174/8 (20)
161/8 (20)
SS won by 13 runs.
Player of the match: BR Sharath
So that will be all from the S.N.R.W Ground in Mysore for now, but stay with us by switching tabs as the second T20 game for the day comes your way in just a bit from the same venue in the Maharaja Trophy! This is the trio of Soorya, Pratyush and Bidipto, saying good bye! Keep following Sportskeeda! 
Krishnappa Gowtham, captain, Shivamogga Strikers: I wouldn't say that it was a clean victory, we could have done better, but a win is a win, so we will take it. Sharath batted really well and his knock set things up for us. Our bowlers have been under the pump, but today, the runs on the board did count big time. It was also relieving to hold on to more catches today! We hope to keep the positive cricket going, starting with giving our openers, Sharath in particular as you saw today, the license to play with freedom. 

BR Sharath is the Player of the Match. Here is what he has to say: I was just seeing the ball well today. The wicket was a bit slow and I had to plan my shots accordingly. (Close contest in the end) We were bowling well in patches and just had to stick to one plan. That can happen sometimes. It's important that we got over the line.
Shivamogga Strikers - 174/8, beat Mysore Warriors - 161/8, by 13 runs. 

Pavan Deshpande 64 (47) | Lochan Appanna 27* (14) || Krishnappa Gowtham - 2/22 | Cariappa KC - 1/24

Sharath BR 53 (35) | Vidyadhar Patil - 3/39

Mysore Warriors hung in there right till the end, but unfortunately for them, they lost far too many wickets on a regular basis to get into uncomfortable positions in the innings, but still, the way things panned out, we were never really that sure about the outcome till the third and second last balls were bowled. But finally, Shivamogga Strikers did indeed hold on to their nerves and got a much needed first win in the tournament! 

With the loss of Karun Nair's wicket early in the piece, Mysore Warriors were handed a big setback and ever since, they never quite recovered from it. Pavan Deshpande played a really impressive hand with a fifty, but he needed more support from the other recognized batters, which he did not get unfortunately. 

Lochan Appanna towards the end and some handy knocks from Shubhang Hegde, Shivaraj Sand Vidyadhar Patil did keep the home crowd entertained, but they had too much to do actually. 

The bowling from Shivamogga, on the whole, was very impressive, as they kept things tight and did not give freebies away to the batting of Mysore. The fielding too was much better from them today. 

Shivamogga were the better team today and if it wasn't for the start they got with the bat, it probably would have been another loss for them but now, they are still in the tournament, hoping to win more matches and give themselves every chance of winning the title even! As for Mysore, they need to regroup and polish themselves tactically. 
161 /8 score
cricket bat icon Lochan Appanna *
25 (14)
cricket bat icon Vidyadhar Patil
10 (6)
cricket ball icon MB Darshan
2 /54
19.6 Darshan MB to Lochan Appanna, FOUR! Encouraging cameo from Appanna but it doesn't count for a lot. Shivamogga Strikers finally have their first win on the board! Full and wide outside the off-stump, Appanna creams this lofted drive up and over extra cover to end the innings with a boundary. Shivamogga Strikers win by 13 runs!

Monish Reddy, RHB
, is at the non-striker's end.
19.5 Darshan MB to Vidyadhar Patil, RUNOUT! Nails another yorker outside the off-stump, beating Patil all ends up. Appanna had taken off for the single but his partner wasn't alert to it, strolling out of his crease to make his way back to the pavilion.

Vidyadhar Patil run out (Sharath BR/Darshan MB) 10 (6b, 1x4, 1x6)
19.4 Darshan MB to Vidyadhar Patil, executes the wide yorker to the T, nothing Patil can do about that one. Precious dot ball to seal the deal
19.3 Darshan MB to Lochan Appanna, on the good length outside off-stump, Appanna extends his arms to drive this towards sweeper cover. Poor running between the wickets. They should have always been coming back for the second run
Nineteen runs needed off four balls! 
19.2 Darshan MB to Lochan Appanna, FOUR! SHOT! Good length delivery on middle stump, Appanna waltzes out of his crease and thumps this past the bowler to split the gap between long-on and long-off
Mysore Warriors have brought up their 150! 
19.1 Darshan MB to Lochan Appanna, FOUR! Short and wide outside the off-stump, Appanna stands tall to slap this over extra cover to find the boundary. He's not giving up yet, folks! 
The last over of the match is coming up now and Mysore are still fighting, which is great to see. They may not get to the target, but they are not giving up. Karun Nair should be proud of the way his young players have batted even when the hope was almost lost, but K Gowtham will be the more relieved captain at this stage for sure! 
148 /7 score
cricket bat icon Lochan Appanna
12 (10)
cricket bat icon Vidyadhar Patil *
10 (4)
cricket ball icon D Avinash
0 /31
18.6 D Avinash to Vidyadhar Patil, EXCELLENT STOP BY THE KEEPER! Full and wide outside the off-stump again, Patil throws his bat at it and skews it off the toe-end. It would have gone for four, if it wasn't for the keeper, who put in the full stretched dive to collect this one, no run
18.5 D Avinash to Vidyadhar Patil, good length off-cutter outside the off-stump, Patil had a big heave-ho across the line but could not get bat on ball
18.4 D Avinash to Lochan Appanna, back of a length slower one outside off, Appanna slaps it to deep point but it's only a single 
18.3 D Avinash to Lochan Appanna, gets the full and wide delivery to sneak inside the tramline, dot ball