164/4 (20)
166/4 (19)
NAM won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: David Wiese
That is all that was written for this historic game that brought a smile on a number of faces. If you are a Namibian supporter, celebrate this - your team has done you proud! We hope you enjoyed the coverage of this contest as much as we did bringing it to you but do switch tabs to follow our coverage of the Sri Lanka-Ireland clash beginning in 20 minutes' time from now. A lot is at stake over there as well so you do not want to miss out on that. Thank you so much for tuning into our coverage of this match. On behalf of my good friend and fellow textpert Pradeep Somashekar, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha humbly requesting you to mask up and get yourselves vaccinated in case you haven't already. Good night and do take care!
This is a moment for the ages as far as Namibian cricket goes. They have made their nation proud and that pride could be seen in the words of skipper Gerhard Erasmus in the post-match presentation. What a shot in the arm David Wiese has been for them though - you do not get experience that easy and he brings abundance of the same that has added a lot of wings to this side. Namibia can dream and hope to pull off something special against Ireland in a couple of days' time and this win will certainly boost their confidence to a whole different peak. As for Netherlands, they now seek a miracle to progress to the next stage and as Pieter Seelaar mentioned, they will need Ireland to now beat Sri Lanka and do them a favor before the Dutch themselves have to do the same in a couple of days' time.
Gerhard Erasmus (Namibia Captain): It's a special moment. It's the biggest moment in our cricketing history. We never doubted ourselves. David played a special knock for us and we had to step up on the big day. It was a decent surface and I thought some of the bowlers bowled really well and used the dimensions to good effect. It was a particularly good effort. We run quite a tight ship in a small cricketing nation. We've got a lot of support from the management and the administration. This is a bit of a payback for them.
Pieter Seelaar (Netherlands Captain): (Thoughts at the halfway mark) I think it was a par score. Namibia bowled well but not entirely great and we were a bit weak with the ball. In hindsight, you make choices and they don't work. It didn't go as planned for us and you look back at those decisions. If Ireland beat Sri Lanka we're not completely out of it. If not, we will have to sign off on a high with a good show against Sri Lanka.
David Wiese (Player of the Match, 1/32 and 66* of 40 deliveries): It feels awesome to be honest. It was really hot out in the middle. We were lucky to get a big over just before the drinks break. We got some momentum and then looked to pick the short side and use it as much as we could. It means a lot to me - a World Cup is the biggest tournament and I am grateful to Namibia for giving me the opportunity to represent them and play international cricket again.
20th of October, 2021 - a date that will go down in the annals of Namibian cricket history and quite easily, their biggest moment till date on the global stage. They have orchestrated a victory and sparked immense belief among their ranks to do something even more special in the days to come now.

Chasing 165 warranted a brisk start and openers Stephan Baard and Zane Green provided exactly the same with 33 runs coming off the first 4 overs. That was when Fred Klaassen got Green to chop one onto his stumps though to orchestrate a stifle of some kind. Baard slowed down and Craig Williams was put on a leash as the asking rate continued to rise.

Once both Baard and Williams were prized out, the game seemed all but in the bag for Netherlands despite a long way still to go. And that's when Messrs Wiese and Erasmus took centerstage in what was a partnership for the ages. Both batters took the attack to the bowlers and put them under the pump with a counter-punch that saw them stay on par with the required run-rate.

What really stood out was the assured plan with which both batters went about their job - while Erasmus did put away the loose ones coming his way, he was wise in trying to get Wiese on strike for a large part of that partnership with the lanky right-hander wielding the willow wild en route to a barnstorming half-century. Netherlands looked clueless and that was there to be seen with some utterly bizarre bowling changes with the bowlers also not sticking to a clear plan and dishing out freebies at will.

It reached a stage where it was Namibia's game to lose in the last five overs of the contest and despite the wicket of Erasmus as well as a top-class 18th over from Fred Klaassen, JJ Smit joined forces with Wiese to seal the victory for the Namibians with an over to spare. Those at the Zayed Cricket Stadium can consider themselves a lucky lot to have witnessed history today!

Alas, it wasn't the right modus operandi by Netherlands post the 9th over. Spare a moment for what was a most outstanding spell from Fred Klaassen who seemed the part by some distance. Pieter Seelaar bizarrely sent down just a couple of overs and had he stuck on post his wicket maiden, things might have been different. Just about every other bowler looked lackadaisical though and their efforts left a lot to be desired.
THEY'VE DONE IT! NAMIBIA CREATE HISTORY! They win their first game in a World Cup and what a moment this is for them! The dugout is elated and celebrations will go long and hard into the night! Namibia beat Netherlands 6 wickets and as many deliveries to spare! 
166 /4 score
cricket bat icon David Wiese
66 (40)
cricket bat icon Jonathan Smit *
14 (8)
cricket ball icon Logan van Beek
0 /39
18.6 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, FOUR MORE! IT'S ALL OVER! NAMIBIA WIN! OH MY GOODNESS! Yorker length on the outside off as Smit jams his bat to it and squeezes it and gets it past the keeper, runs away to the third-man fence for a boundary. Against all-odds Namibia have come out on top and keep their World Cup dream alive!
One hit away now are Namibia!
18.5 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, FOUR! DECISIVE BOUNDARY THAT! Short on the outside off as Smit on the backfoot cuts that one away and beats the diving point fielder and runs away for another boundary. He fist bumps after that! 
18.4 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, back of a length on the middle and off as Smit smashes it straight down the ground and the long-on fielder comes around to cut it off as they get back for the second.
The line is going a bit awry here for van Beek. A more packed off-side field could enable a slightly bigger margin for error. And now, third man and fine leg are both inside the ring, as is mid-wicket. Square leg is pushed back to the ropes.
18.4 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, WIDE! van Beek is struggling here, another one he bowls wayward and goes outside the tramline on the outside off, he'll have to reload that again.
18.3 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, slower one, length delivery on the wide of off-stump as Smit reaches for it and mistimes it back to the bowler.
18.3 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, WIDE! Length delivery and goes way outside the off-stump and outside the tramline as Smit goes reaching for it and misses, the Umpire calls that a wide.
Deep backward point and a sweeper cover are both in play. Long off, long on and deep mid-wicket are the other men hanging back by the ropes. Nobody manning the fine leg region with Seelaar making a host of changes.
11 off 10 now...
18.2 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, slower delivery, back of a length on the outside off as Smit on the backfoot cuts it through the cover point, the sweeper had to cover a lot of ground and they hare back for the second.
18.2 Logan van Beek to JJ Smit, WIDE! Change of pace but ends up bowling way outside the off-stump and Smit lets it go and van Beek will have reload that.