85/3 (10)
MSA won by 15 runs.
Player of the match: Dwaine Pretorius
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this Abu Dhabi T10 contest between Bangla Tiger's and Morrisville Samp Army. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Pradeep. See you soon!
Bangla Tiger's 85/3 in 10 over's.
Hazratullah Zazai 35(26) | Evin Lewis 14(9)
Dwaine Pretorius 3/11 

What a nerve wrecking thriller we've just witnessed here! The Morrisville Samp Army have pulled this game out of thin air. They looked out of the contest at the half-way stage as they managed to put just a 100 on the board. However their bowler's fought back remarkably to defend this low score. Dwaine Pretorius, was the pick of the bowler's as he dismissed the top 3 and mounted the pressure on the batting side. Once the wicket's had fallen, it became extremely difficult for the new batter's coming in to accelerate. In the end the Tiger's managed to get only 85/3 in 10 over's.

It wasn't really the same story throughout the inning's though. The Tiger's were 50/1 at the half-way stage and they were looking in complete control. However it all started to go haywire for them from the sixth over as Karim Jannat, tightened the screws. Hazrat Zazai was the only one to put up a show with 35(26) but he played a lone hand as other batter's around him, failed to accelerate.

Overall, this was a low scoring thriller, that went right down the wire! The Samp Army will be really proud of this performance and Dwaine Pretorius should be the Player of the Match. The Tiger's will need to do some serious introspection though. Especially with their middle order batting that has let them down in this contest.
Moeen Ali (Captain Morrisville Samp Army): Bit nervous, we had runs on the board and had to bowl well, it was a great fight by the boys in the end to pull things back. Just to keep it simple, bowlers had to hit the right lengths, tried to bowl wide and restrict them to hit boundaries, pressure got to the batters and we held on to the nerve. Just stay calm myself, tried to get the bowling combination right.
Dwaine Pretorius has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his three crucial wickets! Here's what he has to say: Nice to get off to a good start, my job was to pull things back, some days it works and some days it doesn't, it worked for me today. My first T10 as well, guys are looking forward it, guys are really enjoying together. At the moment, we got off tomorrow, we have some games in a row
Dwaine Pretorius: Just to try and mix it up, try and help the team get over the line. (On clarity in bowling in T10) Massively important, have to mix it up, enjoyed it today, my first game in T10. There's a lot of South Africans in the team, we're gelling nicely and hopefully we can keep winning.
Morrisville Samp Army win by 15 runs!
85 /3 score
cricket bat icon Colin Munro *
12 (8)
cricket bat icon Ben Cutting
8 (7)
cricket ball icon Karim Janat
0 /14
9.6 Karim Janat to Colin Munro, MORRISVILLE SAMP ARMY ARE HOME! Outstanding death bowling this from Samp Army, at the half-way mark they looked like they were never in the game but boy did they pulled things back in some fashion to come back and get over the line. Change of pace again, angles it across Munro who was searching for it and gets beaten again. Moeen Ali is a happy man ofcourse!
9.5 Karim Janat to Ben Cutting, short delivery into Cutting, he couldn't connect bit again, pulled it down to long-on for a single.
9.4 Karim Janat to Ben Cutting, walks long way across to play a pre-meditated ramp shot and Janat sees him and bowls wide of off-stump, Cutting had to adjust and couldn't put bat on ball, DOT BALL more importantly!
9.3 Karim Janat to Colin Munro, full toss on the stumps, cramped up Munro here as he swatted it down to long-off for just one. Janat has done an outstanding job so far, can he hold on to his nerve with the last three deliveries?
9.2 Karim Janat to Ben Cutting, nails the yorker this time on the off-stump, Cutting swings hard but that skews off the inside and squirts it to short fine for just one. 18 needed off 4 now! Time's running out for Tigers here.
9.1 Karim Janat to Ben Cutting, FOUR! SMASHED! Back of a length on the off-stump, Cutting on the backfoot absolutely hammers it to deep extra-cover, that runs away leaving no chance to the long-off fielder for a boundary.
Karim Janat, right arm medium, comes back into the attack.

Absolutely brilliant stuff from the Samp Army! The penultimate over from Garton went for just 10 runs. The Tiger's will need to get 23 runs of the last over now and they will be up against Karim Janat.
78 /3 score
cricket bat icon Colin Munro
11 (6)
cricket bat icon Ben Cutting *
2 (3)
cricket ball icon George Garton
0 /21
8.6 George Garton to Ben Cutting, they don't get it, another slower one, back of a length on the stumps, Cutting swipes it hard but rolls to deep square-leg for just one. 23 needed of the last over, can Cutting or Munro deliver for Tigers?
8.5 George Garton to Colin Munro, short delivery, dug into the track and Munro skips down the track and pulled it to deep mid-wicket for one, need a boundary to finish the over.
8.4 George Garton to Ben Cutting, OH! Can't connect well, short on the fifth stump, Cutting throws his bat but chops it down to long-off for just one. Runs have been squeezed completely here and Samp Army are right on top at the moment, top over from Garton so far.
8.3 George Garton to Ben Cutting, back of a length into Cutting, swivels to swipe powerfully but misses, thuds on the hip, rolls to backward point.
8.2 George Garton to Colin Munro, length delivery on the fifth stump, Munro swings hard but has miscued it and it doesn't carry all the way to long-off as they pick up a single.