182/7 (20)
140/10 (19.3)
MS won by 42 runs.
Player of the match: Shan Masood
Thank you so much for joining us for yet another exciting contest, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha and myself (Pranav Danani) signing off. Good night, take care and do join us tomorrow for a lot more cricketing action covered here on Sportskeeda! 
Nothing much to say here as be it the bat or the ball, Zalmi has been outplayed and Multan Sultan win for the 8th time against Peshawar out of the 11 encounters that they have had till now. Zalmi are losing more and more games with the matches to come and this is surely a worrisome place to be for the dug out of Peshawar Zalmi.

The innings started with the Blessing Muzarabani, wasting no time to go on a rampage mode as he managed to get two wickets in one over which completely demolished the foundation for the batters. There was still quite some hope for them as they had Livingstone and Abbas, who took things forward but the bowlers were all set out to take the wickets. Livingstone was making the runs and it looked like the comeback for him was going to be a happy one but after his dismissal.

It was the batting line up and not Jack and Jill that came falling down. The bowlers showed no remorse with the wickets and even though Shoaib Malik played an excellent knock, it was not enough as the bowlers kept taking the wickets at the other end and even though Rutherford and Malik tried to take things forward, they were eventually dismissed and the entire team was all out at 140 runs.

Multan Sultans won by 42 runs.
Mohammad Rizwan (Captain, Multan Sultans): Credit to the whole team. We have dropped a few catches but managed to win. We were aiming for a score around 180 while batting. Khushdil is very confident and should do well for Pakistan. Thankfully our batting has been going well but we need to improve on the field.

Wahab Riaz (Captain, Peshawar Zalmi): We aren't winning the Powerplay and are making a lot of mistakes in that phase. It will be difficult after that. We haven't executed our plans well so far. Hopefully it changes in the coming games.
Shan Masood (Player of the Match): (On his return to Pakistan's Test squad) It's an honor and a dream to play for Pakistan but as a player I just have to stick to my process, keep coming out and give my best. The selection will take care of itself. I've just been a bit clearer - I'm trying to react on the day. I'm taking it one ball at a time, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but you have to stick to your process. It looked like a belter initially before there was some pace, bounce and seam movement. We were looking for 180 and the bowlers executed really well and defended it brilliantly.
Blessing Muzarabani: It's always good to just keep it easy and stick to your length. Sometimes it's tough to say what would happen with the ball. I was very happy. I'm 6'8'' so I was going to get some extra bounce. I was very happy with the wickets I picked. It was about keeping it easy and simple. It was a big score (to play with). (What is it about the team that they've been unbeaten so far?) The environment, the guys are looking to win every game. Hopefully we can win the rest of the games.
19.3 Khushdil Shah to Salman Irshad, OUT! OH SPECTACULAR! ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR GRAB FROM KHUSHDIL! Sums up another outstanding day in the office for the Sultans! Another tossed up delivery around off on a full length, Irshad shanks it a countrymile into the sky as he swings across the line. Khushdil turns around and runs after it himself before throwing himself at it and pouching a magnificent grab on the dive forward. He wears a wide grin on his face, even as the TV umpire is called for to check if it was clean. It was as clean as it could get alright. Multan Sultans win by 42 runs!

Salman Irshad c & b Khushdil Shah 2 (4b 0x4 0x6)
19.2 Khushdil Shah to Salman Irshad, BEATEN BY A MILE! Loopy delivery on a full length outside off, Irshad clears his front leg and has an almighty swing across the line only to connect with thin air as it spins away to the keeper.
19.1 Khushdil Shah to Saqib Mahmood, tossed up on a length, wide of off and Mahmood throws his bat at it. He squirts it off the edge to short third man for a single.
Just one over remaining for the bowlers to win this game! The bowler could take the wicket and end it a few deliveries before the match ends. 
139 /9 score
cricket bat icon Saqib Mahmood *
10 (10)
cricket bat icon Salman Irshad
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Blessing Muzarabani
3 /18
18.6 Blessing Muzarabani to Saqib Mahmood, slower one angling into the stumps, Mahmood hops aside before tucking it off the front foot to deep fine leg. He keeps the strike for the final over!
18.5 Blessing Muzarabani to Saqib Mahmood, BEATEN AGAIN! Slower one outside off, on a length and it wobbles back in upon keeping low to beat Mahmood as he has a swing across the line with gay abandon.
18.4 Blessing Muzarabani to Saqib Mahmood, BEATEN! Hits a back of a length radar around off, angles into the batter who pivots on his back foot for a heave across the line but ends up beaten.
18.3 Blessing Muzarabani to Saqib Mahmood, slower delivery on a length outside off, Mahmood makes room before steering this late with a horizontal bat to backward point.
18.2 Blessing Muzarabani to Salman Irshad, very full and angling into the fifth-stump line, Irshad brings his bat down straight and skews it off the toe-end towards cover for a single.
18.1 Blessing Muzarabani to Saqib Mahmood, full and aiming for the yorker on off, Mahmood clears his front leg out of the way and drags it off the toe-end to deep mid-wicket for a single.
Blessing Muzarabani, 3-0-15-3, coming back into the attack.

One more wicket and Zalmi would be losing yet again against the Sultans!
136 /9 score
cricket bat icon Saqib Mahmood *
8 (5)
cricket bat icon Salman Irshad
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Khushdil Shah
2 /25
17.6 Khushdil Shah to Saqib Mahmood, fuller around off, Mahmood lunges forward and turns it off his wrists for a single in front of square on the leg-side.
17.5 Khushdil Shah to Saqib Mahmood, SIX! GET HIM UP THE ORDER! Gets the dancing shoes out and mousses this one from the off-stump and launches it well over long on for a handsome hit!