374/10 & 269/10 (57.3)
536/10 & 108/4 (29.5)
MP won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Shubham Sharma
That's all from myself Abhishek and Bidipto! Madhya Pradesh lift the Ranji title for the first time in history. That will be all from Sportskeeda for this match but do switch tabs to get the coverage of England vs New Zealand encounter. Later today, we also have West Indies vs Bangladesh and India vs Ireland to entertain you. Till then, enjoy your Sunday!
Aditya Shrivastava (Madhya Pradesh): Your emotions? Completely ecstatic. It is a moment of a lifetime for me. We are trying to laugh out loud our emotions but we are very emotional. This has been my first year as a captain. I would like to continue on the captaincy role. The stage is getting different but we need to keep our process. The mantra was working well and we achieved success. Rajat and I started to play Ranji in 2013-14 and now some young boys are there in the middle as well. 
Prithvi Shaw (Mumbai captain): Not every day can be your day, MP boys played well and deserved the win. The youngsters in our side did well. Personally, I could have batted for a longer period of time. I will come back stronger next time. My full focus was on the boys and the team. If you see the scorecard, you can get the type of talent these guys have. This is the future of Mumbai cricket. It was a really proud moment for me to captaining Mumbai. Ajay Mazumdar is a friendly coach some times. He is really calm. He is also tough against the youngsters some time. He put in the hard yards in the Mushtaq Ali Trophy and Duleep Trophy. I am not happy as we didn't get the trophy. But, I am happy with the efforts of the boys. 
Sarfaraz Khan (Player of the Series): I try to play more and more matches and prepare accordingly. We are playing school cricket from my childhood, so I understand how to change gears. 
Shubham Sharma has been adjudged Player of the Final, here he is talking to Anjum Chopra.

Player of the Match, Shubham Sharma (Madhya Pradesh):
The whole team is very emotional, very very happy and emotional as well, some tears are also coming out of quite a few eyes. Coach sir always talks to me to tell me to keep my focus going, and there was a lot to learn from the first innings too, and I applied myself at the crease in this one. I'm thankful that it turned out to be such a good final for me, but I try to put in my best every time I step on to the field with the bat. But this is indeed special.
Chandrakant Pandit, Coach, Madhya Pradesh: It is a great memory for me, we could not win it 23 years ago for MP, I was the captain, but today, we did it! Aditya and his team has done it! I've always looked for challenging jobs in teams that have a lot of youngsters but do not boast of great success stories, but in case of MP, I felt privileged to join them in March looking at the prospects this team has. The team still needs to develop the culture, but I will make sure that it gets inculcated. Aditya Shrivastava is the man in charge for sure, but the likes of Rajat Patidar, Kumar Kartikeya and Shubham Sharma are also stepping it up for the rest of the youngsters to look up to. This title is very pleasing as I have waited 23 years to help MP win this title! I would like to thank everyone in the MP set up for this win!
Madhya Pradesh win the Ranji Trophy Finals!

The game was sealed in Day 3 itself as Madhya Pradesh lost only two wickets that day and scored runs for fun. After restricting Mumbai to only 374 with Sarfaraz Khan's century being the highlight of the innings, Madhya Pradesh made the most of the batting friendly conditions to put on board a mammoth 536 runs. Due credit should be given to the trio of Yash Dubey, Shubham Sharma, and Rajat Patidar who struck a century each. 

Saransh Jain replied with a half-century of his own as Mumbai bowlers were unable to pick quick wickets. Having taken the first innings lead, Madhya Pradesh had one hand to their trophy. And they got the next hand after bundling Mumbai out for mere 269. Suved Parkar was the only batsman to score the half-century while while Kumar Kartikeya replied with four wickets of his own to tumble Mumbai's batting. 

Requiring just 108 runs to win, Rajat Patidar scored the winning runs to help Madhya Pradesh win their first-ever Ranji Trophy title. Time for the presentations.
Coach Chandrakant Pandit is being carried around on the shoulders by the Madhya Pradesh players honourably and why not! Wonderful scenes for the MP team, wonderful moments for this team that does not boast of stars! The players are thanking everyone in the crowd for their support!
Madhya Pradesh win the 2022 Ranji Finals! Rajat Patidar with the winning runs. 
29.5 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, short outside off, the googly, but back cut away to the right of point off the back foot for the single required to win the Ranji Trophy! MADHYA PRADESH ARE THE CHAMPIONS! What a proud moment for the team, what a tournament it has been for them!
29.4 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, fuller and wider outside off, driven off the front foot to cover, no run.
29.3 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, SHOT! Good length ball outside off turning away too and Rajat taps it behind point off the middle of the bat to third man for FOUR! 
29.2 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, short and wide outside off and left alone as it turns away.
29.1 Sarfaraz Khan to Rajat Patidar, right-arm over the wicket, short outside off, cut to cover off the back foot without proper connection, no run.
Sarfaraz Khan to bowl this over. 

MP are just five runs away from creating history! Can they finish things up in this over?
103 /4 score
cricket bat icon Rajat Patidar
25 (32)
cricket bat icon Aditya Shrivastava *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Shams Mulani
3 /41
28.6 Shams Mulani to Aditya Shrivastava, short outside off, and punched to point off the back foot but for no run.
28.5 Shams Mulani to Rajat Patidar, full outside off and a nice extension of the arms to drive to deep cover off the front foot for one.
28.4 Shams Mulani to Rajat Patidar, fuller and wider outside off, Rajat presses forward to defend it to cover.
28.3 Shams Mulani to Rajat Patidar, full outside off, Rajat comes forward and defends it to short point.