India Legends 204/3 (20 ov)
South Africa Legends 148/7 (20 ov)
India Legends won by 56 runs.
Player of the match: Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh (Player of the Match, India Legends) : I think it was great to relive those memories where I could hit those sixes at will. After the fourth one I was thinking that if it's in my arc I will hit it and if not probably rotate the strike. I wanted to finish the game on a really big score as we are in a good position. Glad I was able to do it. I was a bit lucky in the start, got dropped. The wicket was a bit sticky, two-paced but I'm glad I got the best of it. This year I was working with my state guys a lot at death hitting. The key to death hitting is to keep your head still, staying still and making sure your bat is high up in the air not losing time. When you've done it over the years you know that if it's in your arc you got to hit it. You got to keep the bat speed going. As you grow older it can get slower but you got to keep going with the swing. 
Sachin Tendulkar (Winnings Captain, India Legends) : It wasn't a bad start. The ball came onto the bat quite nicely and I felt we did not lose too many wickets, against England we had lost far too many upfront. Keeping wickets in hand really helped us. Some incredible batting by Yuvi. It's a treat to watch him and when he gets going not many players can match the way he strikes the ball. 

It's always good to be out there in the middle and specially when you hear the sound when you've timed couple of deliveries, they hit the center of the bat, it feels nice. Yet to figure out with our physio ( on Badrinath's injury). So far so good in the tournament. Now we have to think about the next match. As and when we are asked to be out there in the middle we are prepared to give our best. 
Jonty Rhodes (Losing Captain, South Africa Legends) : The first fifteen overs I must say we kind of felt we were still in the game. Even though they had a really good start, solid start, they took it away from us in the last five. From the power point pf view they ( India Legends) got some really big hitters. Unfortunately a little bit short on fit fellows in the death, but we gave it what we could. Was a couple of guys sitting down with ice packs on and we'll see what happens tomorrow. They will bounce back and play. It's going to be an important game against Bangladesh and we will look to give it a go.
A thumping win for India Legends then as they end their league games with a bang! A terrific all-round win first after posting that massive total on the back of some fine knocks from Sachin Tendulkar at the top and then Yuvraj Singh at the back end with that firepower, taking the clock back with those towering sixes. Never easy to scale down a big target and South Africa falling way short in the end. Puttick and Van Wyk gave them a really good start and it felt like they were in the chase till the half-way mark, not having lost a wicket and it looked like we were in for a close contest. A comfortable win for India however in the end as they came back well to pick regular wickets in the middle and not let the batsmen any opportunity to try and get those runs that they needed. The chase falling apart for them and in a match where they needed to win the game, they have lost it by a big margin that further dents their net run-rate and makes it difficult for them to go ahead. 

The spinners doing the job for India, with Yusuf Pathan being the pick of the attack grabbing three wickets. Two for Yuvraj as well as they bowled brilliantly in tandem to close the game for India. The all-round show from Yuvraj and it reminds us of what he has done for India in the past time and again. India at the top of the table already having qualified and this win will certainly give them a whole lot of confidence going into the semi-finals! 

Some wonderful action of cricket then as we have been witnessing from this series so far and another crucial encounter as far as that table in concerned coming up tomorrow with England and Sri Lanka locking horns. We expect that encounter to be just as entertaining as the one tonight. For now, relish this resounding Indian win as we will be back tomorrow with all the action. Have a pleasant night as we leave you with the presentations!
Another brilliant over from Vinay Kumar, getting a wicket as well and a terrific finish this for India Legends! A terrific comeback after that close loss against England and a dominating win this! Thumping win by a big margin and they will consolidate their position at the top of the table!
148 /7 score
cricket ball icon Vinay Kumar
19.6 Vinay Kumar to Jonty Rhodes, INDIA LEGENDS WIN! Full-length delivery wide outside the line of the off stump, Rhodes plays the ball away on the offside and runs the ball away to deep extra cover for a single. That's all as India Legends win the match by 57 runs and end their group stage on a high 
19.5 Vinay Kumar to Garnett Kruger, full length delivery outside the line of the off stump, Kruger tapped that one away on the offside for a single 
Garnett Kruger, Right-Hand Bat, walks to the crease.
19.4 Vinay Kumar to Makhaya Ntini, CAUGHT! Length delivery outside the line of the off stump, Ntini looked to play that one away on the offside, gets a thick outside edge and Manpreet Gony at short third man does well to take a catch 
19.3 Vinay Kumar to Makhaya Ntini, full-length delivery on the line of the off stump, Ntini smashes the ball back to the bowler on that occasion. Has a light moment there as he outstretches his arms
19.2 Vinay Kumar to Jonty Rhodes, full length delivery outside the line of the off stump, played away to the deep extra cover region for a single 
19.1 Vinay Kumar to Jonty Rhodes, length delivery outside the off stump, bowled a cutter on that occasion and the ball beats Rhodes outside edge, no run
Vinay Kumar with the final over!
This has been a brilliant comeback from the Indian bowlers to close this game up. Wickets at regular intervals, some really good fielding as well and they haven't let the pressure get off the batsmen. This game clearly out of hands for South Africa Legends now and India on the cusp of a big win here. A very good over from Irfan Pathan this as we get into the final over of the game now. 60 off 6 needed. 
145 /6 score
cricket ball icon Irfan Pathan
18.6 Irfan Pathan to Jonty Rhodes, full length delivery wide outside the off stump, Rhodes stretches and plays the ball away on the offside for a single to end the over
18.5 Irfan Pathan to Makhaya Ntini , full length ball on the line of the off and the middle stump, Ntini looked to blaze the ball away but gets an inside edge to the keeper for a single 
18.4 Irfan Pathan to Makhaya Ntini , full length delivery on the line of the off stump, tapped away on the offside for a dot ball, no run
18.3 Irfan Pathan to Jonty Rhodes, full-length delivery outside the line of the off stump, played away on the offside by Rhodes for a single 
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