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Quetta Gladiators 176/7 (20 ov)
Multan Sultans 154/10 (19.4 ov)
Quetta Gladiators won by 22 runs.
Player of the match: Qais Ahmad
Quetta Gladiators win by 22 runs!

That brings us to an end to this game of the Pakistan Super League between the Quetta Gladiators and the Multan Sultans. Please stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates from the world of sports. This is me, Abhinav Kumar & my colleague Pradeep, signing off! Thank you and good night folks! Stay safe & keep loving the game!
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Mohammad Hasnain: I am very happy that am bowling well. I was unlucky that I wasn't getting wickets in the previous games and we weren't winning games as well. I am very happy that I am getting to play with someone like Steyn and I get to learn a lot. Umar Bhai has also helped me with yorkers as well.

Mohammad Rizwan, captain of Multan Sultans: We need a lot of improvement in fielding. We just can't let away four-five runs like we did. It gets hard. 10-15 runs is a huge margin in T20s. Our batting also needs to do well. Cricket is a game of pressure and it doesn't go your way all the time. But credit to their bowlers and Qais bowled well. There is pain in my leg but I hope I recover in time.

Qais Ahmad, Player of the Match: I stuck to the plan that was given to me by the coach and by the captain. I stuck to my lines and kept it simple. I was bowling slow and a few quick ones, but didn't use the googly much tonight.

Sarfaraz Ahmed, captain of Quetta Gladiators: It was an important win for us and it will give us a lot of confidence. We took a chance with three spinners and it paid off today. We played according to the situation and pitch conditions. I would like to give credit to Usman Khan for the kind of knock he played. The bowlers did a good job and the fielders held on to their catches. A collective performance overall.
What a massive win for the Quetta Gladiators, as they win their FIRST game of the PSL Season 6 by 22 runs and imagine the relief of the Quetta camp, who would be relieved to finally get off the mark. But this has been an outstanding bowling display from the Gladiators, who've strangled the Multan Sultans batting order so badly that they didn't find an escape and eventually being dismissed for 154 runs. The top-scorer for the Multan Sultans was their skipper Mohammad Rizwan, who played the lone hand of 66 from 50 balls, with James Vince and Khushdil Shah the only other batsmen getting a start, with Vince scoring 24 runs & Khushdil scoring 19 runs, while there was precious little else from the other Multan batsmen, who just kept falling like ninepins.

The Quetta Gladiators bowling really stood up today and the man who sparked it all off was the Afghanistan leg-spinner Qais Ahmad, who bowled the game-changing spell of 3/21 in his 4 overs and was the pick of the bowlers, and he was excellently supported by the young Pakistan tearaway quick Mohammad Hasnain, who bowled with immense pace and hostility, to end up with 2/34 in his 4 overs, while the other leg-spinner Zahid Mehmood almost had a hat-trick to his name & ended with 2/39 in his 4 overs. Mohammad Nawaz bowled a tight spell which had him end with 1/23 in his 4 overs and Dale Steyn too had a wicket and was able to end up with 1/34 in 3.4 overs.

This game would also be special, as this is the first time in 14 games that a team batting first has been able to defend a total and that should be bringing some relief to those who have been dismayed at the fact that chasing teams have had it all too easy in the PSL.
19.4 Dale Steyn to Shahnawaz Dhani, OUT! CAUGHT! AND IT'S ALL OVER FOR SULTANS! More importantly Quetta Gladiators register their first win of the tournament! Short delivery on the outside off as Dhani backs away for room and top edges straight up and Faf du Plessis runs in from long-on and takes a brilliant catch to finish the game!
A run-out there and a clean pick-up and throw from Zahid Mehmood, whose throw is quite accurate and Sarfaraz Ahmed knocks out the bails, which catches Tahir short of his crease and Multan Sultans lose their 9th wicket for 154 runs, with Shahnawaz Dahani the last man in.
19.3 Dale Steyn to Imran Tahir, RUN-OUT! OH MY! That was a lovely slower one, off-cutter on the middle and off as it was full and Tahir backs away for room and just manages to get his bat on it as he runs it down to the third-man region but they decide to come back for the second and he's short of the crease, at least a yard and has to go here!
19.2 Dale Steyn to Imran Khan SR, OH! Back of a length into Imran on the middle and leg again as he backs away to hoick it on the on-side but misses, through to the keeper but they steal a single in the end
19.1 Dale Steyn to Imran Khan SR, good length into Imran on the middle and leg as he backs away for room to loft it on the on-side but misses, through to the keeper
A consolation of a big over for Multan, with 12 runs coming from this final over from Hasnain, with Multan Sultans now 152/8 after 19 overs, and they need 25 runs from the last over, which would be bowled by Dale Steyn.
Over: 19 | Summary: 6 0 2 0 0 4 Bowler: Mohammad Hasnain Score: 152/8
18.6 Mohammad Hasnain to Imran Tahir, FOUR! Tahir is swinging and swinging them hard here. That was touch short on the middle and off as he swivels and pulls that one but takes a thick outside edge and flew well over the keeper's head and falls just in front of the ropes in the end for a boundary
18.5 Mohammad Hasnain to Imran Tahir, short again on the outside off. Tahir goes for the ramp shot but misses, through to the keeper, another dot!
18.4 Mohammad Hasnain to Imran Tahir, short delivery on the outside off, banged it in. Tahir swivels to pull that one away but misses terribly, through to the keeper
18.3 Mohammad Hasnain to Imran Tahir, full toss on the outside off as Tahir backs away for room and hits it up in the air but falls short of the fielder at extra cover who was running back to hold on to it as they come back for a brace
18.2 Mohammad Hasnain to Imran Tahir, back of a length into Tahir on the middle and off as he gets on the backfoot to defend it around the stumps in the end
18.1 Mohammad Hasnain to Imran Tahir, SIX! BANG! Full delivery on the off-stump as Tahir plants his front foot away and slices that one away and that sails over the deep extra cover region as the fielder watches it sail over him for a maximum!
A great over from Zahid Mehmood, who heart-breakingly missed out on a hat-trick and after 18 overs, Multan are 140/8, needing 37 runs in 12 balls at 18.5 RPO. This chase looks close to dead now, with Mohammad Hasnain to bowl his final over.
Over: 18 | Summary: 0 6 1 W W 1 Bowler: Mohammad Nawaz Score: 140/8
17.6 Zahid Mehmood to Imran Tahir, DEAR OH DEAR! DROPPED! Tossed up on the middle and leg as Tahir dances down the track and looks to hoick it away but skies it right up in the air and Cutting at mid-on comes in and spills the catch. Zahid is denied of a hattrick there as they pick up a single!
Another man falls, with Mehmood taking yet another wicket as Sohail Khan hands an easy catch down the throat of Faf du Plessis, who won't drop those and the Sultans are sinking without a trace here. It's a hat-trick ball for Zahid Mehmood, with the new batsman being Imran Khan Sr.
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