8th Match, Aurora Stadium, Launceston
HUR won by 8 runs.
That's it from the 8th match of BBL 12. This is the duo of Divyansh and Sooryanarayanan signing off. Stay tuned at Sportskeeda. Goodbye for now.
Patrick Dooley is the Player of the Match for his sensational spell of 4/16. Here's what he has to say: Fantastic atmosphere at Launceston, our second home ground. They took the Surge and powered along but we turned it around. (On the wicket of Faf du Plessis) It looked like he was going to back away and hit a six over cover and he did (back away). The nature of T20, I can probably come up next game and get whacked. So I want to keep giving my best. (On his unique bowling action) I've always held the ball the way I hold it but the crazy arm movement was something I practiced in my backyard on seeing Jasprit Bumrah when India were here.
Match Summary-

Hobart Hurricanes win by 8 runs.

Matthew Wade 51 (29) | Patrick Dooley 4/16 (4.0)
Josh Inglis 62 (37) | Jhye Richardson 3/26 (4.0)

Dooley has won it for the Hurricanes. His 4 wickets has done it for them, and all of them at the perfect time. 

du Plessis looked great at the beginning, and then a good partnership between Turner and Inglis almost won it for the Scorcher. They were in control of the chase with a well timed power surge, but Dooley's second spell took the game away.

He broke the opening partnership and stopped du Plessis who was taking the match away from them. Then he got the wicket of Inglis who was past his 50 and would have won it in the end.

Meredith with 2 wickets and Shadab and Nathan with a wicket each helped them defend this. Short will be the happiest man as he had dropped Inglis on 33 who went on to score 62 in the end. 
164 /8 score
cricket bat icon Jhye Richardson *
13 (13)
cricket bat icon Andrew Tye
5 (6)
cricket ball icon Nathan Ellis
1 /38
19.6 Nathan Ellis to Jhye Richardson, GONE! The Hurricanes get out of jail in brilliant fashion! Right in the slot at the stumps and Richardson swings for the bleachers. Powers it many a mile into the night sky before picking out long on to perfection as David makes no mistake whatsoever. It was a game the Scorchers had no business losing but that is T20 cricket for you. You can never rule anything out and in the end, Hobart Hurricanes hold on by 8 runs!
19.5 Nathan Ellis to Andrew Tye, THAT SHOULD BE IT! Slower back of a length delivery on middle stump as it jags back in. Tye is caught on the crease as he swings across the line only to wear it on the thigh pads. The ball rolls aside for a leg bye as the batters swap ends. A legal delivery will seal it for the Hurricanes
19.4 Nathan Ellis to Jhye Richardson, dug short outside the off stump as Richardson backs away and swats a pull to deep mid-wicket. A lone run is all that's possible and Ellis is closing it out brilliantly!
19.3 Nathan Ellis to Andrew Tye, fuller outside the off stump this time. Tye hangs back and crunches it down the ground to long off for a single. All down to Richardson now!
19.2 Nathan Ellis to Andrew Tye, BEATEN! Has a swish at this slower length delivery with room outside the off stump. Tye can only connect with thin air though as it doesn't quite sit up
That lands safely, they get 2 off it. 12 off 5 now. 
19.1 Nathan Ellis to Andrew Tye, SKIED HIGH...BUT SAFE! Short in length at the stumps as he takes pace off on it. Tye stands tall and heaves for Mars as he sends it a country mile into the night sky. Nobody manning the circle along mid-wicket and the bowler runs after it himself, only for the ball to drop over him as the batters run two
14 required off the last over, Tye on strike but who will bowl it. Not much to do against the tail-enders though. Can be defended easliy.
159 /7 score
cricket bat icon Jhye Richardson
12 (11)
cricket bat icon Andrew Tye *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Shadab Khan
1 /22
18.6 Shadab Khan to Andrew Tye, full length delivery outside the off stump. Tye comes forward and checks it on the up past the bowler for a single down to long off. 14 needed off the last!
18.5 Shadab Khan to Jhye Richardson, back of a length delivery outside the off stump. Richardson heaves it across the line to deep mid-wicket for a single
18.4 Shadab Khan to Andrew Tye, short at the stumps. Tye rocks back and pummels a flat pull to deep square leg for a single
Andrew Tye, RHB, comes to the crease.
Hardie was the last hope for Scorcher, and he has chipped it back. Shadab with a brilliant leap to catch it. 
18.3 Shadab Khan to Aaron Hardie, OUT! STUPENDOUS RETURN CATCH! Put a cape on Shadab Khan if you can! Tossed up full around the off stump as he gets Hardie forward with a poke as he looks to work it into the leg-side. Just closes the face a touch too much though as he pops it back to the bowler's right off the edge before Shadab leaps and pulls off a spectacular take. Is that the game?

Aaron Hardie c&b Shadab Khan 12 (13b, 0x4, 0x6)
18.2 Shadab Khan to Aaron Hardie, drifting in full at the stumps. Hardie comes forward and can only pat it back down the pitch