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Ifira Sharks 96/2 (10 ov)
MT Bulls 89/7 (10 ov)
Ifira Sharks won by 7 runs.
Not an extra, only a single and Sharks are Home! Bulls started off in a quick fashion and were well and truly in the game till Mansale was smacking it all around the park, but with 20-odd runs remaining and him going back to the hut, Bulls lost the plot. The skipper Nipiko bowling a peach of a penultimate over and making sure that Sharks coast to a victory that sees them in the final of the tournament. A pitch that was slow and spongy at times, the Sharks bowling a lot of slower deliveries, really playing the conditions well.
An exciting contest and that's it from our side. Hope you had fun, until next time, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Prasen Moudgal signing off. Stay safe, keep washing your hands and see you all soon, Cheers!
9.6 N Unavalu to R Samson, OUT! Samson run out! full toss outside off, mistimed to covers for a run, Samson attempts to sneak a second but is run out!
9.5 N Unavalu to R Samson, SIX! Length ball in the slot, Samson lifts it over mid-wicket for a maximum! 
9.4 N Unavalu to N Chilia, slower ball outside off, Chilia with a swing and a miss again, bye taken. Just misses the stumps there! 15 of 2
9.3 N Unavalu to N Chilia, off pace yorker outside off, Chilia fails to make contact with an attempted heave over covers. BIg heave but the bowler using his brains, keeps it slower
9.2 N Unavalu to R Samson, Samson misses a wild heave on a length ball, batsmen sneak a bye. Just a single, 16 of 4!
9.1 N Unavalu to R Samson, full ball clipped to deep mid-wicket for a brace. 17 of 5 now
19 required of the last six legal deliveries!! Nipiko gving enough for the bowler here to defend in the last over
8.6 N Nipiko to R Samson, full ball driven down to long off for a run. 
Another run-out in the end! Bulls really making a mess of the chase now!
8.5 N Nipiko to R Samson, OUT! Mangau has been run out! Samson pulled the short of length ball to mid-wicket, a fumble allowed the batsmen to think of the second run but Mangau was late to turn and make his ground at the non-striker's end
8.4 N Nipiko to W Nalisa, OUT! Slower ball does the trick! Length ball outside off, Nalisa threw the kitchen sink at that but only got a thick edge that was snaffled by the man at short third man. Skipper Nipiko sealing the match for Sharks with an excellent over
8.3 N Nipiko to W Nalisa, pacy ball outside off, Nalisa was late on the heave and the ball whizzes past the bat
8.2 N Nipiko to R Samson, short ball pulled to deep mid-wicket for a single, Again, rolling the fingers over the ball
8.1 N Nipiko to R Samson, slower ball outside off, Samson looks to go downtown but is beaten by the lack of pace. I told ya, Slower balls are the mantra today
Bulls 75/4, 22 required of 12 overs, an exciting finish awaits us. Someone fancy a Super-over? Skipper Nipiko back in attack
7.6 N Unavalu to R Samson, ball balloons off the outside edge on an attempted flick, single to end the over
7.5 N Unavalu to W Nalisa, full ball lifted uppishly down to long off for a single, Tried to knock it but couldn't middle
7.4 N Unavalu to W Nalisa, wide down the leg side from Unavalu
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