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MU Dons 178/0 (10 ov)
Indian Tuskers 137/2 (10 ov)
MU Dons won by 41 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
MU Dons
  • K Dasan
  • U Naveed
  • A Rehemtulla
  • Indian Tuskers
  • N Sunil
  • A Arifeen
  • A Harikumar
  • Key Points
  • There is really a very thin chance that Barbarian CC will be able to oust Indo-Bulgarian CC. However, Cricket is a funny game and we have seen stranger things happen and so we will not discount Barbarian CC and will hope that it can atleast give some stiff resistance to tournament favourites.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    These two had gone head-to-head yesterday evening too and MU Dons had come up with the victory. The Tuskers will have redemption in their mind when they take the field today.

    INDT start off their chase with a bang getting to 61/0 after 4 overs and a run ahead of where the dons were placed at that stage. They had a solid impetus to move on and they were cruising along with the chase. Just when it seemed like INDT had got the perfect start, S Ali (1/9 in 1 over) came into the attack and dismissed R. Lazurus (28 runs in 16 balls) to dent their hopes of chasing down a mammoth total. In Fayyas Mohammad (64 runs in 26 balls), INDT had a small ray of hope but Rohan Patel (1/12 in 2 overs) diminished all hopes and castled him away, finish all or any chances the INDT had for victory.

    MU Dons had only 2 bowlers picking wickets of the INDT batting lineup as they got their influential batsmen out and sealed the deal to win the match by 41 runs.

    That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague,Abhinav Singh, sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for the live commentaries of the league and all sports related articles. Until next match, GOODBYE!!
    9.6 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, short of length delivery pitched on middle and leg, Akshay rocks on the backfoot and pulls the ball behind square for a couple of runs to end a spirited fightback from the Tuskers which unfortunately ends in a defeat!
    9.6 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, bowled way outside off, WIDE called
    9.5 Arif khan to Nithin Sunil, full ball on the offstump and the new batsman Nithin just chipped it over the extra cover ring for a single 
    9.4 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, length ball on the pads, tucked around to deep square leg for a single 
    9.4 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, sprayed outside off, WIDE signaled by the umpire
    9.3 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, FOUR! dug in short yet again and hooked behind square powerfully for a boundary!
    9.3 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, banged in short and the ball goes over the batsman's head, WIDE called!
    9.2 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, length ball on the stumps, hit away to wide long on for a quick couple of runs
    9.1 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, FOUR! short ball outside off, batsman attempts a cut but gets an outside edge to third man for a boundary!
    Rohan Patel bowls a tight 9th over as he gives away on 8 runs in the over. All over for INDT as they need 60 runs in 6 balls. They are on 119/2 after 9 overs
    8.6 Rohan Patel to Akshay Harikumar, tossed up delivery on stumps, the batsman shuffled across and the ball hit him straight on the pads, the bowler appealed gently but the umpire was unmoved!
    8.5 Rohan Patel to Nithin Sunil, low fulltoss on stumps, hit gently to cow corner for a single 
    8.4 Rohan Patel to Akshay Harikumar, short delivery on offstump, hit straight to point for a single 
    8.3 Rohan Patel to Akshay Harikumar, FOUR! tossed up delivery on offstump and cheekily cut away in the gap between point and gully for a boundary. Well timed that shot and the ball trickles away to the ropes for a four
    8.2 Rohan Patel to Nithin Sunil, tossed up ball on the stumps, sweeped to deep midwicket for a single 
    8.1 Rohan Patel to Fayyas Mohammad, OUT! tossed up delivery, bowled into the stumps, the set batsman attempts a cross-batted shot and plays down the wrong line and ultimately pays the ultimate price by losing his middle stump! Tries to release his pressure there as he looks to big but loses his wicket there. Second man falls for INDT as Fayyas Mohammad goes for 64 
    A. Khan goes for 16 runs in the over. Quite an expensive start from him, even with him bowling tight lines in the over. A little too late for INDT as they are on 111/1 after 8 overs and need 68 runs in 12 balls for a win. Quite impossible for any team
    7.6 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, FOUR! length ball drifting down the leg and hit powerfully behind square for a boundary 
    7.5 Arif khan to Akshay Harikumar, FOUR! banged in short and slapped across to deep square leg for another boundary
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