144/9 (20)
130/8 (20)
SIX won by 14 runs.
Player of the match: Moises Henriques
Sydney Sixers won the game by 14 runs

Philippe playing his 50th game, would have wanted to come out and start firing straight away. He would have wanted to make it a memorable game, but he failed. Could not resemble his performance from the first game, and instead, was the first game to fall today. He could not find his rhythm, and was dismissed very early in the innings. Vince followed suit and the Sixers' openers were back in the hut inside the powerplay. 

The middle order followed suit, and everyone apart from Henriques showed no intent today. The skipper though, lef from the front, and managed to score a match winning 73, before he was dismissed in the final over. Tom Curran was the only other player, who could chip in with the bat, in a noticeable contribution. Together, they put up 144, and managed to make a game out of it. 

Out came Wade and Short to start the chase, but neither of them really got going, in their element. Wade picked up a couple of beautiful shots, but Short was anything but himself today. Could not find his touch, could not get into his groove, and was merely eating away balls. Both were dismissed after the powerplay, but with not a lot of runs on the board. 

Handscomb was the lone ranger, fighting it out, and trying to keep the Hurricanes in the game. Caleb Jewell showed us a glimpse of his capability, as he ensured the Hurricanes win the bash boost point, but shortly after the drinks break, he too was sent back. 

After that, it was very similar to the first innings, the downfall of the Hurricanes. The openers did not give them a start, and the middle order collapsed far too easily, leaving Handscomb fighting a lost battle. Although, the right hander kept his team in the game, and almost took it to the last over. 

The Sixers' bowlers were excellent throughout, barring Dan Christain's second over, where he went for 20. Nothing wrong apart from that as the defending champions managed to restrict Hurricanes to 130, and picked up 8 wickets. 

Tom Curran was the pick of the bowlers, with 3 in his kitty, followed by Kerr, who picked 2, and then the trio of Jordan, O'Keefe and Mannenti with one each. Everyone chipped in in their own way, and helped the Sixers win their second game. 

It was not a high scorer as we expected it to be, but it surely was a thriller. We hope you enjoyed it, as much as we did, bringing it to you. That's all from this game, but do switch tabs to check out what's happening in the second game of the day, where the Scorchers are playing the Heat. Along with Sooryanarayanan Sesha, I have been Ankit Sharma, bidding you a goodbye! Stay safe and take care! 
Moises Henriques (Player of the Match): Obviously five wickets falling around meant I had to rebuild. That helped me set a platform and I had to capitalize on the bad balls. I tried to use the Surge at the back end as a bit of a platform for the death overs. I thought Tom Curran batted really well. I love training and I love trying to get better. You're always trying to improve and learn and get better. I have tinkered with a few certain things - obviously I am towards the end of my career but I am trying to learn and enjoy myself. I feel people use the word 'momentum' a lot instead of confidence. When the team's full of confidence and in a good headspace I guess that's what is called momentum. I just tell the boys to keep learning and get better whether we win or lose. Every situation is a moment for us to learn as cricketers.
The Sixers yet again prove their worth, and show how good they are! Their batters did not chip in, and it was Henriques leading them on. But the bowling unit barely put a foot wrong, and were spot on. Picked up wickets, kept the run rate in check, and at the end, manage to defend the total. Sort of a reality check for the Sixers as well, with the pressure they were under, but overall, a fantastic comeback nonetheless! 
130 /8 score
cricket bat icon Peter Handscomb
47 (31)
cricket bat icon Joel Paris *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Tom Curran
3 /27
19.6 Tom Curran to Joel Paris, SWING AND A MISS! That will do then! Back of a length delivery with pace off as it lands well outside off, Paris looks to hack it across the line but he fails to get bat on ball. What a professional defense this has been from the defending champions - Sydney Sixers win by 14 runs!
Joel Paris, LHB, comes to the crease 
Guess not! Curran strikes again, and does justice to his skipper, for showing faith in him! Slower bouncer there, and Handscomb goes aerial. Does not middle it, and sends it down the throat of deep mid wicket. 
19.5 Tom Curran to Peter Handscomb, OUT! HANDSCOMB HOLES OUT! Dug short and well outside off as he takes pace off, Handscomb fetches a pull across the line and skies it straight into the hands of deep mid-wicket as he fails to get enough on it. A valiant innings but alas, it is set to go in vain!
That's the game now, officially! 2 legal deliveries from Curran here is all the Sixers need! Handscomb gets a boundary here, but he'll need a no ball here if the Hurricanes are to pull out of this one! 
19.4 Tom Curran to Peter Handscomb, FOUR! IT WON'T BE ENOUGH THOUGH! Low full toss outside off, Handscomb sits low and swings down the ground as he places it straight of long on to pick out the ropes on the bounce.
19.3 Tom Curran to Peter Handscomb, slower delivery well outside off, Handscomb reaches out and hacks it across the line as he gets an inside edge that rolls past the stumps. No run taken though - three sixes to tie the game!
Thomas Rogers, LHB, comes to the crease 
There's a reason the Sixers are two time champions, and there's a reason they are touted as favourites this season as well! Curran strikes, uses the slower one, and sends Ellis back. 19 runs needed off 4 balls now. 
19.2 Tom Curran to Nathan Ellis, OUT! EASIEST OF TAKES! Slower delivery on a good length outside off, Ellis backs away and clogs it a mile into the sky before the ball drops into the safe pockets of the keeper as he runs barely a few steps to his right. The Sixers are just two good deliveries away now!

Nathan Ellis c Josh Philippe b Tom Curran 3 (4b, 0x4, 0x6)
19.1 Tom Curran to Peter Handscomb, low full toss just outside the line of off, Handscomb sits low and slogs it off the bottom hand towards deep mid-wicket. Just a single and he is off strike! 
Jordan does a wonderful job here, in the penultimate over! Uses his variations as he always does, keeps the ball away from the bat. Does not bowl the same ball twice, and keeps the batter guessing. He's done his job to perfection here, giving away just 3 runs of the 19th over! Sixers surely cannot lose from here! Hurricanes need 20 runs from 6 deliveries! 
125 /6 score
cricket bat icon Peter Handscomb *
42 (27)
cricket bat icon Nathan Ellis
3 (3)
cricket ball icon Chris Jordan
1 /20
18.6 Chris Jordan to Peter Handscomb, very full and angled into the stumps, Handscomb clears his front leg to drill it down to long on as he keeps the strike. A sheer masterclass in death bowling there from Jordan!
18.5 Chris Jordan to Peter Handscomb, BEATEN! Walks across his stumps before Jordan follows him with a length delivery and Handscomb shapes for a reverse-lap over the keeper's head in vain. The ball was so close to the edge there as well!
18.4 Chris Jordan to Peter Handscomb, BRILLIANT YORKER! Right on the money on the off-stump and Handscomb manages to bunt it off the toe-end along the pitch.