10th Match, Simonds Stadium, South Geelong, Victoria, Geelong
REN won by 4 wickets
That's it from another thriller in the BBL. Renegades have won 3 matches in a row to start off their campaign and the Heat are yet to get points under their belt. This is the duo of Divyansh and Mohul signing off. Goodbye and stay tuned at Sportskeeda.
Match Summary-

Melbourne Renegades win by 4 wickets. 

Andre Russell 57 (42) | Tom Rogers 4/23 (4.0)
Jimmy Peirson 45 (30) | Michael Neser 4/32 (4.0)

Finch stays on till the end of a chase again, just 31 runs off 43 balls but he played well as he was playing the anchor's innings while Russell was hitting it all around the park. 

Neser started off with a bang with 4 wickets in his first 2 overs, and a hat-trick in that. They were on top of the game until Russell hit a long six and they had to change the ball after that. 

Russell and Hosein powered the Renegades for their third win in a row, and they win 3 in a row that after over 1400 days in BBL. Russell and Finch rescued them from 9/4 and got a 81 run partnership in. 

With that partnership the chase was going to be easy as the Heat did not have much on the board. Hosein played a brilliant 30 run cameo in the end as Finch was struggling to score the runs after Russell's wicket. 

Hosein got out in the end but Sutherland came in and hit a 103m game to make sure they got over the finish line. And with just 3 runs needed off the last over, Finch hit a four to seal the victory.

None of the bowlers except Steketee helped Neser in the fight. Neser took 4 wickets while Steketee took 2. 
19.2 James Bazley to Aaron Finch, FOUR, and THE RENEGADES WIN! At a length outside off, Finch waits for the ball to come and smashes this through the covers from the crease for a boundary! This was a superb innings from Finch. Melbourne Renegades beat Brisbane Heat by 4 wickets with 4 balls left.
Can Bazley do the improbable here and save 3 runs off the next 5 balls.
19.1 James Bazley to Aaron Finch, at a length outside off, Finch steps down the track and tries to HOICK it but is BEATEN!
James Bazley, (3.0-0-24-0) is back into the attack.
Sutherland has clobbered than on to the roof with the first ball that he faced. Just 3 required off the last over now. It's another 103m six, that's the second one tonight. 
135 /6 score
cricket bat icon Aaron Finch
27 (41)
cricket bat icon Will Sutherland *
6 (1)
cricket ball icon Mark Steketee
2 /23
18.6 Michael Steketee to Will Sutherland, SIX! INTO THE NIGHT SKY! Right in the slot on middle and leg, Sutherland clears his front leg and slogs this one way over the deep square leg fence for a MAXIMUM! Sutherland's confidence needs to be lauded. He came in at such a crucial juncture and did not bat an eyelid when asked to smack a six first ball! Just three runs needed now.
Will Sutherland, RHB, comes to the crease.
Is that another twist in the game? They need 9 runs with 7 balls to go with a new batsman on crease.
18.5 Michael Steketee to Akeal Hosein, OUT! IS THERE A TWIST TO THIS TALE NOW? At a length on middle and leg, Hosein tries to swing away but mistimes the ball and only manages to find the fielder at deep midwicket, Sam Billings, who comes forward and rolls into the ground after diving to take the catch! Hosein has to depart.

Akeal Hosein c Sam Billings b Michael Steketee 30 (19b, 2x4, 2x6)
18.4 Michael Steketee to Akeal Hosein, slower delivery at a length outside off, Hosein is BEATEN!
18.3 Michael Steketee to Akeal Hosein, NO MAN'S LAND! At a length on middle, Hosein lofts it and the ball lands just short of long on! Couple taken.
Covers and mid-off inside the field and he clears them with ease.
18.2 Michael Steketee to Akeal Hosein, FOUR! THROUGH THE OFFSIDE! Short of a length outside off, Hosein stands tall and smacks this one through the gap between cover and mid off for a boundary! The Heat are in deep trouble now! 
18.1 Michael Steketee to Akeal Hosein, short of a length outside off, rises as Hosein is BEATEN while trying to slog it!
Mark Steketee, (3.0-0-11-1)m is back into the attack.
Both the batsman get a six in this over as they get above the required rate. The chase is an easy one now as they need just 15 off the last two. Steketee and Bazley to bowl those