce, Harper shuffles across and misses out as the ball goes over the stumps. The batters sneak through for a bye and Sutherland has made his ground comfortably. 
19.1 Riley Meredith to Will Sutherland, full delivery angling down the leg side, Sutherland flicks it off his pads towards fine leg. Excellent fielding by Rogers to ensure there's no second run there.
The over has turned the entire game around and this could go either way! Riley Meredith, 3-0-20-0, to bowl the last over of this match.
168 /5 score
cricket bat icon Jonathan Merlo
1 (3)
cricket bat icon Sam Harper *
2 (1)
cricket ball icon Tom Rogers
3 /35
18.6 Thomas Rogers to Sam Harper, full delivery around middle and off, Harper shuffles across to clip this towards deep square leg with soft hands and scamper back for a brace
Rogers gets 2 in 2! This is just absolute destruction! Will Sutherland, RHB, is the new batter in.
18.5 Thomas Rogers to Jonathan Merlo, ROGERS HAS ANOTHER! Renegades pulling off another Renegades-like loss here. You can bet that the Stars aren't too pleased about this. Another slower delivery on length, Merlo looked to clear the front foot and clear the fences but he's picked out Short at long-on. What a turnaround! Rogers is on a hat-trick.

Jonathan Merlo c Short b Rogers 1 (3b 0x4 0x6)
The main man is heading back to the dug out and it looks like there is some absolute drama here! This match could now go either way and the Stars will be biting their nails along with the Hurricanes.
18.4 Thomas Rogers to Aaron Finch, FINCH HOLES OUT AT LONG-OFF! Good length slower delivery outside off-stump, Finch looks to launch into his favourite stroke and clear the long-off ropes with the extension of the arms. No timing though and it's right down the throat of Tim David, who gobbles this up into his big bucket hands. Tom Rogers does it again for the Hurricanes! Renegades throwing it away.

Aaron Finch c David b Rogers 75 (52b 6x4 4x6)
18.3 Thomas Rogers to Aaron Finch, BEATEN! Good length slower delivery angling into Finch, cuts him in half as he was beaten by the lack of pace. It didn't miss the leg-stump by much either!
18.2 Thomas Rogers to Jonathan Merlo, nails another yorker outside off-stump, Merlo slices this towards point and a fumble allows Finch to get through for a single. He was off and running regardless!
18.1 Thomas Rogers to Jonathan Merlo, finds the yorker first up, just what the doctor ordered! Merlo can only squeeze this out back to the bowler, dot ball
Finch changing his bat yet again and he is the sole hero out there in the middle here not just for the Renegades, but for the Stars as well.