Melbourne Stars 179/2 (20 ov)
Adelaide Strikers 68/10 (14.2 ov)
Stars won by 111 runs
Player of the match: Andre Fletcher
That's all from this exciting contest of the BBL for today. Do join us again for more action packed matches from around the world. I have been Ankit Sharma along with Pradeep Somashekar, as we bid adieu! 
Zampa got rid of Renshaw who desperately went to launch the ball into the stands, but mistimed and found the fielder. That was the breakthrough that opened the floodgates further for Stars. Wickets kept tumbling one after the other, as Zampa led the pack with a brilliant spell picking up 5 wickets. All of the spinners were on the money, restricting the run flow and grabbing a wicket along the way. An overall performance from Melbourne Stars, at their home ground, ticking all the boxes, as they aim to qualify for the knockouts. They end up winning with a big margin of 111 runs. 
To make things worse for themselves, Strikers came in with a new opening pair consisting of Salt and Carey, in an attempt start firing from ball one, but both fell to the masterplan of Maxwell starting off with two spinner. Salt was dismissed by Zahir Khan, and the Strikers captain was outdone by Stars captain. Things never got better from there, with Renshaw and Wells playing an ordinary innings, with a strike rate of under 100. The target was always too much, but with their approach, things started worsening for them. Maxwell continues to offer spin after spin, introducing Zampa post the powerplay, and he did what he does best. 
A pretty one sided affair at the end. The first innings did not start the way the match ended, although credits to Stars for recovering well from a slow start and putting up a huge total on the board. Fletcher was the leader of the pack, who held fort at one end throughout the game and when time came accelerated his game to end up with 89. An innings he'll remember for sure. Strikers did not capitalize when a wicket fell and that caused them the momentum after dismissing the misfiring Stoinis. Maxwell played his game cautiously, adding important runs, before Cartwright coming in all guns blazing to finish strongly along with Fletcher. 
Player of the game: Andre Fletcher: It means a lot to me, and I want to thank the coaches that have supported me. A few days ago the great Brian Lara called me, I was overwhelmed, and the advise he gave me, I decided to follow it, did my best to use them, and it goes to show why he's so great. Thankful to everyone who has supported me, thankful to god, for me to be here, this 50 is for my uncle who passed away last week. Not as much pressure to be honest, because everyday the coaches remind me how good I've been, believing in myself, and thankful I did a good job. First time at MCG, and Australia too, so its good to have a big score. Shoelaces superstitions, to be honest when I get going I decide not to change anything, and later when my shoe started coming off so I thought I might as well tie it after my 50. 
Zampa gets five! My word, it had to be Zampa. He's done everything right with the ball today, nothing to complain about off his spell. Takes the last wicket with his second delivery and completes the formalities. Zampa ends up with figures of 5-17. 
14.2 Adam Zampa to Liam O'Connor, OUT! TIMBER! ZAMPA YOU BEAUTY! Five-for in a T20 is a huge feat and he deserved it. Flipper on the off stump, straighter one and Liam plays a nothing shot and misses, that disturbs the furniture in the end as Strikers are bowled for just 68. Melbourne Stars win this by a huge margin, 111 runs!
14.1 Adam Zampa to Liam O'Connor, fired it outside off, it was short as well. Liam gets bat out to poke at it and beats the outside edge
Big Billy joins his bowling partners, gets his name on the wicket taking list. It's a matter of a few balls now, before the last wicket falls, and it could be in the over to follow, seeing Zampa come back. 
68 /9 score
cricket ball icon Billy Stanlake
13.6 Billy Stanlake to Liam O'Connor, full delivery on the leg stump line as Liam backs away to hit it straight to the short extra cover fielder and they take off for a quick single. Stoinis darted the throw towards the stumps but misses it by a whisker and Liam survives!
13.5 Billy Stanlake to Wes Agar, full delivery on the off stump. Agar backs away to give himself some room and slices it over the cover region as they come back for a three in the end
13.4 Billy Stanlake to Liam O'Connor, back of a length on the off stump. Liam backs away to cut it straight to the backward point fielder for a single
Liam O'Connor, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
13.3 Billy Stanlake to Cameron Valente, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! IT'S A PROCESSION HERE! Back of a length on the fourth stump line. Valente moves too much across to whack it over the fine leg region but gets a feather through to the keeper's gloves and Umpire confirms that he's nicked it!
13.2 Billy Stanlake to Cameron Valente, excellent change of pace from Big Billy as he bowls a short delivery this time for which Valente waited and waited to swat at it but misses, through to the keeper
13.1 Billy Stanlake to Cameron Valente, low full toss on the leg stump line as Valente backs away for room and drives this straight to the cover fielder, no run
Billy Stanlake, back into the attack. 
Wes Agar, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
63 /8 score
cricket ball icon Adam Zampa
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