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Joves Units CC 96/3 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC 97/2 (7.2 ov)
Raval Sporting CC won by 8 wickets
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar, signing off.  
Winning the toss and electing to BAT first, JUCC got off to a steady start. They managed 47/1 at the halfway stage and were looking to break free. After opener Nazir departed for 16 off 14 balls, Mahammad Rehman and Ul Mazhar took charge and formed a formidable partnership. Rehman departed after scoring 35 off just 24 balls while Mazhar was sent back after his brave display of 32 runs from 18 balls. The bowlers though were able to grind back into the match and put dents in the run-flow. Skipper Ishan Patel and Numan Ali took 1 wicket each. Rohin Kumar and Manwani did not add to the wickets column but played a crucial role in restricting the batsmen from breaking their shackles. JUCC managed 96/3 from their 10 overs and had something for their bowlers to fight with.
Chasing 97 runs from 60 balls, RSCC stumbled at the beginning losing the wicket of opener Datta Karan in the very 1st over. But skipper Ishan Patel along with Manwani made sure that they did not make a mess of the chase. Skipper Ishan played a blinder of an innings and hit boundaries for fun. He made a mockery of the chase and took his team home remaining unbeaten on 59 off just 24 balls. Manwani got dismissed for 21 but that was indeed too little too late from JUCC's perspective. For JUCC, Ishar Ahmad took 1 wicket while others were way too expensive. RSCC comfortablely reached 97/2 with 16 balls to spare.

RSCC thus complete a resounding performance and win the match by 8 wickets while recording their 2nd victory of the tournament. 

End of the innings
RSCC 97/2 from 7.2 overs

RSCC win the match by 8 wickets
7.2 Sohaib Khan to Kshitij Patel, GAME OVER! Once again, it was full, Patel plays it defensively under his eyes and took off for a single and some over throws in the end meant RSCC crossed the line and Ishan Patel is the man for their team this time, scored a brilliant half-century!
7.1 Sohaib Khan to Kshitij Patel, WOW! Patel was in a hurry to take a single as he dances down the track to tickle it around the corner, misses it compleletly through to the keeper, almost got himself run out in the end!
End of the 7th over
RSCC 95/2
2 runs needed from 18 balls
6.6 Taqqi Ul Mazhar to Kshitij Patel, full toss, outside off, Patel doesn't punish and doesn't time it very well, caresses towards deep extra cover, just a single
6.5 Taqqi Ul Mazhar to Ishan Patel, short and Ishan pulls this with authority but the deep square leg fielder does well to stop it from going to the boundary, only a single
6.4 Taqqi Ul Mazhar to Ishan Patel, FOUR! Another brilliant paddle sweep from Ishan, gets down low, premeditated shot, flicked it nicely towards fine leg, runs way to the boundary. Ishan Patel simply makes it look easy. Another boundary taking RSCC within touching distance of victory
6.3 Taqqi Ul Mazhar to Kshitij Patel, slower one, Patel was early into the shot and was able to hit it down the ground towards long off for just a single, dealing in singles at the moment
6.2 Taqqi Ul Mazhar to Ishan Patel, full delivery, Ishan drives this and looks to loft it over the extra cover and it just goes over the fielder, single in the end
6.1 Taqqi Ul Mazhar to Kshitij Patel, DROPPED! Full, in the slot and Patel whacked it straight to the deep mid wicket fielder and what he does, spills it, easy as you get and they pick up a single
At the end of the 6th over
RSCC 86/2
11 runs needed from 24 balls
5.6 Israr Ahmad to Kshitij Patel, full toss on the middle and off, Patel swats that one towards long on for just a single!
5.5 Israr Ahmad to Ishan Patel, touch full, Ishan shuffles across the crease and taps it on the on side for a quick single
5.4 Israr Ahmad to Ishan Patel, full length delivery, outside off, Ishan looked to play a delicate shot and is beaten through to the keeper
5.3 Israr Ahmad to Kshitij Patel, touch short, angling into pads, Patel looked to get some bat on it, he was late and hits him on the thigh, they scamper for a quick single
5.2 Israr Ahmad to Ishan Patel, short delivery, Ishan stands tall and punches it down the ground towards long on for a single
5.1 Israr Ahmad to Manish Manwani, OUT! Manish wanted to finish this in a hurry and he's holed out at point fielder, dances down the track, it was full and slices it and skies it the fielder and he takes an easy catch in the end. Manwani departs after a useful knock of 21 runs from 12 balls. But it is simply too little too late to have any impact on the match.
Halfway down the innings
End of the 5th over
RSCC 82/1
It's just a matter of time before RSCC claim victory
15 runs needed from 30 balls
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